Here's my first pistol: the Browning Hi-Power Mark III. Next, I'm thinking of getting a Taurus PT111 for self-defence and perhaps a Glock 34 for competition shooting.

Handguns Magazine
Diamond Gun
British Pistol Club Home Page
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
Big Guns - Little Guns - Canadian firearms regulations
Firing Ranges of the FCSA .50 cal
The Gunman of Arkansas
P.08 Luger
2010 Products: Handguns



1911s Suck


AMT Automag V .50 AE


M9 Pistol The M9 can be fired in either double or single action mode
M9 Beretta 9mm Pistol
M1911 vs. M9
The True Story of the Beretta M9 Pistol
Beretta Web
Francesco's Beretta Page
PX4 Storm
Beretta PX4 Storm
Beretta 92FS 9mm Matte Black, 15 round $530 at Bud's
Pearce Plus 2 Extension for Beretta 92
Beretta 21 Bobcat .25 ACP $259 at Bud's
Beretta 3032 Tomcat .32 ACP $259 at Bud's
Introducing the Beretta Nano - 15/08/11


Thunder 380 Concealed Carry (New for 2006)
Thunder 380 prices
Bersa’s Thunder .380 Auto Pistol review by Gunblast.com
Bersa’s New Thunder 380 Concealed Carry .380 ACP Auto Pistol review by Gunblast.com
Bersa Handguns at Impact Guns
Bersa Thuinder 9mm pistols
Bersa Thunder 9mm Ultra Compact $302 at Bud's
PMK vs. Bersa
Bersa Thunder 45
Bersa MiniThunder .45ACP Ultra Compact at Bud's


Browning Hi-Power Mark III
Browning Hi Power
answers.com - Browning-Hi-Power
Browning L9A1 British designation for Hi Power: Land use, 9 mm, mArk 1
Classic Handguns of the 20th Century: The Browning HI-Power
The Hi Power and the Glock 17
Wikipedia: Hi-Power
Browning Hi Power (P35) Field Stripping
The browning hi-power today "don't use +P in Hi-Powers"
A Day With A Browning Hi Power
A New Twist On The High Power the High Power remains the top 9mm in the world for serious use
Browning 9mm at Impact Guns
Browning Hi Power DVD
Hi Powers and Handguns
Wolverine Supplies
Custom parts
Browning FN 9mm at Impact Guns
Hi Power Mk III at Ozark Guns
Browning Hi Power Mk III 9mm fixed-sights at Zanders
Hi-Power 9mm Fixed Sights $648 at Bud's
Hi Power 9mm Adjustable Sights blue $694 at Bud's
FN 3748929120 HP-SFS 9MM 10RD at Bud's
Pearce Plus 2 Extension for Hi-Power
Wolff Springs for Hi-Power
Pro 9 $507 at Bud's


Bushmaster Carbon 15 Lightweight 5.56mm Pistol review by Gunblast.com

Charles Daly

Charles Daly


Samuel Colt 1814-1862
Colt Autos collectors' site
M1911 and M1911A1 .45 automatic pistol
M1911 Colt Automatic Pistol
United States Revolver, Caliber .45, M1917
History of the M1911 Pistol
History and Development of the M1911/M1911Al Pistol
Legends of the M1911 Pistol
1911 Magazine FAQ
The Marine MEU(SOC) M1911 in Iraq sometimes referred to as "near match" or "combat accuratized"
Some MEU's still carry proven M1911 .45's
T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) and the M1911
The Remington Government Model Pistols
M1911 vs. M9
Colts - where to find them
Colts at Impact Guns
Colt 1911 pistols at Ordnance Outsellers
Colt 1991 Series at Ozark Guns
Colt 1991 Government .45acp 5" Blue $636 at Bud's
1911 Government Schematic


CZ-52 Caliber: 7.62x25mm. Tokarev
CZ Pistols at Impact Guns
CZ-52 $200 at Zanders
CZ-52 at We Are Guns for $175
CZ Combat Pistol
CZ75B 9mm black $401 at Bud's
CZ 75-SA $538 at Zanders
CZ75 Compact 9mm black $416 at Bud's
CZ-82 9mm Makarov Caliber surplus at Southern Ohio Gun
CZ-USA CZ 100 9mm Black $347 at Bud's

Dawson Precision

Dawson Precision

Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle
Desert Eagle .50AE the most powerful automatic at present
Desert Eagle .50 Mark XIX
Desert Eagle .50 Mark XIX 10" at Zanders
Magnum Research Desert Eagle at Impact
Desert Eagle Baby 9mm Poly Compact at Zanders

European American Armories

Witness Compact Steel-Wonder 9mm $314 at Bud's

FM (Argentina)


Why Glocks are NOT Double Action
A Critical Look at the Glock 17
The Hi Power and the Glock 17
The Pocket Glocks article at Gunblast.com
Glock Model 20 10mm Auto Pistol review at Gunblast.com
Glock at Impact Guns
Glocks at Ordnance Outsellers
The .45 GAP Glock Model 37 The Glock 37 fires a brand-new pistol caliber, the .45 Glock Automatic Pistol, known as the .45 Glock, or more accurately, the .45 GAP. 45 Auto ammo cannot be used in the .45 GAP-caliber pistol and the .45 GAP magazine will not accept .45 ACP ammo. Also, the .45 GAP ammo should not be fired from a .45 Auto pistol
Glock’s New Model 37 .45 G.A.P. review by Gunblast.com
Glock's Model 37 Chambered in the ".45 G.A.P." (Glock Automatic Pistol)
Lethal Caliber The new Glock 37 is designed to fire the company’s newly developed .45 GAP round which offers greater lethality than the ACP round of the same caliber. However, the shorter round enables the use of a smaller grip
Introducing a new round: .45 G.A.P. Why the "45 Glock" on the new Model smaller platform pistol instead of using the existing .45 ACP? Simple... the .45 ACP's OAL is 1.260-inches, too long to fit in a small frame (Models 17, 22, et al) magazine for which the maximum cartridge length is 1.160-inches. The .45 G.A.P. is actually shorter overall than the 9 X 19mm cartridge!
.45 GAP vs. .45 ACP round Glock Automatic Pistol round vs. Automatic Colt Pistol round
GAP vs. Auto
45 Glock Automatic Pistol Cartridge (45 GAP)
The .45 Automatic The GAP takes advantage of today's stronger fully chambered guns, and better powders to make the shorter cartridge perform identically to the longer standard cartridge
Glocks at Ozark Guns
The Complete Glock Reference Guide
Glock magazines at CheaperThanDirt
Pearce Grip Extensions for Glocks
Glock Silencer from Advanced Armament
Threaded Glock Barrels from Jarvis Inc.
Aro-Tek Number One in Glock Accessories
Dawson sights for Glocks
Lone Wolf Distributors recoil reducers etc
Glock 34 Pistol, 9MM, 10rd, Semi-Auto, DAO, Longslide S allglock.com
Glock 34 – Perfection? - 26/01/06
Glock 34 vs Browning Hi-Power
Haven Police Ditch Glocks After Two Explode - Mar 13, 2008
Glock vs. Springfield XD-M - Apr 08, 2009
Glock Adopted By British Army - 12/01/13
The Glock 30S
British armed forces get first new pistol since World War II - Jan 11, 2013
Calibre Barrel Bud's Gilbert's Impact US Glock
Glock 17 Standard 9mm 4.49" $463 $500 $478 $438
Glock 17 Gen 4 9mm
Glock 19 9mm 4.02" $468 $500 $578 $438
Glock 21 .45 ACP 4.60" $491 OOS $523 $497
Glock 26 9mm 3.46" $449 $500 $485 $438
Glock 30 .45 ACP 3.78" $491   $534 $497
Glock 31 .357 Sig 4.49" $449   $478 $438
Glock 32 .357 Sig 4.02" $449   $478 $438
Glock 33 .357 Sig 3.46" $449   $478 $438
Glock 34 9mm 5.32" $564   $572 $514
Glock 36 .45 ACP 3.78" $505   $523 $497
Glock 37 .45 GAP " $481   $496  
Glock 38 .45 GAP 4.02" $465 $540 $516  
Glock 39 .45 GAP 3.46" $480   $525  

H & K

USP: Universal Self-loading Pistol
Heckler & Koch USP
HK's New Look
HK USP 9mm reviews
H&K USP - Duty Weapons
HK USP Pistols at Impact Guns
Heckler & Koch P7 Pistol

Indian Ordnance

Indian Ordnance Factories MK1A Hi Power 9mm at Impact Guns


1911 PKZ $404 at Bud's
Kahr Pistols at Impact Guns
Kahrs at Gilbert's
Pearce Grip Extensions for Kahrs
CW9 (Concealed Weapon 9mm)
Kahr K9094 K9 9MM 3.5 black at Bud's
Perfect Pocket Protection Kahr PM9 features a lower receiver of molded polymer and very good dimensional numbers for a 9mm: 4 by 5 1/2 inches
Nutnfancy: "Ideal carry gun"
Kahr PM9 at Impact Guns
Kahr PM-9 9mm 3" Polymer Blackened Stainless $550 at Bud's
Kahr CW9 poly frame at Bud's according to some on Glocktalk, this one is prone to misfires etc
Kahr CM40 A New Kahr CM in .40 S&W
New .45 ACP - March 2005 Kahr Arms has added the new Model KP4543 .45 ACP to its line of compact polymer-frame semiautomatic pistols
Kahr P45 Kahr goes bigbore as it continues to expand its line of compact autos
Police*Link - Gear: Kahr P45
Kahr KP4543 P45, Black polymer frame DAO
Kahr KP4543 at Impact Guns
The Kahr .45s Kahr Arms' personal-size .45s give more power to the people


Kel-Tec PLR-16 Pistol
Kel-Tec PLR-16 Long Range Pistol 223 at Impact Guns
Kel-Tec P3AT - The World’s Lightest .380 Auto Pistol review by Gunblast.com


Kimber Pro CDP II .45 Auto review by Gunblast.com
Kimber Pro Carry
Kimber Pro Carry HD II
Compact II & Pro Carry II
Ultra Carry II


Luger P-08 9MM Pistol
The Luger Pistol Familiar to most devotees of war films, the Luger pistol, with its curved grip and toggle action, remains a favored military collectors' item

Magnum Research

Magnum Research Desert Eagle XIX 357 Mag, 10 Inch at Impact Guns
Magnum Research Desert Eagle XIX 44 Mag, 10 Inch at Impact Guns
Magnum Research BFR 500SW Mag, 10 Inch at Impact Guns
Magnum Research BFR .500 Smith & Wesson 10" at Bud's


Polish Makarov 64 9MM Makarov Caliber (9x18) at Southern Ohio Gun for $280

Nighthawk Custom

Nighthawk Custom of NW Arkansas


Seecamp .380 If there is a smaller .380 pistol than the Seecamp on the market, it will be news to me
NAA Guardian .32 ACP
North American Arms Guardian .32 ACP revamp the Seecamp
NAA have created a new caliber called the “.32NAA” basically a .32 slug out of a bottle-shaped .380 cartridge
NAA Guardian .32 NAA
NAA Guardian .380

Sig Sauer

SIG Arms at Impact Guns
SIG GSR 1911 .45 ACP "Granite Series Rail"
SIG P226
SIG Sauer P226 .22 LR Conversion Unit Defensive training at a lower cost
Special Air Service handguns Browning High power, Sig P228, Walther P99
SIG-Sauer P228 and P229 pistols (Switzerland)
Police*Link - Gear: Sig P229
Field Strip Sig P229
Sig Sauer P229 (.40 s&w) strip
Sig P238: "Reference .380" by Nutnfancy
SIG P239
Police*Link - Gear: Sig Sauer 239 SAS
SIG 239 9mm, Blued, at Impact Guns
P290 Sub-Compact 9mm
New Sig P290 Sub-Compact 9mm - Oct 28, 2010
SIG Sauer Introduces SIG P290 Subcompact Pistol - Oct 29, 2010
Sig P290 Sub-Compact 9mm available soon - Jan 03, 2011
SIG’s Micro 9mm - Apr 13, 2011
SIG P290 Initial Range Test - Apr 26, 2011
SIG Sauer P290 - May 10, 2011
SIG Sauer P290 Sub-Compact 9MM Review on The Firearms Channel - Jul 09, 2011
Gun Review: SIG SAUER P290
Sig Sauer starts Klunker Handgun program - Sep 14, 2009

Smith & Wesson

Police*Link - Gear: Smith & Wesson M&P45 - Black
.44 Model 29
Smith & Wesson Model SW1911 .45 ACP review by Gunblast.com - this is their first entry into the true 1911 pistol market, and it appears that they got it right; it is one of the finest production .45s ever made
Smith & Wesson’s New .500 Magnum Revolver review by Gunblast.com
Smith & Wesson Model SW99 .45 ACP review by Gunblast.com - Unlike some popular .45 auto pistols, the SW99 seems to actually be made to fit the human hand
Smith & Wesson’s Improved Sigma 9mm Auto
SW 629 .44 Magnum 6.5" at Zanders
Smith and Wesson .5 cal 8 3/8 inch barrel
Smith & Wesson at Impact Guns
Smith & Wesson 1911PD .45 ACP
Smith & Wesson's 1911
.50 Revolvers at Ozark Guns
SW 500 8 3/8 at Zanders
Smith & Wesson launches aggressive strategy - Aug 2005 M&P to rival Glock pistols
A stock with firepower: Smith & Wesson - 02/06/06
Smith & Wesson Receives Order for 850 M&P's from Colorado State Patrol - 29/01/08
S&W Model SW9GVE Pistol
SW9VE Sigma 9mm, Black/Stainless, 16rd at Impact Guns for $289
Smith and Wesson 908S 9mm, 3.5 Inch, Stainless Steel, Carry Combo with Holster, at Impact Guns
S&W 3913NL Indisputably, the best semi-auto Smith & Wesson ever made...
Smith and Wesson 3913LS 9mm Ladysmith at Impact
Smith & Wesson Unveils New M&P Shield Pistol - 12/04/12
How to clean your smith and wesson M&P 9mm Shield


Springfield 1911A1 In 1998 The FBI S.W.A.T. team adopted the Springfield 1911A1 as standard issue
Springfield GI .45 1911 nearly identical to the service pistol issued to US troops during WWII
Springfield 1911 Pistols at Impact Guns
Springfield Armory's GI .45 ACP
XD diagram
Action Profile Inside The XD The XD is correctly classified as a single-action design, meaning it is fully cocked by racking the slide
The XD goes ACP
Springfield's new XD 45 ACP
Springfield offers XD in .45 ACP
XD 45gap, 5 Inch, Black, 2006 package, 9rd $451 at Bud's
Springfield XD 45acp, 4 Inch, Black, 12 rd $499 at Impact
Springfield .45 GAP XD
Springfield's .45 GAP XD Tactical Pistol
Springfiels XD .45 GAP
Springfield Armory XD Series
Introducing the Springfield XD pistol YouTube
Introducing the Springfield XD pistol (part 2)
Introducing the Springfield XD pistol (part 3)
Introducing the Springfield XD pistol (part 4) Disassembly
Introducing the Springfield XD pistol (part 5) Reassembly of lower
Introducing the Springfield XD pistol (part 6) Reassembly of slide
Introducing the Springfield XD pistol (part 7) Third safety
Maintenance Tips for a Springfield XD 9mm Handgun: Introduction to the Springfield XD 9mm Handgun
XDs are single action, not double
Maintenance Tips for a Springfield XD 9mm Handgun: Brushing the Outside Slide of a Springfield XD 9mm Handgun
XD Sub-Compact 9mm Pistol
Springfield XD SubCompact 9MM Pistol YouTube video inc. stripping
Firing the Springfield XD SubCompact Pistol with 32Round Mag
stripping an XD
5 inch Black & OD Green Tactical XD Pistols
XD's at Impact Guns
XD 9mm 3" Sub-Compact Pistol
Tactical Weapons 1: Springfield XD SubCompact 9mm
XD 9mm Sub Compact Disassembly and Cleaning
XD 9mm 3" Olive Drab Green $426 at Bud's
XD 9mm 3" olive drab $470 at Impact Guns
XD 9mm 3" Olive Drab $486 at Able Ammo
XD 9mm 4" Olive Drab Green $327 at Bud's
XD 9mm 4" Ported Olive Drab Green $399 at Bud's
Pearce Grip Extension for XD
XD Torture Test Trial by fire: 20,000 rounds are put through Springfield Armory's XD
XD 45ACP 4" black $524 at Able Ammo
XD 45ACP 4" Black $559 at Zanders
XD 45ACP 5" black $594 at Able Ammo
Springfield XD 3" Sub-Compact Schematic
XD(M) 3.8" 45ACP Compact
XDS Pistol


Steyr M-A1 and S-A1 pistols
Steyr M40, M357, & M9: New Super M Series Pistols

STI International

STI International


Taurus Pistols at Zanders
Millenium PT111 9mm Pistol
Taurus Titanium 9mm Millennium review by Gunblast.com - a fine choice for those desiring a lightweight, easily concealable, and reliable self-defense weapon
Taurus PT111 Pro 9mm 12rd blue
Pearce Grip for PT111
Millenium Pro PT132 .32 ACP Pistol
Millenium Pro PT138 .380 ACP Pistol
Taurus PT 145 Millennium Pro .45 ACP Pistol review by Gunblast.com
Taurus Millenium Pro PT 145 .45 ACP excellent for concealed-carry
Taurus PT24/7 9mm DAO $390 at Bud's
Taurus PT 24/7 9mm at Gilbert's
Taurus 24/7 Pistols at Impact Guns
Taurus PT25 .25 ACP 12.3oz
Taurus Millenium Pro Pistols at Impact Guns
Taurus 745SS Mil Pro Compact .45ACP SS at Zanders
Taurus 745B Mil Pro Compact .45ACP blue


Thompson Custom 1911


Fedor (Fyodor) Vasilievich Tokarev (1871-1968)
Tokarev model TT30/33 cal 7.62 Tokarev
TT33 pistol in 7.62x25
7.62 mm M.Tokarev ( TT-30, TT-33 ) Military Pistols
7.62 x 25 mm TT
TT-33 (Tokarev-Tula)


P1 9mm at Military Gun Supply
Walther P-5 9mm surplus at Southern Ohio Gun
Walther Model P-38 9mm Automatic Pistol
Nazi marked Walther P-38's at Southern Ohio Gun for $500
Walther WWII P38's! Original Markings intact and these handguns are in excellent shape! They come with one magazine. $495
Wal-PP32 German Walther PP32 .32acp Pistol at AIM Surplus
Walther PP Pistol .32 A.C.P. at Southern Ohio Gun for $280
Walther PPK at Impact Guns
Walther PPK/S 32ACP SS at Zanders
Walther PPK/S 380ACP SS at Zanders
Walther P99
Walther P99 9mm black DAO
Walther P99 Compact Pistol 9mm Quick Action DAO
Walther P99QA 9mm polymer at Zanders
Walther P99QA Mil 9mm green at Zanders
Walther P99AS 9mm Compact at Zanders
Walther P99QA 9mm Compact at Zanders


Wilson Combat
9mm ADP new for 2006


Zastava 32 M70 at Impact Guns
Zastava Md. 70 Pistol 32 A.C.P. $110 at Southern Ohio Gun


Big State Distributors
CDNN Sports
Colt Magazines and Accessories at Impact Guns inc. DVD's on stripping 1911 models
Glock magazines at Copes
15rd mag for Beretta M9 at Bud's


Downsizer the world's smallest pistol, in .357 or .45
North American Arms .17 & .22 mini-revolvers etc
US Firearms makers of a revolver called Lend-Lease


Bullseye Guns & Ammo
Don's Weaponry and Shooter's Gallery Inc North Little Rock's finest Sporting Goods store and ONLY Indoor Shooting Range in Pulaski County
Federal Firearms License (FFL) Holder Network by ZIP code
Firearms for You
Johnson's Gun Depot new & used
Joker Tactical Little Rock
Ordnance Outsellers
Atlantis Arms for Glocks - see model chart
www.andean-inc.com Heber Springs
How to purchase a firearm online - Bud's
Bud's Gun Shop
Don's Weaponry 4116 East Broadway, North Little Rock - see also www.donsweaponryinc.com
Find an FFL Dealer
RSR Group
Vilonia Drug & Gun


Pistol Calibres
Able Ammo
AIM Surplus
Ammo Bank
Black Hills Ammunition
Federal Ammunition at Impact Guns
Fort Liberty Ammo Links
J & C Sales
Outdoor Superstore
Pistol Ammunition
List of Handgun Cartridges
Outdoor Superstore

Classic & Used Pistols

AIM Surplus v. cheap Cold War pistols
Bullseye Guns & Ammo
Cope's Distributing
Guns America
International Military Antiques
J & G Sales
Legendary Guns
MilitaryGunSupply.com wholesale; see also mgsdfw.com for retail
Surf City Firearms
World of Lugers
Komrade Nagant's revolver: no wonder the Soviet Union fell apart
River of Guns

Firing Ranges

New indoor range in Cabot at Cabot Gun & Ammo, 3580 Hwy 367 South. 501-941-1099.
Arkansas Armory Sherwood
Shoothouse USA Conway
Arkansas Gun Clubs
Mountain Valley Sportsman's Association, Hot Springs 300m rifle range
Central Arkansas Shooters Association
Sherwood - AR 72124 Phone: 501-666-9488 - 1000yd rifle range
Searcy - Fischer's Shooting Center, 911 S. Booth Road, Searcy, AR 72143. 501-726-4030 400yd rifle range
Top Gun Range Houston

Concealed Carry Pistols

Arkansas Carry
Arkansas Self Defense Cabot
Beretta Px4 Storm Type F Sub Compact
Beretta PX4 Storm
Boberg Arms
Concealed Handgun Licence
State Laws - Arkansas
Arkansas Arms and Ammo LLC
Personal Defense Ammunition Functional Reliability Test for Semiautomatic Handguns
Defensive use of Firearms
Weapons and Gun Training
Concealed Handgun Licensing N.R.A. Pistol Class, N.R.A Personal Protection Program and Concealed Handgun Class in Arkadelphia
Pistol Packing Laws in Arkansas
Selecting a Pistol for Concealed Carry
Browning Hi Power or 1911 for Defense?
Selecting a Holster for Concealed Carry
Concealed Carry and the "Large" Auto Pistol
US state and federal gun laws for non-citizens
Defensive Focus
Defensive Marksmanship
Pistol Packin'
Concealed Carry Pistols
Concealed Carry Outfitters
Book Review: The Handgun in Personal Defense by R.K. Campbell
Beretta Nano
Bersa Minithunder
Browning Pro-9
CZ75 Compact 9mm
Kimber Pro Carry
Kahr PM9
Kahr CM40
Kahr P45
Sig 239
Sig P290
Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm or 40S&W
Smith and Wesson 908S 9mm
Springfield XD 9mm or .45
Taurus PT111 9mm
Taurus PT145 9mm
Taurus PT24/7 9mm or .45
Taurus 745 Millenium Pro .45
Walther P99
Wilson ADP 9mm
Glocktalk forums
Star BM 9mm Compact at Military Gun Supply
Rossi 462 .357 2in barrel at Bud's
Comanche III .357 4" AS blue at Bud's
Ruger P345PR .45 at Bud's
Utah’s Gun Permit Popular With Nonresidents - 05/07/10
Utah firearms forms
Concealed Carry: 21st Century Style Review of nine compact .380 semi-automatic handguns
10 Great Concealed Carry Guns for 2016 - 18/02/16

Concealed Carry Training and State Laws

Shoot Safe Learning Utah CCW training in Los Angeles
UTAH CCW Reciprocity with Other States
Utah Concealed Carry Classes
Utah CCW Permit Application Fees Change - Feb 25, 2012
What to do after a defensive shooting


AIM Surplus
Browning Hi Power Holster by Eric
CDNN Sports
Cheaper than Dirt Holster Wizard just tell it which gun you have
DeSantis Holster & Leather Goods see also www.desantisholster.com
Dillon Precision
Don Hume Leathergoods
Fobus Holsters
Glock holsters at Atlantis Arms
Glock 17 Magazine Pouch
High Noon Holsters
Kirkpatrick Leather
Kramer Handgun Leather
Magazine Pouches
Ted Blocker Holsters
U.S. 1911 .45 Shoulder Holster Black: Closeout Special


CDNN Sports
Soft Cases
Eye Protection
gripextender.com A & G
Pearce Grip
HKS Speedloaders
Hogue Grips
King's Gun Works 1911 match triggers etc
Super Thumb Speed Loaders

Cleaning Kits

Blue Wonder
Hoppes Cleaning Kit for .38/.357 Caliber & 9mm Pistols
Kleen Bore Cleaning Kit for .38/.357 Caliber & 9mm Handguns
Kleen Bore Police Handgun Cleaning Kit for .38/.357 Caliber & 9mm Semi-Autos & Revolvers
Gunslick Match-Grade Pistol Cleaning Kit, .38 to .45 Caliber, 9mm & 10mm
Velocity Wipes


Online Handgun Safety Course
141 Shooting Range Jonesboro, AR
Arkansas Concealed Carry Association
Arkansas Arms and Ammo Conway, AR
Concealed Handgun Training AR
Cumberland Tactics TN
Defense Associates CT
Defensive Tactics Institute Roland, AR
Don Mongold CCW Classes $100 Fort Smith, AR
Gun Zone course links
IDPA Training Links
John Ross Utah permit St Louis, Missouri
On Target AR
Personal Reponsibility Inc. TN
Possum Pistol Academy Rudy, AR
Range Master TN
Tactical Defense Institute Ohio
Tactical Response TN
Tac Pro Shooting Center TX
Yavapai Firearms Academy Ltd AZ


Wilson Combat
Handgun Information Resource
British Pistols
Video & DVD in The Guns and Shooting Store Civil War; Civil War guns etc; Guns & Ammo TV
Glossary of target shooting terms
www.randymays.com follow the First Impressions pages
Gunhoo.com: 1911
Plastic's Fantastic
New For 2005: Handguns
Of Polymer And Progress Plastic-frame handguns have become the norm, and that ain't necessarily a bad thing
Armourer's Course videos
Two-Pistol Range Box
Hogue Rubber Grip Finger Grooves Beretta 92/96 at Bud's
Unofficial Detonics & New Detonics Information Site
Paladin Press
Cylinder & Slide
Arkansas Pistolsmiths


Gun ban threatens British Games prospects - 13/08/00
42 Deaths as use of handguns hits seven-year high
Court Backs Individual Gun Rights - 18/10/01 2nd Amendment applies to individuals, say 5th Circuit Justices
Who makes the world's guns? - 12/11/07
First Ever Double Barrel .45 Caliber Pistol