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In the Territorial Army I got through thousands of rounds of ammo; most of it 7.62mm NATO, which is very heavy stuff to carry around and probably not much fun to get hit with either. But firing it in an FN FAL (known in the Army as a Self-Loading Rifle) is an excellent way to shoot up targets on a big firing range. Using a Light Machine Gun (Bren gun converted to 7.62mm) or a General Purpose Machine Gun will ensure you don't have a heavy load of ammo to carry back to the armoury and is damned good fun, apart from having to clean it afterwards.

I also fired a lot of 9mm rounds using Browning pistols and the British Army's comedy weapon, the Stirling Mk III Sub Machine-Gun, which is actually capable of firing two rounds down the barrel simultaneously given the right sequence of faults.

All of which nonsense won me a fistful of medals at Bisley and various other championships.

Sadly, there is no longer any civilian shooting in Britain, thanks to the ban on non-criminals owning guns. However, the criminals have been enjoying an unprecedented period of freedom and have been happily shooting innocent people, safe in the knowledge that all their victims are defenceless. Gun crime is now at an all-time high in Britain, as a direct consequence of the ban.

So here I am in the good old US of A, where the constitution guarantees the right to bear arms.

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