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The Little Book of Science - John Gribbin
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The Cambridge History of Science, Volume 3: Early Modern Science, at Amazon USA
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Why People Believe Weird Things: Pseudoscience, Superstition, and Other Confusions of Our Time, at Amazon USA
How We Know What Isn't So, at Amazon USA

The magnetic attraction of trains - 09/11/99
Scientists see memory creation - 17/11/99
Virtual city for UK science - 22/11/99
No more flunking on dunking - 25/11/98
American Association for the Advancement of Science's (AAAS) 2000 expo in Washington DC
Molecular Motors - 11/05/00
Science should have the headlines - 30/05/00
James Dyson's History of Great Inventions - 08/06/00
Scientists honoured across UK - 16/06/00
The parachute that took 500 years to land 02/07/00 Leonardo da Vinci's parachute finally flew last week
Scientists salute £1 billion boost - 06/07/00 President of Royal Society welcomes new funding
Sparking interest in science - 06/09/00
Dyson wins Hoover case - 03/10/00
Alive..after 250 million years - 18/10/00
Carbon tubes reach their limit - 06/11/00
Cash to keep science 'brains' - 02/01/01
America celebrates science - 15/02/01 annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
AAAS Expo, San Francisco 2001
'Smallest life form' found off Iceland - 02/05/02
"Science in America", Seattle 2004
Bionic legs give soldiers a boost - 11/03/04
Bush and Kerry battle over science - 15/09/04
Science faces 'dangerous times' - 30/11/05
Auction deal saves £1m manuscript - 28/03/06
'All boffins are bonkers' - 12/05/06 Scientists need an Indiana Jones image to make their subjects more popular in the classroom, argues Christopher Frayling
And physicists 'all white' - 12/05/06
When celebrities speak on science - 03/01/07
History of the science in spin - 11/10/07
The 'first true scientist' - 04/01/09
The Royal Society puts historic papers online - 30/11/09
Three films that would make Einstein blush - 23/02/10
Promise made on UK physics woes - 04/03/10
Scientists say UK risks losing innovation edge - 08/03/10
Audio slideshow: Fellows of science - 30/11/10 The Royal Society is 350 years old
Strange tales from the Royal Society - 25/10/11 The world's oldest scientific academy, the Royal Society, has made its historical journal, which includes about 60,000 scientific papers, permanently free to access online
New chief scientist to bring forthright approach - 29/06/12
Why donít more girls study physics? - 17/03/13
UK joins 'super-microscope' project - 10/03/14 The Science Minister David Willetts will earmark £165m to join a project to build a "super-microscope" in Sweden. He will also pledge up to £100m to build the largest telescope ever built in South Africa and Australia. Critics warn that spending on projects that bring economic benefits to the UK must not be at the expense of basic research
Nobel Prize: How English beat German as language of science - 11/10/14
Peer review could reject breakthrough manuscripts, study shows - 23/12/14

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