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Sizewell 'A' Power Station, Suffolk

Sizewell 'A'


Sizewell Visitor Centre
Leiston cum Sizewell
Sizewell A
GEC Product Gallery - Sizewell B Power Station
British Energy - Sizewell B
Gas Cooled Reactors
Nuclear Reactor Maps: United Kingdom
Science Daily
Xenon Poisoning and Chernobyl
Samarium-149 poisoning
Nuclear Reactor Physics
B Reactor Museum Association
Nuclear Power Demonstration Reactor
Sizewell Circular Walks
Top safety rating for Sizewell B
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Magnox: Wikipedia definition
Magnox: Nationmaster definition
BNFL Magnox
Magnox: Hacettepe University Nuclear Engineering Department
RBMK: Hacettepe University Nuclear Engineering Department
PWR: Hacettepe University Nuclear Engineering Department
CANDU: Hacettepe University Nuclear Engineering Department
BWR: Hacettepe University Nuclear Engineering Department
Fast Breeders: Hacettepe University Nuclear Engineering Department
HTGR: Hacettepe University Nuclear Engineering Department
AGR: Hacettepe University Nuclear Engineering Department
Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Nuclear power station (Bradwell) to close 01/12/99
BNFL to close all its nuclear power stations - 24/05/00
Nuclear power option 'may beat global warming' - 17/06/00 Britain may need 46 plants if it is to help save the world from climate change
'No extra cancer' for nuclear workers - 05/07/00
Nuclear birth fears eased - 13/10/00
Chernobyl shut down for good - 15/12/00
British linked to US nuclear plans - 18/05/01
British Energy sets out plan for £10bn nuclear stations - 12/09/01
Nuclear plant gets go-ahead - 03/10/01
UK 'needs more nuclear stations' - 07/03/02
Call to expand nuclear power - 08/03/02
Sizewell B on alert as US plant at risk of meltdown - 27/03/02
Europe puts France up for fusion reactor - 26/11/03
Power cuts 'could hit UK by 2006' - 10/03/04
EU 'confident' of star power site - 23/05/04
UN predicts rapid nuclear growth - 26/06/04
Crystal options for nuclear waste - 18/07/04
UK needs 'more nuclear stations' - 15/09/04
Fusion reactor decision must wait - 09/11/04
EU tempts Japan on fusion deal - 16/11/04
EU gets tough on fusion reactor - 26/11/04
France's nuclear response to Kyoto - 18/02/05
Power stations 'no cancer risk' - 10/06/05
France gets nuclear fusion plant - 28/06/05
Nuclear clean-up cost up to £56bn - 11/08/05
Dungeness B stays open until 2018 - 15/09/05
Sizewell B given 10 more years - 06/10/05
Analysis: Is nuclear power the answer? - 17/10/05
Viewpoint: Finland's new reactor - 21/10/05
Nuclear power is best, say scientists - 10/11/05
Britons split on N-power advance - 17/01/06
'Mega problem' of Wylfa closure - 07/02/06
Tackling the UK's nuclear legacy - 14/02/06
Quarrying uranium in Australia - 15/02/06
Nuclear Europe: Country guide - 16/02/06
UK nuclear power: The contenders - 10/07/06
Chernobyl's 'nuclear nightmares' - 13/07/06
Science backs nuclear burial plan - 07/02/07
Nuclear cooling towers demolished - 20/05/07
Your Pictures: Chapelcross demolition - 20/05/07
Chernobyl to be covered in steel - 18/09/07
UK has plutonium for 17,000 bombs - 21/09/07
Sellafield towers are demolished - 29/09/07
Calder Hall legacy will 'live on' - 29/09/07
US eyes boom in nuclear reactors - 11/10/07
Nuclear plant given new lifeline - 11/12/07
Britain and France to take nuclear power to the world - 22/03/08
Safer nuclear reactors could result from new research - 25/03/10
Nuclear power: Eight sites identified for future plants - 18/10/10
The Truth About Thorium and Nuclear Power - 20/10/10 FR
Battle to stabilise earthquake reactors - 12/03/11
In pictures: Tsunami hits Fukushima nuclear power plant - 20/05/11
Go-ahead for UK nuclear programme - 11/10/11
The fallout of the Nobel scam of 1946 - 10/02/12
In pictures: The Shaft and Silo at Dounreay - 12/09/12
Hinkley Point nuclear station: Licence granted for site - 26/11/12 Only three decades late
New nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point C is approved - 19/03/13
Technology revolution in nuclear power could slash costs below coal - 24/09/14
New cracks in Hunterston reactor - 06/10/14

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