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The Field of Play Dimensions: The field of play shall be rectangular, its length being not more than 130 yards nor less than 100 yards and its breadth not more than 100 yards nor less than 50 yards. (In international matches the length shall be not more than 120 yards nor less than 110 yards and the breadth not more than 80 yards nor less than 70 yards.) The length shall in all cases exceed the breadth
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Einstein's heirs fight for his little piece of Germany - 07/04/97
'Sensational' anti-matter discovery - 05/03/1999
Hunting the Higgs Boson - 19/03/1999
Matter or antimatter, that is the question - 06/05/1999
Scientists see Susy (Supersymmetry) - 16/08/1999
Scientists witness peculiar gas (Fermionic gas)
Computer uses cat's brain to see - 08/10/1999
Looking through cats' eyes - 11/10/1999
Dutch physicists win Nobel Prize
New sub-sea telescope looks down for Neutrinos
Applied Electro-Optics
Optoelectronics : The Introduction : A Self-Teaching Text, Including : Basic Concepts, Photometrics, Optics Vol. 1
New lead for fireball riddle - 03/02/00
Double magic for nickel nucleus - 15/02/00
Batteries have had their chips - 25/02/00
New microscope catches individual atoms - 25/02/00
New class of gamma rays discovered in Milky Way - 23/03/00
The Principles of Quantum Mechanics - P.A.M. Dirac
Quantum Computing - Jozef Gruska
In Search of Schrodinger's Cat - John Gribbin
Faraday in 90 Minutes - John Gribbin
Fuel cells get even cooler - 16/06/00
Atom smasher revs up - 14/06/00 actually it's a Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider
Beam smashes light barrier - 19/07/00
Scientists shed light on laws of relativity - 20/07/00
Neutrinos fired through Earth's crust - 20/07/00
Scientists shed light on laws of relativity - 27/07/00
Technology promises glowing books - 16/10/00
Physicists await final decision on collider - 02/11/00
Everett's Relative-State Formulation of Quantum Mechanics
von Neumann, John
Happy birthday: Quantum theory blows out 100 candles - 14/12/00 RealVideo
A century of Quantum physics ... probably - 16/12/00
Sea mouse promises bright future - 03/01/01
Densest matter created - 17/01/01 in the new Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC)
Light stopped in its tracks - 18/01/01 Scientists say they have slowed light to a dead stop, stored it and then let it go again
Return of sound mirrors that trapped Zeppelins - 29/01/01
Toshiba touts slimmer, stronger batteries - 13/02/01 Advanced Lithium Batteries (ALB), which will allow electronics manufacturers to create small devices with the staying power of larger ones
Plastic superconductor created at ultralow temperature - 08/03/01
Hunt is on for pauper grave of Isaac Newton's greatest rival, Robert Hooke - 26/03/01 see also
CP Violation Experiment
Why does CP violation matter to the universe?
Atoms perform a quantum flip - 05/07/01
World's most accurate clock developed - 12/07/01
Killer plasma ready to devour the Earth - 07/09/01
Fusion power 'within reach' - 01/10/01
Newton's papers go on show in Cambridge - 08/10/01
Frozen matter wins Nobel Prize - 09/10/01
The answer to the universe and everything? - 17/10/01 Prof Stephen Hawking's new book The Universe in a Nutshell
Fundamental theory under question - 16/11/01
Particle physics telescope explodes - 19/11/04
CERN: 'God particle may not exist' - 06/12/01 the Higgs boson
Paving the way for 'uncrackable' codes - 13/12/01 a single-photon emitting diode could be used in quantum cryptography
Invisible circuits top science honours - 21/12/01
Ball lightning baffles scientists - 21/12/01
Nobel prize-winning physicist dies - 08/01/02 Alexander Prokhorov, 85
Hawking celebrates own brief history - 08/01/02 60th birthday
US in fusion rethink - 24/01/02
Vanishing particles lead scientists to fifth dimension - 17/02/02 some subatomic particles vanish, apparently into another dimension, when they are fired into each other at high speeds
Deep-frozen atoms stop beam of light in its tracks - 17/02/02
Egg mystery cracked for Easter - 27/03/02
Fusion experiment disappoints - 25/07/02
Einstein's speed of gravity idea tested - 06/09/02 VLBA to view a quasar through Jupiter's gravitational field
Researchers 'look inside' antimatter - 30/10/02
US Army uses laser to shoot down artillery - 06/11/02
Einstein proved right on gravity - 08/01/03
Start-up redesigns fuel cells - 10/02/03
Gravity wave detector all set - 18/02/03
Bright idea lights way for LEDs - 27/02/03 the "flat light source" produces white light by mixing blue, green and red, the source can emit any color in the spectrum by varying the mix
Cosmic rays find uranium - 20/03/03
Big-bang project sparks cosmic response - 01/04/03
Alternative fusion machine limbers up - 08/04/03
Squeezing light from nanotubes - 01/05/03
Getting atoms to march one by one - 15/05/03
The fountains of lightning that rise in the sky - 26/06/03
'Father of the H-bomb' dies - 10/09/03
Science celebrates 'father of nanotech' - 10/10/03 John Dalton
Water sparks new power source - 19/10/03
Cold research probes atom dance - 14/11/03
Scientists freeze beam of light - 10/12/03
Nanotubes break semiconducting record - 19/12/03
Antibubbles made in Belgian beer - 22/12/03
Shortest time interval measured - 25/02/04
Science closes in on perfect lens - 08/03/04
Quantum codes debut in real world - 09/03/04
'God particle' may have been seen - 10/03/04
Satellite to test Einstein theory - 03/04/04
'Einstein' probe heads into space - 20/04/04
Using high-energy physics to preserve old records - 07/05/04
Teleportation breakthrough made - 16/06/04
Neutrinos 'topple matter theory' - 13/07/04
Particle collider edges forward - 20/08/04
'Heat-proof' glass could save on air-con - 25/08/04
Physicists shrink atomic clocks - 15/09/04
Cern: The big in search of the small - 30/09/04
Device has keen sense for mini-motions - 01/10/04
Nobel honours sub-atomic world - 05/10/04
The physics hit parade - 08/10/04 readers of Physics World have voted for their favourite equations
Extra cash for 'super-microscope' - 08/10/04 Diamond synchrotron
UK timekeepers get very precise - 19/11/04 using a super-cooled strontium ion
Hydrogen production method may boost fuel supplies - 28/11/04
Device to probe limits of physics - 29/11/04 Atlas will be housed at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)
Germany honours Einstein's genius - 19/01/05
Underground search for 'God particle' - 04/02/05
Cern tunnel machine gets key part - 07/03/05
A-bomb architect Hans Bethe dies - 08/03/05
Albert Einstein dies - 18/04/1955
Phenomenon of the 'magic egg' is cracked by mathematicians - 17/05/05
Atomic ticker clocks up 50 years - 02/06/05
Riot control ray gun worries scientists - 20/07/05
Student unearths Einstein paper - 21/08/05
Energising the quest for 'big theory' - 03/01/06
Two super heavy elements discovered - 31/01/06 113 and 115
Dark matter comes out of the cold - 05/02/06 A team from Cambridge used 23 nights of observing time on the VLT to put some real numbers on the physical characteristics of dark matter
'Lost' manuscript valued at £1m - 09/02/06 Dr Robert Hooke's minutes of the Royal Society from 1661 to 1682
Fastest view of molecular motion - 04/03/06
Light shed on mysterious particle - 31/03/06 neutrinos have mass
Fuel cells take another step toward reality - 11/04/06
Natural light to reinvent bulbs - 13/04/06
Scientists make (hot) water run uphill - 30/04/06
Microscope reveals great detail - 04/05/06
Times changing for radio signal - 10/05/06
Hooke manuscript is returned home - 17/05/06
Dry ice creates toughened glass - 15/06/06 carbonia
To harvest water from air, MIT copies beetles - 16/06/06
Lab tuned to gravity's 'ripples' - 26/06/06
Letters reveal Einstein love life - 11/07/06
'Super-scope' will unlock secrets - 13/07/06
Diamond facility starts to shine - 14/07/06 Diamond Light Source is a synchrotron
UK physics funding to be revamped - 25/07/06
Green pigment spins chip promise - 09/08/06
Concern over decline in physics - 11/08/06
Extra cash for new light source - 08/08/06
Dead stars provide Einstein test - 18/09/06 Two pulsars orbit each other every 2.4 hours at speeds of a million km per hour and give each other's pulses a 'Shapiro delay' of 90 microseconds in accordance with General Relativity
Scientists create new element - 17/10/06 they smashed together calcium with the manmade element Californium to make an atom with 118 protons
Heavy atom makes brief appearance - 17/10/06
Physics promises wireless power - 15/11/06
What is polonium-210? - 24/11/06
Briefcase 'that changed the world' - 05/02/07 The cavity magnetron played a decisive role in WWII. It was just one of many British inventions 'given' to the USA while Churchill tried to get them to fight the Nazis and the Japanese
'Super-scope' opens for business - 05/02/07
Cool clouds turn light to matter - 08/02/07
Record power for military laser - 22/02/07
The high times of physics revisited - 05/03/07 The American Physical Society (APS) meeting of 1987
The 'new age' of super materials - 05/03/07 In 1987, Ronald Reagan declared that the US was about to enter an incredible new era of technology
Failure during CERN magnet test - 03/04/07 Large Hadron Collider
Einstein was right, probe shows - 16/04/07
Maths cracks beer froth mystery - 26/04/07
Hawking takes zero-gravity flight - 26/04/07
Hawking's small step toward space - 27/04/07
Nuclear reactor secrets revealed - 01/06/07
Green light for flash fantastic - 05/06/07
Laser vision fuels energy future - 06/06/07 Hiper (High Power Laser Energy Research)
Inside the UK's nuclear weapons bunker - 20/06/07
Experts float levitation theory - 05/08/07
Putting electronics in a spin - 08/08/07 Spintronics, also known as magnetoelectronics
'Super-scope' to see hidden texts - 13/09/07
Supersize elements created in lab - 26/10/07
In pictures: Transistor history - 15/11/07
Stanford's nanowire battery holds 10 times the charge of existing ones - 18/12/07
Northrop Grumman Complete Milestone For The Joint High-Powered Solid State Laser Phase 3 Program - 12/03/08
How It Works: The Airborne Laser Cannon - 13/03/08
World's oldest voice recording goes online - 27/03/08
Veteran physicist hopes secret of universe lies underground - 07/04/08 Higgs
Nuclear scientists eye future landfall on a second 'island of stability' - 08/04/08 Oganessian's group has teamed with California's Lawrence Livermore Laboratory to synthesize five new elements (113, 114, 115, 116, and 118) over the past six years
Gravity 'ripples' hunt upgraded - 16/04/08
Scientists discover exotic quantum state of matter - 24/04/08 the quantum Hall effect in a bulk crystal of bismuth-antimony
'Space metals' aid perfection quest - 09/05/08 'intermetallics'
UC San Diego Physicists Reveal Secrets of Newest Form of Carbon - 10/06/08 Graphene—a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycombed lattice—has a number of advantages over silicon
CERN lab goes 'colder than space' - 18/07/08
Physicists Investigate Controversy over Room-Temperature Ice - 05/08/08
Researchers make milestone discovery in quantum mechanics - 05/08/08
CERN lab set for beam milestone - 07/08/08
Intel cuts electric cords with wireless power system - 21/08/08
Do nuclear decay rates depend on our distance from the sun? - 29/08/08
Multibillion-dollar experiment to probe nature's mysteries - 08/09/08
On the hunt for the Higgs boson - 09/09/08 Professor Stephen Hawking has bet CERN $100 that they won't find the Higgs Boson
'Big Bang' experiment starts well - 10/09/08
Bulk drift of surrounding clusters of galaxies measured? Kashlinsky, Ebeling et al. - 23/09/08
Mysterious New 'Dark Flow' Discovered in Space - 23/09/08
'Dark flow' transports galaxies across Universe - 24/09/08
Gecko-grip material aims to be the end of glue - 09/10/08
Future planes, cars may be made of 'buckypaper' - 17/10/08
In search of a light Higgs boson - 20/10/08
'Super-microscope' opens at Isis - 11/11/08 pulsed neutron source in Oxfordshire will allow scientists to see things 10,000 times thinner than a human hair
Physicists steer electrons with laser pulses: Method could be used to create custom-made chemical compounds - 17/11/08
Gas pump made of minerals has no moving parts - 28/11/08
X-ray machine's brilliant future - 03/12/08
New detector will aid dark matter search - 10/12/08
Carbon Nanofibers Cut Flammability of Upholstered Furniture - 12/12/08
What if dark matter particles aren't WIMPs? - 12/12/08
Researchers discover new type of laser - 22/12/08 Quantum cascade lasers are small and efficient sources of mid-infrared laser beams
Researchers see exotic force for first time - 07/01/09
Physicists resolve a paradox of quantum theory - 14/01/09 Hardy's Paradox
Europe's new atom-smasher chief signals caution after breakdown - 25/01/09
Hadron Collider relaunch delayed - 09/02/09
Quantum paradox directly observed - a milestone in quantum mechanics - 04/03/09 Hardy's Paradox
Loop quantum gravity: getting closer to reality - 06/03/09
Precision measurement of W boson mass portends stricter limits for Higgs particle - 11/03/09
Battery that 'charges in seconds' - 11/03/09
Solving a subatomic shell game: Physicists decode hidden properties of the rare Earths - 23/03/09
Glass you can build with: Metallic glass that's stronger and lasts longer - 24/03/09
Giant laser experiment powers up - 31/03/09
New technique that scrambles light may lead to sharper images, wider views - 21/04/09
World first for strange molecule - 23/04/09
New element found to be a superconductor - 13/05/09 europium
Theorists Reveal Path to True Muonium - 29/05/09
Researchers make breakthrough in the quantum control of light - 29/05/09
In Twin Paradox Twist, the Accelerated Twin is Older - 09/06/09
Periodic table gets a new element - 10/06/09 112 has no name yet
MIT slows concrete creep to a crawl - 16/06/09
A sonic boom in the world of lasers - 17/06/09
Physical reality of string theory demonstrated - 06/07/09
'Copernicium' proposed as name for newly discovered element 112 - 14/07/09
Transparent aluminium is 'new state of matter' - 27/07/09
Discovery about behavior of building block of nature could lead to computer revolution - 30/07/09 electrons in narrow wires can divide into two new particles called spinons and holons
Iron isotopes as a tool in oceanography - 31/07/09
Fire Meets Ice: Superhot And Supercold Remarkably Similar In The 'Fermion' World (w/ Video) - 04/08/09
Low-Budget Fusion Reactor Could Generate Energy within a Decade - 04/08/09
Exploring the standard model of physics without the high-energy collider - 10/08/09
Pushing quantum mechanics to higher levels - 12/08/09
New Law of Physics Could Explain Quantum Mysteries - 17/08/09
Superheavy Element 114 Confirmed: A Stepping Stone to the Island of Stability - 24/09/09
Schrodinger's Cat Experiment Proposed - 24/09/09
Spallation Neutron Source first of its kind to reach megawatt power (w/ Podcast) - 28/09/09
Puzzled Physicists Solve Decade-Long Discrepancies in Copper Oxide Ceramics Experiments - 09/10/09
'Magnetricity' observed and measured for the first time - 15/10/09
Proton's party pals may alter its internal structure - 18/11/09
Most precise test yet of Einstein's gravitational redshift - 17/02/10
Iron-nitrogen compound forms strongest magnet known - 22/03/10
Taming the wild phonon - 22/03/10
New material is a breakthrough in magnetism - 12/04/10 Researchers from Imperial College London have created a structure that acts like a single pole of a magnet, a feat that has evaded scientists for decades. The researchers say their new Nature Physics study takes them a step closer to isolating a 'magnetic monopole.'
Largest scientific instrument ever built to prove Einstein's theory of general relativity - 09/05/10
Making light work: The 50-year odyssey of the laser - 12/05/10
Mathematicians Solve 140-Year-Old Boltzmann Equation - 13/05/10
Radioactive isotope of tin confirmed to have doubly magic nucleus - 28/05/10
Physicists burst bubble mystery - 10/06/10
Scientists examine possibility of a phonon laser, or 'phaser' - 07/09/10
Variations in fine-structure constant suggest laws of physics not the same everywhere - 06/09/10 alpha is about 1/137.0359
Origin of magnetic fields may lie in special relativity's spacetime distortions - 09/09/10
Physicists observe electron ejected from atom for first time - 12/10/10
Taking a second look at evidence for the 'varying' fine-structure constant - 21/10/10 guess what - it was nonsense
Best yet test of Lorentz invariance - 25/10/10
Researchers find a stable way to store the sun's heat (w/ Video) - 25/10/10
Gravity eases its pull - 04/11/10
In Pictures: Fluid foundations - 23/11/10
Microscope with 50-nanometre resolution demonstrated - 01/03/11
Gravity Probe B confirms Einstein effects - 04/05/11
Chinese team entangles eight photons, breaking record - 03/06/11
UK's atomic clock 'is world's most accurate' - 26/08/11
Dwarf galaxies suggest dark matter theory may be wrong - 16/09/11
'Antimagnet' joins list of invisibility approaches - 26/09/11
Single molecule's electric charges seen in first image - 26/02/12
Israel university upgrades Einstein archive - 19/03/12
Research offers new way to see inside solids - 20/03/12
'Maser' source of microwave beams comes out of the cold - 16/08/12
Gravitational waves: written in the stars? - 31/08/12
Nikola Tesla: The patron saint of geeks? - 10/09/12
Niels Bohr letters reveal trials of his time in England - 17/04/13
Have scientists worked out why hot water freezes faster than cold water? - 01/11/13
Physicists probe urination 'splashback' problem - 06/11/13
Triple star system 'can reveal secrets of gravity' - 05/01/14
Why Einstein will never be wrong - 14/01/14
Particles near absolute zero do not break the laws of physics after all - 20/05/14
Famous Feynman lectures put online with free access - 02/09/14
The Feynman Lectures on Physics
Magic 'metamaterials' storm physics - 04/03/15
Gravitational waves: Einstein was right - and this announcement is the scientific highlight of the decade - 11/02/16
Gravitational waves: Numbers don't do them justice - 12/02/16

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