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Double Bass
Ondes Martenot


Banjos at The Complete Idiot's Guide to Bluegrass Banjo Favorites with 2 CDs
Banjo Picking Styles, by Bela Fleck, at Amazon USA a real bestseller!
Gold Tone Banjos
Banjo Teachers - Arkansas



WebMuseum Gris, Juan Musical Instruments
The Bate Collection of Musical Instruments
Possible Stradivarius found on Polish border
Musical Instruments
Eastern European Musical Instruments
Latvia celebrates national instrument - 29/10/05 The kokle is traditionally played by women and girls. It's a triangular wooden box on legs with up to 33 metal strings, which the musicians pluck
Do you drum it, strum it or stroke it? - 08/10/09 The Eigenharp is the brainchild of John Lambert, a musician and software entrepreneur


Foggy Mountain Banjo
American Banjo: Three Finger & Scruggs Style inc. Cotton Eyed Joe
The Ultimate Banjo Songbook Limehouse Blues and Bela Fleck's UFO TOFU

Bass Guitar

Bass Guitar for Dummies, at Amazon USA


Mel Bay presents Cello Method
The Art of Cello Playing: A Complete Textbook Method for Private or Class Instruction
Essential Elements 2000 for Strings Plus DVD: Cello
Compositions premiered by Mstislav Rostropovich
Mstislav Rostropovich - EMI Classics Biography
Best Student Violins
Rare cello escapes CD rack fate - 19/05/04


British Clavichord Society

Double Bass

Double Basses at
International Society of Bassists
Double Bass Grade 7 Syllabus - Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
Strad Library - books on musicians inc Dragonetti
Yorke Edition - double bass music
The Singing Double Bass by Garry Karr
Cello / Double Bass Cases
Double Bass Studies (Bottesini, Simandl etc)
Picato Musicians' Strings
Northern Renaissance Instruments - Guide to Stringing
Double Bass tuition
The Instruments
Musical Instrument Insurance from Pavilion Musicguard
British Reserve musical instrument insurance
Paul Nicholas Bryant - Fine English Double Basses
Upton Bass String Instrument Company Stonington, CT and Boston, MA
Musicians Gallery
String sets for Violin, Viola, Cello and Double bass
Ashworth's electronic pickups for string instruments
Corda Music Publications
Bows by David Van Edwards
Street Performers Booking Agency
Technical Drawings of Musical Instruments in Public Collections of the World
Yorke Edition catalogue - two, three, four or more double basses
Leon Bosch, double bass
Tyler Basses
Best Student Violins
Bach: Unaccompanied Cello Suites, Nos. 1, 2, and 5, at Amazon USA
Concertos For Double Bass - Edgar Meyer
Berlin Phil Masterclass


Mermaid Medieval Hammered Dulcimer
Hammered Dulcimer - Blackbird
Hammered Dulcimer Like You've Never Seen It Before
Rakes of Kildare Hammered Dulcimer
Flat Creek Dulcimers of Hardy

English Horn

Cor Anglais
A L&aum;ubin
F Loree


buy a FLEXATONE here
Song of the Sea musical instruments - buy a FLEXATONE here
Flexatone $16 at Didgeridoo Store


Andy Findon not just flute: Flute, Piccolo, Alto Flute, Bass Flute, E flat Flute, Contrabass Flute, Clarinets, Saxophones, Turkish Clarinet, Recorders, Bombard, Indian & Chinese Bamboo Flutes, Mizmar, Panpipes, Irish Flute & Penny Whistles; that sort of thing
Oldest flute sounds again - 19/02/00

French Horn

Hamlin 4 Valve Single French Horn, at Amazon USA
Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music - French Horn
Welcome to ABRSM in the United States!
ABRSM exam music finder
Art of French Horn Playing $10
Student Instrumental Course French Horn Student $7
Practical Studies for French Horn $8
American Standards: French Horn $9
Rubank Concert And Contest For F Horn - Accompaniment CD $11
Master Solos Intermediate Level - French Horn: Book/CD Pack $13
Movie Instrumental Solos: French Horn Book W CD $10
Mel Bay's Anthology of French Horn Music $15
Orchestral Excerpts For Horn $17
Mozart Horn Concertos - Lowell Greer $12
Brahms & Beethoven Music for Horn - Lowell Greer
Russian Horn Concertos - Neunecker $23
Mozart: Horn Concertos Nos. 1-4 - Brain $11
Second French horn lesson with Mrs. Rinaudo tonguing, how to hold the French horn, and the notes E, D, and C
How to Play F Major/Bb Concert Scale on french horn part 1 Fifth video in a series of instructional videos for the beginning horn player

Berliner Philharmoniker Master Class - Horn Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 and Richard Strauss's "Till Eulenspiegel"
Berlin Phil Masterclass
Sarah Willis: Melbourne Masterclass Highlights
Learn the French Horn Notes
Instrument: Horn Katy Woolley of the Philharmonia Orchestra (London)


Little Rock Jams
Red River Music Co Arkansas
Big City String Company
Active Musician: nylon guitar strings
Active Musician: Classical Guitars (with nylon strings)
Hohner HC06E Classical Nylon-string Acoustic-Electric Guitar $119
Oscar Schmidt Classical Guitar (nylon strings) $129
Washburn Cadiz Classical Nylon-String Guitar (nylon strings) $139
Washburn C40 Classical Acoustic Guitar (nylon strings) $120
Fender Sonoran S Acoustic Guitar(Natural)
Rogue Union Jack Flag Acoustic Guitar $50
Washburn Madrid Classical Nylon-String Guitar $199
J. Reynolds Classical Nylon-String Guitar $68
Guitar/Bass Tuner. Made by Korg. (EM.GA-30) $15
QwikTune QT-11 Automatic Guitar Tuner $14
MBT Padded Nylon Gig Bag - Classical Guitar $27
La Bella Series 2000 Flamenco Black Nylon Guitar Strings - Medium Tension, 3 Sets $29
Adam Adjustable Footrest for Classical Guitar $16
Gibson Baldwin Music Education - 6-String Full-Size Acoustic Guitar - Black $100 at Best Buy, with steel strings
Maestro by Gibson - Full-Size Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar - Natural Finish $100 at Best Buy, with steel strings
David Russell Guitar classical guitarist
Music for Double Bass and Guitar
Junk Guitars
Online tuner
Key Chords Chord progression discovery for guitarists stuck in a rut.
Guitar Trainer/Tuner
Learn how to play guitar in your browser (in 3D) - 08/01/09
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Classical Guitar Favorites with 2 CDs
Milos: Classical guitar has a new hero - 25/02/11 Miloš Karadaglić
Guitar gives classical gems new sparkle - 04/05/11 Classical guitar virtuoso David Russell explains why his choice of instrument is helping to revive and spark new interest in the music of composers such as JS Bach and his contemporaries


British Harpsichord Society
Alan Gotto Harpsichords
Robert Morley and Company Ltd. Pianoforte and Harpsichord Makers
Harpsichord examinations - Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
Harpsichords and Virginals in the British Isles
Xavier-Leigh Flanders Harpsichords
Technical Drawings of Musical Instruments
Alan Gotto Harpsichords
Introduction to the Harpsichord and Clavichord
Hugh Craig Harpsichords
Andrew Garlick - Harpsichord Maker
Morley Early Keyboard Instruments
Peter Bavington Harpsichords and Clavichords
Harpsichord and Clavichord WebRing
Early Music Shop
Zuckermann Harpsichords International Stonington, CT
Harpsichord Clearing House Rehoboth, MA


Horn examinations - Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music


Lutes at Instrumental Savings
Lute, Flat Back, with Carry Bag & Book Instrumental Savings


The Complete Idiot's Guide to Bluegrass Mandolin Favorites with 2 CDs
Mandolin Cafe
Chamber Music With Mandolin
Epiphone Windsor Mandolin (1932)

Ondes Martenot

The Ondes Martenot Home Page


In defence of the oboe - 25/10/04


Organs of the Romantic Era
Organ photos


Piano Kraft
Andersons Piano Clinic Cabot
Piano instruments
Piano Pedals
Amazon UK for £23.99
Pianos at Chamberlain Music, Surrey
Reproducing Piano
Welte-Mignon Reproducing Piano
Frequency In Cycles Per Second (Hz.) of Musical Pitches
Museum of Historic Pianists with emphasis on the Great and the Awful
Obituary: Leonid Hambro - 15/11/06 Borge's straight-man

Piano, Digital

Casio PX110 Privia Digital Piano
Casio CS65 Privia Keyboard Stand
Casio PX800 Privia Digital Piano
Casio PX800 Privia Digital Piano
M-Audio PROKEYS 88SX 88-Key Lightweight Stage Piano with Semi-Weighted Action
The challenges of making a digital piano sound real - 17/04/14




The Squeezebox


The Theorbo Information Page
Tommie Andersson talks about the Theorbo


The Bass Trombonist's Orchestral Handbook: William Tell
Hamlin Music Products
Hamlin Valve Trombone in Concert C, at Amazon USA
Hamlin Tenor Trombone, at Amazon USA
Hamlin Alto Trombone, at Amazon USA
Obituary: Don Lusher - 17/07/06


Hamlin Pocket Trumpet, at Amazon USA
Trumpet player Maurice Andre dies aged 78 - 26/02/12


Tuba recordings at Crystal Records
Orchestration/Arranging for Bass and Contrabass Tuba
Tubas compared
Educational Series Tubas & Euphoniums
What Band Parents Need to Know About Tubas
Rick Denney's Tuba Collection
Sousaphone History
Fingering Charts
Loud Mouthpieces
Kelly Tuba Mouthpiece, Crystal Blue 25, at Amazon USA
H.W. Brass Saver Cleaning Brushes, at Amazon USA
Music Minus One Sousaphone, tuba or bass: The Isle Of Orleans, at Amazon USA
Tuba music at
Standard Of Excellence: Jazz Ensemble Method: Tuba
Instrument: Tuba Andrew Cresci of the Philharmonia Orchestra (London)


The Complete Idiot's Guide to Rock Hits for Ukulele with 2 CDs
Easy Songs for Ukulele


Lauren 16" Beginner Viola Kit $150
Viola Ultimate Beginner Series $20
Scales for Advanced Violists $13
The Ultimate Beginner Series Viola $10
Treble Clef for Violists: Reading Studies Integrating Alto and Treble Clefs $6
Viola Music Graded for Difficulty


Wood Electric Violins
Violin String Shop
Nagoya Suzuki Model 220 Violin Japanese $268
Florea Persoana Violin Outfit Romanian $190
Lauren 4/4 Size Student Violin Kit $140
Musino 3000 Intermediate Series Violin Outfit, 4/4 Size $99
Lauren 4/4 Size Deluxe Student Violin Kit $200
Musino 4000 Deluxe Series Violin Outfit, 4/4 Size $169
Things 4 Strings bow accessories
Strunal 1750 FH Concert Violin Outfit, 4/4 $407
Molinari 312-4 Romanian - High Quality 4/4 Size Intermediate Violin Outfit (oil finish) $350
Strunal 260 Student Violin Outfit, 4/4 $320
Florea Persoana Violin Outfit, 4/4 Size Made in Romania. $190
Antique Style Natural Color Full Size 4/4 Violin with Case and Accessories $140
Molinari 101-4 Value Priced 4/4 Size Student Violin Outfit $120
Glaesel Violin Ultra Practice Mute $4.60
Kun Collapsible Violin Shoulder Rest, 4 / 4 Black
Glaesel GL-3909 Paganini Rosin
Violin Wall Chart by Martin Norgaard
Korg CA-40 Large Display Auto Chromatic Tuner
Karl Willhelm Select Violin Bow, 4/4 Size $85
Kratt SN3 Violin Pitchpipe
New 4/4 Blue Student Electric Violin Package with Case $75
Ted Brewer Violins
Best Student Violins
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Playing the Fiddle
The Art Of Violin, at Amazon UK for £23.99 or Amazon USA
Common String Articulations
Two Octave Scales and Arpeggios
American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers
SkyInBow Electric Violins etc
ASTA: American String Teachers' Association
Last bow looms for musical trees - 25/02/00
Row over Stradivarius 'secrets' - 02/12/06
Musicians allowed to take a bow - 08/06/07
How to repair a Stradivarius? - 14/02/08
Wood density key to violin sound - 02/07/08
Secrets Of Stradivarius' unique violin sound revealed, prof says - 22/01/09
Carbon copying the 'Stradivarius' sound - 11/09/09
Antique Stradivarius violin 'replicated' by radiologist - 28/11/11
Nicola Benedetti wins best female artist at the Classic Brit Awards - 03/10/12
The secret behind a Stradivarius - imperfection - 02/12/12
Violin teacher Suzuki is the biggest fraud in music history, says expert - 27/10/14


Zither Tutorial
Zither: Träumerei
The Third Man Theme
The Third Man "Cat got your tongue?"
The Third Man Ending
UK #1 Hit 1950 ANTON KARAS "The Third Man Theme"

How gender bias can limit children's music study - 20/04/02
'Lost' music instrument recreated - 30/05/09
'Oldest musical instrument' found - 24/06/09
Learn how to play an instrument online - 12/08/09


Tuning MP3
Music Examples of Keyboard Temperament
Tuning files at thefreesoundproject
In-Tune Multi-Instrument Tuner 1.95

The sweet sound of success - 17/03/13 The musical instrument-making industry in the quiet town of Markneukirchen in Germany is still going strong after 400 years

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