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Chris before he found out about chairs

That double-bass took a bashing on its travels; sometimes in my mother's Fiat 500 with the top sticking out of the roof! I played classical music on it in various orchestras before going to Spike Heatley to learn Jazz!

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A History of Western Music, at Amazon UK for £35.00 or Amazon USA for $69.60
A History of Western Music: International Student Edition, at Amazon UK for 25.00
Web Resources for Research in Music
British Postgraduate Musicology Online
Lost Beethoven work premieres
Opera Basic Dictionary
Music Instruction Software
The Interactive Internet Piano Concert-Performer
Classical Net
Gramophone Publications Ltd
The Romantic Piano Concerto Series
Hyperion Composer Index
Monteverdi: Sacred Vocal Music
Rare Piano Encores
Bantock: Hebridean and Celtic Symphonies
Monteverdi: Balli
Palestrina: Missa Aeterna Christi munera
Thomas Arne Organ Concertos
English 18th-century Violin Sonatas
English 18th-century Keyboard Concertos
Boccherini Cello Sonatas (2 cellos 1 double bass)
Keyboard Music by Peter Philips (c1561 - 1628)
English String Quartets 18th C
Friedman/Godowski etc: Strauss Waltz Virtuoso Transcriptions
English Classical Violin Concertos
Charles Avison (1709 - 1770) Concerti Grossi after Scarlatti
CPCC Directory of Composers on the Net - Q
Maestronet Bulletin Board
Nunn's Music Links Page
"HANDS ACROSS THE SEA: Marches from All Over ...
The Advertising History of the Berliner Gramophone
Rusalka (Dvorak)
All-Classical Guide
All-Music Guide
Swedish Music Information Centre
Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music - Home Page (London)
BBC Snubs Non-Modernist Composers
Classical Music on the WEB (UK) - British and International Composers. CD reviews Len Mullenger
Classical Music UK - - Links, Videos, CDs, Concerts and jobs
Medieval Music Links
Renaissance Music Links
Baroque Era Music Links
Classical Period Music Links
Romantic Era Music Links
Twentieth Century Music Links
Early Music Soloists and Ensembles
History of Electronic Music - and - non-linear version made by a geek
Records for Sale - 78rpm
Al Dexter CD
David Rubenstein: Second Place (tie) April 1999 MIDI Contest at the MIDI Studio Consortium
E! Online - Movie Facts - Slaughter on Tenth Avenue (1957)
Rodgers: Slaughter on Tenth Avenue / Fiedler, Boston Pops (
Kunzel & Cincinnatti Pops / Slaughter On Tenth Avenue
An extra planet that's out of this world - 15/05/00
Has the BBC lost faith in classical music? - 26/05/00
Manuscripts by musical masters up for auction - 13/06/00
Music lessons rise at expense of tuba - 05/07/00
Leeds International Piano Competition Finals - 25/09/00
Military Music
The origins of Irish traditional music
Early music performances in NY
Landmark online music deal reached - 09/10/01
Sir Simon set to rattle Berlin - 06/09/02
High notes 'make opera unclear' - 08/01/04
Does classical music make babies smarter? - 19/05/05
Arthur Butterworth: Classical Music - Too Elitist?
Orchestral Concerts: Disasters-in-Waiting by Arthur Butterworth
Russian farewell to Rostropovich - 29/04/07
Team cracks chapel's music 'code' - 29/04/07
Dame Emma's authentic success - 16/06/07

Sheet Music

Boosey & Hawkes
Comus Edition Homepage
Duke University Historic American Sheet Music
Music Shops in England (Fentone dealers)
Maestronet Home Page - Downloadable sheet music
MusicScore (at Demon)
Stainer & Bell Ltd Online Catalogue - Index page
Women composers (Duke University)
Free Sheet Music at Music-Scores
Boosey & Hawkes division for sale - 12/09/01

Music Podcasts

Brass Band Podcast
Ambient Falls
Spacemusic hosted by *TC*
Naxos Classical Music Podcast
Antique Phonograph Music
The Times Classical Podcast
The Classical Fugue
The Horn Studio
Learn Jazz Piano
Contrabass Conversations

Misc Links

AQA AS/A Level Music
Classical Net
Gramophone Publications Ltd
The Hyperion Records Home Page
Hyperion Composer Index
Welcome to MDC Classic Music
MDT Mail Order (music)
Eastern European Musical Instruments
Sanctuary Classics
b39 The Monks from Zagorsk Hymns and Chants from the Vigil for the Elevation of the Cross
CDNOW Items - I Advance Masked - Fripp
CDParadise - Buena Vista Social Club
CDs-Category B - Liturgical Services and Cycles
Classical Quality Midi
Frank Emilio Flynn and Los Amigos - Miami Music February 12 - 18, 1998
Latin Music Archives
MIDI Music - Home Page
Nimbus Records, Classical, NI 5068, Butterworth, Parry, Bridge, A Shropshire Lad, The Banks of Green Willow - Track Listing
Nude Bond cover banned - 19/10/00
Bond Quartet
Essays for A level - by a geezer
Violinist Isaac Stern dies - 23/09/01
Music is the way to success - 30/11/01
E-strings for the future musician - 18/04/02
Cult sound effects released on CD - 19/08/02 The Radiophonic Workshop was created in 1958
Priceless musical archive secured - 19/11/02
Beethoven, politics and 'a musical utopia' - 07/05/03
Brain machine 'improves musicianship' - 24/07/03
Mozart to soothe baby in the womb - 08/03/04
Calm mind creates complex tunes - 12/03/04
Musicians get television channel - 24/05/04
London is 'classical music capital' - 24/05/04
Classical concerts go digital - 17/06/04
Listen to music to help you sleep - 02/02/05
Obituary: Dr Robert Moog - 22/08/05
How music lessons hold the key to brainier children - 20/09/06
Music training boosts the brain - 20/09/06
Audiences hate modern classical music because their brains cannot cope - 20/02/10
Polish classical composer Gorecki dies at 76 - 12/11/10
At last: the Classic Brit Awards exposed as a sickening crime against classical music - 08/10/12
Behind the scenes at the Royal Albert Hall
Lip-synching goes viral: the rise of Dubsmash - 27/01/15

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