The Zulu Wars

Anglo Zulu War Historical Society
Fugitives Drift
Downloadable Bibliography on the Zulu War ZULU.DOC (MS Word)
The Battle for Rorke's Drift
Tour the Zulu Battlefields with EcoTours
Tour the Zulu Battlefields with Parker Tours
Book: The Anatomy of the Zulu Army From Shaka to Cetshwayo, 1818-1879 (Greenhill Military Paperbacks)
London Bridge Collector's Toys, Ltd. - Zulu War Series
Private Hector Grant at Rorke's Drift
Battles of Ntombe, Hlobane, Kambula & Ulundi
Leaders of the British, Anglo and Zulu Wars
Battlefield Tours
Close House, home of Col. John Chard VC
Isibindi Lodge - Zulu culture and battlefield tours
The Battlefields area of the Thukela Region
South Wales Borderers and Monmouthshire Regimental Museum
Victorian Military Society
Martini-Henry Rifles and Carbines
Brits and Zulus back on battlefield - 22/01/99
Isandhlwana & Rorke's Drift Flags of the World
Rorke's Drift hero surgeon's kit to be auctioned - 04/02/01
Rorke's Drift relics sold for £41,400 - 12/05/01
Song by Zulu playwright calls for war on Indians - 13/06/02
'Wrong men' given VCs at Rorke's Drift - 19/10/03
Zulus mark anniversary of victory over British force - 24/01/04
Rorke's Drift: Epic trip inspired by battle - 21/11/15

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