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Mein Kampf (The Ford Translation) not Henry
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Hitler's Second Book: The Unpublished Sequel to Mein Kampf
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The Duel: The Eighty-Day Struggle Between Churchill and Hitler, at Amazon UK or Amazon USA
Reach for the Sky: The Story of Douglas Bader, Legless Ace of the Battle of Britain, at Amazon UK or Amazon USA
Douglas Bader, by John Frayn Turner, at Amazon UK
Wing Leader: Top-Scoring Allied Fighter Pilot of World War Two, by Johnnie Johnson, at Amazon UK or Amazon USA for $20.96
Duel of Eagles, by Peter Townsend, at Amazon UK
Fighter: The True Story of the Battle of Britain, at Amazon UK or Amazon USA for $9.99
Enigma: The Battle for the Code, at Amazon UK or Amazon USA for $16.80
Japan's Secret War: Japan's Race Against Time to Build Its Own Atomic Bomb, by Robert K. Wilcox $13
Dornier brought down in Laindon on 15th Sept 1940
Aviation Museum, Coal House Fort, Tilbury, Essex


DVD: Why We Fight World War II: The Battle of Britain, at Amazon USA
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Last farewell to Churchill - 30/01/65
Two die in Spitfire crash - 08/04/00
Pilot and instructor killed as Spitfire comes down - 09/04/00
German aircraft code-names
The Messerschmidt in Windsor Great Park
A Messerschmidt wreck in France
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HMS Hadleigh Castle, a Castle Class Corvette completed 1943
In pictures: The North At War
The Raid on Vaagso, Norway, 27th Dec 1941 98 Germans and 4 Quislings were snatched, and 71 Norwegians took passage to the UK
Combined Ops - Vaagso
Rudolf Hess
Rudolf Hess: The British Conspiracy
The Hitler No One Knows
Lesser-Known Facts of World War II
Hitler Declares War on the United States - 11 Dec, 1941

Destroyers for Bases Agreement - 02/09/1940
Victory for RAF in Battle of Britain - 15/09/1940
Hitler invades the Soviet Union - 22/06/1941
Secret meetings seal US-Britain alliance - 14/08/1941
Germany and Italy declare war on US - 11/12/1941
Laconia Incident - 12/09/1942
Allied troops invade Italy - 03/09/1943
Leningrad siege ends after 900 days - 27/01/1944
Auschwitz death camp liberated - 27/01/1945
Germany signs unconditional surrender - 07/05/1945
Churchill's Telegram to Truman - 12/05/1945 WSC was using the phrase Iron Curtain less than a week after VE Day
Churchill 'wanted to abandon de Gaulle' - 05/01/00
The Katyn Massacre A Glance Stalingrad
Museum tribute for D-Day bridge (Pegasus) - 09/02/00
American salute for veterans of D-Day - 18/04/00
Myth that Allied pilots strafed Dresden is exploded - 19/04/00

MI5 Releases WW2 Documents:

Great Escape killings were ordered by Hitler - 20/04/00
Germans took advantage of lieutenant's fixation with women - 20/04/00
Tip-off 'let Haw-Haw flee from Britain' - 20/04/00
How Dutch King Kong betrayed Arnhem drop - 20/04/00
Hairdresser in Dundee worked for the Germans - 20/04/00
SS general told of bunker suicide - 20/04/00
Bletchley tracked chief - 20/04/00
Statue for man who launched Dunkirk armada - 25/04/00
I heard Hitler shoot himself - 06/05/00

The events leading up to Chamberlain's downfall - 09/05/00
As Hitler strikes, destiny calls - 11/05/00
Winston S. Churchill: The Prophet of Truth
Papers prove Jersey's betrayal of its Jews - 14/05/00
Dunkirk's ageing little ship veterans prepare for final journey - 16/05/00
Wartime ministry turned down Chaplin film plan - 21/05/00
Dunkirk ships sunk by the Dome - 24/05/00 one Jane Stancliffe, of the Heritage Lottery Fund, questioned the "heritage merit" of the project.
WWII bomber [Sally B] to fly again - 25/05/00 the UK's only airworthy B-17 Flying Fortress
"Churchill and Appeasement" - Telegraph Review
How Churchill plotted to win the support of 'Hitler's Pope' - 28/05/00
Tide turns for the last Dunkirk veterans - 30/05/00
Dunkirk Remembered - 30/05/00
Little Ships' Dunkirk run at mercy of gales - 31/05/00
Prince Philip enjoys Dunkirk spirit - 01/06/00
Churchill kept secret news of worst disaster [Lancastria] - 01/06/00
Lancastria: The secret disaster - 11/06/00
True cost of a real defeat [Dunkirk] - 01/06/00
Rag-tag fleet turned the tide of the war - 01/06/00
The crucial capture - 01/06/00 As a new film gives the Americans credit for capturing the Enigma decoding machine, Hugh Sebag-Montefiore tells the real story of how the code was broken
Cheers ring out as Dunkirk spirit sails again - 03/06/00
Dunkirk, glorious defeat - 03/06/00
The problems of marking the darkest hour - 03/06/00 The Imperial War Museum is opening a permanent Holocaust exhibition
Veterans return to scene of massacre by the SS - 04/06/00
Survivors of 'sacrificed' division still feel bitter - 04/06/00
Prince praises 'Dunkirk spirit' - 04/06/00
The Longest Day - 04/06/00
Prince honours D-Day vanguard - 04/06/00
Dunkirk anniversary: In pictures - 04/06/00
Veterans march back for last salute - 05/06/00
Charles lands in Normandy to honour the brave - 05/06/00
Final visit to beaches where so many friends died - 05/06/00
Little Ships take Prince on a voyage into history - 05/06/00
Boats wait in vain for wreath drop - 05/06/00
The Longest Day - 05/06/00
Minister attacks US film [U-571] that sinks the truth - 05/06/00
Belgian town pays its tribute to Dunkirk veterans - 06/06/00
Churchill and Appeasement
We fled Hitler, then the British locked us up - 09/06/00
Maritime Disasters of the Second World War
The tank - 100 years in pictures - 13/06/00
The Tank Museum - Bovington
Jersey's Oskar Schindler: Albert Bedane - 17/06/00
Churchill 'could have saved Roman Jews from death' - 27/06/00 Newly declassified documents in US prompt claim by historians
Allies failed to warn Italian Jews - 27/06/00
Vatican war hero may have been Nazi 'mole' - 03/07/00 CIA archives suggest Irish priest hailed for saving Jews and Allied prisoners may have been German informer
Polish book describes horrors of life at Auschwitz - 07/07/00
Battle of Britain survivors gather to remember and honour their colleagues who died - 09/07/00 Sixty years to the day after Hitler began his invasion campaign from the air
The Few recall finest hour for a final time - 10/07/00 Veteran ranks thinning as Grim Reaper proves a deadlier enemy than even the Luftwaffe
Dig in for victory - 10/07/00 Sixty years ago this month Hitler began preparing for the invasion of Britain. Richard Overy explains how the Battle of Britain marked the turning point in the war
A son's stirring words - 10/07/00 In June 1940 The Times published an airman's letter to his mother that moved the nation
U.S. set for World War II heroics with British accent - 10/07/00
BBC History: WW2 Audio Clips
German editor exposed as Waffen SS veteran - 11/07/00 Retired journalist accused of killing seven Jewish prisoners in closing months of Second World War
Hitler's relatives live in New York - 11/07/00 Three family members of the FĀhrer are alive and well, residing on Long Island
Secret life of the New York Hitlers - 16/07/00 More than 50 years on FĀhrer's relatives found living under new names in United States
Hitler's lost relatives found on Long Island - 'in terror of identification' - 16/07/00
Hitler's stadium will host the World Cup - 17/07/00 Germans add to controversy by proposing to hold ceremonies in restored 1936 Olympic stadium
France accepts guilt for wartime anti-Semitism - 17/07/00 Country marks first national day in memory of racist crimes during Nazi occupation
Flames of war scorch Berlin again - 17/07/00 Summer heat turns glades still littered with thousands of tons of Second World War munitions tinder-dry
$5bn Nazi slave fund set up - 17/07/00
Nazis' slaves to get £3.3bn - 18/07/00 Second World War victims step closer to compensation with Berlin fund to distribute money
The 'ultimate toy' for sale - a new Spitfire - 23/07/00
In those dark days of 1940 only Fighter Command offered hope - 25/07/00
Burial for RAF airmen 59 years after plane crash - 04/08/00
Battle of Britain Open Day tickets (17th Sept 2000)
RAF scours glacier for bodies - 24/08/00
WW2 crew recovered from their ice tomb - 26/08/00
Divers set to plunder battleship war graves - 27/08/00 Repulse and Prince of Wales
Churchill archive to go on internet - 28/08/00
A final farewell, 59 years after air crash - 28/08/00
British war grave pay row - 31/08/00
Battle Over Malta - Anthony Rogers
US 'stole credit for cracking Pacific war code' - 06/09/00
How we achieved a cracking victory - 06/09/00
Air Displays International for Battle of Britain open day at Biggin Hill
The Few forgotten by the many - 15/09/00
Two Battle of Britain veterans tell BBC News Online what the summer of 1940 was like for them - 15/09/00
The Battle of Britain
Princes lead Abbey tribute to the Few - 18/09/00
Battle of Britain spectacularly recalled - 18/09/00
Battle to return German hoard of war memories - 21/09/00
Holocaust memorial co-publishes encyclopedia of Nazi genocide - 29/09/00
Remembering the Battle of Britain: Eric Edsall remembers "the aircraft crashed at Thorpe Bay and exploded"
Widow's ashes are placed in Royal Oak - 16/10/00
Wartime Britain through the eyes of a GI - 17/10/00
The Second World War in Colour
Goering sale reveals plan to escape war - 01/11/00
Lady Haw Haw 'spared out of pity' - 10/11/00 wartime authorities faced a legal dispute over whether to prosecute the widow of traitor Lord Haw Haw
Cuban dancers in Nazi spy plot - 10/11/00 dancers were instructed to gather information on Allied naval and military movements
MI5 feared Hitler Youth was recruiting Britain's Scouts - 03/12/00
Squadron Codes applied to & shared by Replacement Lancaster Aircraft
Programme exposes Ukrainian 'war criminals' in UK - 07/01/01
Straw urged to probe Nazi claims - 08/01/01 that up to 1,500 members of a former Ukrainian Nazi SS unit are living in Britain
Concrete ears: War defence relics put to use again - 17/01/01 RealVideo
The Effect of the North American P-51 Mustang on the Air War in Europe
TV to portray true horror faced by bomber crews - 29/01/01
Johnnie Johnson, last of the great fighter pilots, dies - 31/01/01 38 kills
Why Nazi air ace ignored challenge to a duel - 04/02/01
Germany turns the relics of its Nazi past over to tourism - 11/02/01
Wartime lair destined to be Churchill museum - 18/02/01
Ridley Scott to film Churchill's wilderness years - 18/02/01
IBM sued as 100 US firms are accused of Nazi links - 18/02/01
Gestapo couldn't add up, so von Braun counted down - 22/03/01
Nazi massacre on island idyll - 26/03/01 9,436 Italian soldiers out of 11,700 were killed on Cephalonia after Italy signed an armistice with the allied powers in 1943
The Hunt for the Bismarck "Operation RheinĀbung" 21-27 May 1941
'I knew she loved Hitler' - 04/05/01
Scots 'tried to set up Nazi alliance' - 09/05/01
Veterans mark sinking of Bismarck - 22/05/01
In pictures: Sinking the Bismarck - 22/05/01
Bismarck survivor meets Briton who saved his life - 23/05/01
Archive reveals secrets behind Churchill bunker - 30/05/01
Wartime award for Paras colonel - 06/06/01 Lt Col Terence Otway awarded Legion d'Honneur
Wartime signal friends meet for the first time - 06/06/01
War Diaries 1939-1945: Field Marshal Lord Alanbrooke, at Amazon UK for £12.50
Wartime slave labourers tell their stories - 20/06/01
Probing IBM's Nazi connection - 28/06/01 Edwin Black's book "IBM and the Holocaust"
Hotel work starts at Hitler's Alpine playground - 06/07/01
Allies May Have Known of Holocaust Plans in 1942
I captured proof of Dambusters' raid - 15/07/01 Mr Fray has now been publicly identified as the man who took one of the most influential pictures of the war
Italy to keep Ethiopian monument - 20/08/01
Undersea film reveals secrets of the Hood - 24/07/01
US honours Navajo heroes - 27/07/01
Glacier reveals 60-year secrets - 15/08/01 Fairey Battle
Swiss come clean on Nazi dealings - 30/08/01
Veterans remember Arctic convoys - 31/08/01 in Archangel to mark the 60th anniversary
In pictures: Arctic convoys remembered - 31/08/01
Poles beat Britain to Enigma secrets - 15/10/01 Experts at Bletchley Park had to get help from their Polish counterparts
Nuremberg revisits Nazi era - 04/11/01
Underground war rooms will become a tribute to Churchill - 30/11/01
Spitfire ace shoots down medal record - 11/12/01
WW II bomb safely detonated in Surrey - 08/01/02
WW II bomb in Berlin stadium - 09/01/02
Author blames Vatican for Holocaust - 15/01/02
Universities put Nuremberg papers online - 16/01/02 on the Rutgers Journal of Law & Religion website
Bunker typist tells of Hitler, the friendly boss - 04/02/02
Britain forged Hitler passport - 08/02/02
Pilot's Hiroshima logbook could fetch £215,000 at auction - 26/03/02
How Churchill split the House even in death - 27/03/02
Young censor who silenced Churchill - 17/04/02
Germany says sorry for Italian massacre - 18/04/02
Hush-hush tribute to SAS founder - 22/04/02
Bomb dredged up in Channel - 24/04/02
Century's 'best cartoonist' on show - 08/05/02 David Low
Wartime spy files revealed - 09/05/02
The name's Tricycle, Agent Tricycle - 09/05/02 Dusko Popov
'British' Wagner saved Jews from her friend Hitler - 26/05/02
The tanks that didn't land on D-Day - 30/05/02
Escape tunnel found beneath Mussolini's palace - 31/05/02
Women of the Third Reich inc. Gretl, Eva Braun's younger sister
'Dead' soldier pals meet 60 years on - 04/06/02 Two commandos who both believed that the other had died while storming the Normandy beaches met yesterday for the first time in almost 60 years
Hiroshima veteran's warning from history - 12/06/02 auction of Captain Theodore "Dutch" Van Kirk's souvenirs of the Enola Gay
Race to save historic ship from scrap heap - 16/06/02 the carrier Vengeance was launched in 1944 and saw service off Italy and Japan
Berlin: the Downfall, 1945, by Antony Beevor, at Amazon UK
Seven years for 'Butcher of Genoa' - 05/07/02 for ordering the massacre of 59 Italian prisoners in 1944
Lithuania offended by Nazi hunters' reward - 12/07/02
How 'Cat's Eyes' helped change the world - 23/07/02
Churchill and Eisenhower's D-Day row - 23/07/02
Italians struggle with Mussolini legacy - 24/07/02 A movement to rehabilitate the legacy of Benito Mussolini as an Italian hero is gathering momentum
Parachuting pig held secrets of wartime postings - 26/07/02
Atomic plans returned to Japan - 03/08/02 They show how far Japan got in trying to build nuclear weapons of its own before the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Gallant pilot's war diaries are returned to his family - 09/08/02
After 50 years, a new film by Hitler's image-builder - 14/08/02
Leni Riefenstahl: Through a lens darkly - 16/08/02
Leni Riefenstahl
'Father always came first, second and third' - 16/08/02 Churchill's daughter Mary had the run of 10 Downing Street and helped arrange dinner with Stalin
The Death of Hitler The Full Story with New Evidence from Secret Russian Archives
Ambushed by the Afrika Korps - Feb 1943
The Man Who Never Was - 1943
Debate over fate of Pearl Harbor sub - 01/09/02
WTC film-makers still positive - 04/09/02
Siemens retreats over Nazi name - 05/09/02 Zyklon
Malta veterans pay tribute to island of courage - 14/09/02
Triumph of the Will American journalist William L. Shirer attended the 1934 Nuremberg Rally
Operation Torch
Victory at El Guettar - 23/03/1943
Churchill and Eisenhower's D-Day row - 21/07/02
Germans face charges over massacre on 'Corelli island' - 29/09/02
Bertelsmann admits Nazi past - 08/10/02
Russia marks Battle of Stalingrad - 02/02/03
Vatican opens secret Nazi files - 15/02/03
Churchill's 'secret' rooms unveiled - 16/03/03
Churchill's bunker revealed - 08/04/03
Anniversary tribute to Dambusters inventor - 17/05/03
Flying over D-Day - 07/06/03 new photos surface
Romania backs down in Holocaust row - 18/06/03
Poland and Ukraine resolve massacre row - 11/07/03
The Englishman who saved Hitler's Beetle - 30/07/03
Wagner's grandson 'was in charge of Nazi slaves' - 02/08/03
Online future for Nuremberg archive - 10/08/03
Great explorer Thesiger dies - 25/08/03
Obituary: Sir Wilfred Thesiger - 26/08/03
Admired and hated - Hitler's film-maker dies - 10/09/03
Royal wrangle in Bohemia stops EU juggernaut in its tracks - 15/10/03
George Bush's comrades eaten by their Japanese PoW guards - 26/10/03
Secrets of Hitler's English friend finally told - 28/10/03
1940 'peas bomb plot' on palace - 14/11/03
Spitfires, Thunderbolts and Warm Beer: An American Fighter Pilot Over Europe, at Amazon UK
Flights into the Night: Reminiscences of a World War II, RAF Wellington Pilot, at Amazon UK
Face to face with the Holocaust - 08/12/03 Steven Frank, a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust, is giving pupils the opportunity to ask him about his experiences in three different camps
Russia remembers Leningrad siege - 27/01/04
East German doctor faces trial over Nazi murders - 01/02/04
How the UK has been paying the USA for its involvement in WW2 - 28/02/02
war debt owed to the United States since 1945 - 06/10/03
Bad weather delays Graf Spee dive - 05/02/04
Tears and thanks as French relive D-Day - 10/02/04
People's War
Eyewitness Account of Einsatz Executions
Reinhard Heydrich
Order from Hermann Goring to Reinhard Heydrich - 31/07/1941 The Final Solution
The Liquidation of Lidice - 10/06/1942
Statistics of World War II
Germany to honour wartime Allies' 'most important spy' - 02/04/04 Fritz Kolbe was hailed by America after passing more than 1,600 top-secret Nazi documents to US agents based in Switzerland
French knight set for Queen audience - 05/04/04
Terror of the blitz remembered - 07/04/04
Tragic D-Day rehearsal remembered - 25/04/04
Record price for Victoria Cross - 30/04/04
Dutch town buries its wartime RAF heroes - 12/05/04
Veterans remember Monte Cassino - 17/05/04
UK pondered suicide pigeon attacks - 21/05/04
UK veterans awarded French honour - 24/05/04
Dig to find crashed WWII plane - 30/05/04
WWII hero's lost Hurricane found - 30/05/04
WWII heroes 'can be found online' - 30/05/04
In pictures: WW2 archives - 30/05/04
D-Day secret photographs revealed - 31/05/04
'I saw British bombs and knew it was war' - 01/06/04
D-Day memories: Rommel's defeat - 01/06/04
'I invaded my own country on D-Day' - 01/06/04
Return of Colossus to mark D-Day - 01/06/04
Shooting D-Day through a lens - 01/06/04
Lest we forget: Canadians fought, too - 01/06/04
D-Day inventions - 03/06/04How lateral thinking helped the Allies to invasion success
Royal tribute to D-Day soldiers - 04/06/04
Two old warriors return to Sword beach and remember D-Day - 05/06/04
D-Day veterans heading for France - 05/06/04
In pictures: D-Day events begin - 05/06/04
Veterans' tribute to land commander - 05/06/04
In Pictures: Operation Overlord - 06/06/04
D-Day Panoramas - 06/06/04
Queen's tribute to D-Day veterans - 06/06/04
In pictures: D-Day events - 06/06/04
Veterans get celebrity treatment - 07/06/04
Millions watch BBC D-Day coverage - 07/06/04
US to deport ex-Nazi camp guard - 15/06/04
My wartime menu - 30/06/04
Berlin's forgotten airport nears last flight - 08/07/04
Warsaw marks uprising anniversary - 30/07/04
New future for Nazi stadium - 31/07/04
Boy messenger remembers uprising - 01/08/04
France marks the 'other D-Day' - 15/08/04
V-2: Hitler's last weapon of terror - 07/09/04
WWII bomber emerges from glacier - 15/09/04
'Dismal failure' at Arnhem Bridge - 17/09/04
Veterans jump to remember Arnhem - 18/09/04
Jumping back to Arnhem - 18/09/04
In pictures: Parachute jump over Arnhem - 18/09/04
In pictures: Arnhem commemoration - 19/09/04
For sale, the 'VC' won by an unstoppable pigeon who defied the Nazis - 20/09/04
Final reunion of Mosquito flyers - 16/10/04
Wartime code-breakers failed to click - 20/10/04
Holocaust group puts 3 million lost lives online - 19/11/04
Briton who saved Jews remembered - 24/11/04
Hitler dodged taxes, expert finds - 17/12/04
Nazis 'gassed Hitler's relative' - 19/01/05
Why didn't the Allies bomb Auschwitz? - 23/01/05
Last hunt for old Nazis launched - 26/01/05
World marks Auschwitz liberation - 27/01/05
The Holocaust and Israeli identity - 27/01/05
Secrets of wartime spies revealed - 04/02/05
Hitler's eyrie becomes a playground for the rich - 05/02/05
Tatar fury over Yalta monument to Stalin - 05/02/05
Queen to open Churchill museum - 10/02/05
Pforzheim haunted by WWII carnage - 23/02/05
When Rothermere urged Hitler to invade Romania - 01/03/05
Hitler 'tested small atom bomb' - 14/03/05
Prison gift marks wartime sacrifice - 06/04/05
In pictures: Horrors of Buchenwald - 08/04/05
The gate of Hell - 10/04/05 While on a recce mission on April 15, 1945, Lieutenant John Randall, then a 24-year-old SAS officer, discovered Luneberg concentration camp
Germany marks Buchenwald 'shame' - 10/04/05
Israel to honour 'new Schindler' - 11/04/05
'Everyone wants to talk about the war' - 13/04/05
Hitler wanted sleepy Bridgnorth to be Nazi HQ after the invasion of Britain - 21/04/05
'Hitler's nurse' breaks silence - 02/05/05
Veterans marking German surrender - 04/05/05
Q&A: The man who succeeded Hitler - 05/05/05
March of Living marks Holocaust - 05/05/05
Russia denies Baltic 'occupation' - 05/05/05
Jews recall escape from Nazis - 07/05/05
Prince lays wreath to mark VE Day - 08/05/05
In pictures: VE Day 60th anniversary - 08/05/05
Europe honours war dead on VE Day - 08/05/05
Leaders mourn Soviet wartime dead - 09/05/05
In pictures: Red Square celebrations - 09/05/05
Royals mark islands' liberation - 09/05/05
Why Churchill counselled magnanimity - 13/05/05 W.F. Deedes
Drawing uncovered of 'Nazi nuke' - 01/06/05
'Cool' make-over for Nazi shelter - 17/06/05
The way we went: Day 1: Normandy, June 15 - July 18 1944 - 04/07/05
The way we went: Day 2 breakout - 05/07/05 W F Deedes
The way we went: Day 3 Arnhem - 06/07/05 W F Deedes
The way we went: Day 4 Fallen Comrades - 07/07/05 W F Deedes
The art of propaganda - 11/07/05
Nazis stole my idea for VW logo, claims designer - 17/07/05
War shadow lifts from Pacific island - 03/08/05 the Enola Gay took off from the island of Tinian, part of the Northern Marianas group
Hiroshima: Before and after
Hiroshima: then and now
The men who bombed Hiroshima - 04/08/05
Surviving Nagasaki: Masahito Hirose - 05/08/05
Hiroshima remembers atomic bomb - 06/08/05
Nagasaki remembers atomic attack - 09/08/05
Korean WWII sex slaves fight on - 09/08/05
Japan's problem over the past - 12/08/05
'After the war my father didn't recognise me' - 13/08/05
Memories of the 'forgotten army' - 14/08/05
WWII vets gather to mark VJ Day - 15/08/05
Asia marks end of war in Pacific - 15/08/05
Tokyo marks day with silent prayers - 15/08/05
End of the war - but no cheering - 15/08/05
Prince marks VJ Day at Cenotaph - 21/08/05
Nazis' exploding chocolate plans - 04/09/05
Spanish police hunt Austrian Nazi - 17/10/05
Monument marks Battle of Britain - 18/09/05
In Pictures: Bombed Dresden church re-consecrated - 30/10/05
Pilot who 'saved Palace' honoured - 02/11/05
Nazi war criminal dies in Britain - 07/11/05
Britons fall silent for war dead - 11/11/05
In pictures: Armistice Day 2005 - 11/11/05
In pictures: Festival of Remembrance - 12/11/05
Queen leads tributes to war dead - 13/11/05
Hitler's henchmen in the dock - 19/11/05
Germany marks Nuremberg tribunals - 20/11/05
World war buildings to be listed - 02/12/05
Churchill wanted Hitler executed - 01/01/06
VE Day and Victory Parade Commemoration Special Page
Timeline: 1945, Eastern Front
'There was good among the evil' - 26/01/06 Aged nine, Mala Tribich was among thousands of Jews forced into the Piotrkow-Trybunalski ghetto in Poland at the start of World War II
America and the Holocaust
In Harm's Way: The Sinking of the USS Indianapolis and the Extraordinary Story of Its Survivors, at Barnes & Noble
'Butcher of Genoa' dies aged 97 - 13/02/06
Nazis tried to halt Allies in Italy with malaria epidemic attack - 14/02/06
London remembers US broadcaster - 15/02/06
The Graf Spee eagle is landed - 16/02/06
Distributed computing cracks Enigma code - 27/02/06
Online amateurs crack Nazi codes - 02/03/06
Spitfire maiden flight celebrated - 04/03/06
In pictures: Spitfire re-enactment - 05/03/06
War crimes police tracked Maxwell - 10/03/06
Enigma project cracks second code - 15/03/06
Website gives window into NI war past - 16/03/06
Lost words of a German conscript - 08/04/06
Escape maps for PoWs were hidden in prunes - 11/04/06
War heroine, 93, gets her wings at last - 12/04/06 63 years after she made a jump from only 300ft into unfamiliar territory behind enemy lines
A Hitler dilemma - 14/04/06 Dietrich Bonhoeffer was executed on 9th April 1945 for planning to kill Adolf Hitler and his implication in the July 1944 plot to kill the Nazi leader
What's a little debt between friends? - 10/05/06
WWII bomb found near City airport - 01/06/06
Hitler's bunker location marked - 08/06/06
Gulf of Thailand wreck may be U.S. WWII sub - 17/06/06
'Nazi aircraft carrier' located - 28/07/06
Grass SS role stirs indignation - 15/08/06
U-571 writer regrets 'distortion' - 18/08/06
Mussolini heir urges exhumation - 05/09/06
Pardoned 'Tokyo Rose' dies at 90 - 28/09/06
Obituary: Major General Frantisek Fajtl - 10/10/06 Czech fighter pilot who fought in the Battle of Britain and during the Soviet advance on Slovakia
Obituary: Sgt Sid Capon - 13/10/06 one of the first to reach the guns of the Merville battery in Normandy on D-Day
U-boats' last resting place found - 22/11/06
New technology catches Hitler off guard - 23/11/06
WWII RAF bomber found in Poland - 02/12/06
Vatican Holocaust claim disputed - 05/12/06 they knew more than they claimed, earlier than they claimed
UK settles WWII debts to allies - 29/12/06
106-year-old survivor of pogroms, Nazis dies - 12/01/07
Italy convicts Nazis of massacre - 13/01/07
Briefcase 'that changed the world' - 05/02/07 The cavity magnetron played a decisive role in WWII. It was just one of many British inventions 'given' to the USA while Churchill tried to get them to fight the Nazis and the Japanese
Obituary: Major Henry Druce of the SAS - 07/02/07
French wartime collaborator dead - 17/02/07
Obituary: Maurice Papon - 17/02/07
Obituary: Jack Byrne, SAS saboteur - 17/02/07
America closed its doors to Anne Frank - 18/02/07
SAS founder's life story to be made into a film - 19/02/07 Sir David Stirling was slightly mad. But as Field Marshal Montgomery, his superior, pointed out: "In war there is a place for mad people."
Lulu, the Belgian teen who took on the Gestapo - 24/02/07
Obituary: Squadron Leader Neville Duke - 13/04/07
Snatched from the Holocaust - 27/04/07
Telegraph's D-Day dispatches go on show - 06/06/07
Wartime spies have their cover blown by MI5 - 13/06/07
The secret history of the Nazi mascot - 21/08/07
Copies of Nazi files transferred - 21/08/07
Reunion of Germans who fought the Nazis - 05/09/07
Holocaust survivor next to Nazi - 22/09/07
The good life of the Auschwitz guards - 27/09/07
In pictures: Nazis unwind at Auschwitz - 27/09/07
British sympathy for Hess - 28/09/07
How Soviet ĎLaurel and Hardyí punished Hess - 28/09/07
Film reopens Poland's Katyn wound -- 05/10/07
Hiroshima bomb pilot dies aged 92 - 01/11/07
Colossus cracks codes once more - 15/11/07
Ladies of the French Resistance - 15/12/07
Nazi 'death trains' exhibition opens - 25/01/08
Honour sought for 'Soldier Bear' - 25/01/08
Fatal wartime Tube crush marked - 02/03/08
Hitler's secret Indian army - 23/03/08
Pearl Cornioley, WWII secret agent, dies - 07/03/08
Adolf Eichmann's list - 16/03/08
Wreck of HMAS Sydney found - 17/03/08
John McCain: Extraordinary foresight made Winston Churchill great - 20/03/08
German Luftwaffe pilot returns to Bath to apologise for wartime bombing - 27/03/08
Hitler plot survivor dies aged 90 - 02/05/08
Dambusters remembered 65 years on - 16/05/08
WWII Dambusters raid revisited - 16/05/08
Pictured: Lancaster bomber in dramatic flypast to mark 65th anniversary of Dambusters raid - 16/05/08
Was the Holocaust Inevitable? - 20/06/08 FR Comments: "Pat has gone nuts."
Hitler the Comedian: The Nazi Leader's Bodyguard Reveals a Different Side to the Dictator - 24/06/08
The forgotten French village massacre - 19/07/08
D-Day tanks found on seabed - 05/08/08
US celebrities spied during WWII - 14/08/08
Amateur diplomat sought Nazi pact - 30/08/08
MI5's D-Day pigeon plot revealed - 30/08/08
Britain's wartime spymasters planned 'army of aristocrats' to spread misinformation - 31/08/08
Nazi-era photos surface in Bolivia - 09/09/08 Hans Ertl, Hitler's photographer, was the right-hand man and lover of Leni Riefenstahl
Commander John Lorimer remembers the night he helped blow up the Tirpitz - 21/09/08
Bold defiance in Nazi Paris - 26/09/08 Notre Guerre
WWII tunnel digger 'Mole' dies - 03/10/08
Last veteran of Hood sinking dies - 05/10/08
Forgotten cradle of the space age - 30/10/08
Austria plans for culture capital - 03/11/08
New lifeline for Bletchley Park - 06/11/08
Auschwitz plans found in Berlin flat - 10/11/08 the newly discovered Auschwitz plans are dated Oct 23, 1941, offering evidence that the Nazis had developed plans to kills Jews on a mass scale earlier than previously thought
The British heroes after Kristallnacht - 10/11/08
Probe into Poland WWII PM death - 10/11/08 General Sikorski to be exhumed
Never Before Seen World War II Film Footage Found - 11/11/08
Photographs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki taken by a British serviceman a month after the atom bombs were dropped - 07/01/09
The national hero dividing Germans - 24/01/09
No evidence Polish hero murdered - 29/01/09
Behind every Nazi mass murderer was a woman: New book claims women under Hitler were just as ruthless as men - 03/02/09 "Female Perpetrators; Women Under National Socialism"
Man survived both atomic bombings - 25/03/09
Spitfire found in scrapyard to sell for £2 million - 18/04/09
Britain's secret German army - 25/04/09
WWII poison darts secret emerges - 26/06/09
How Poles cracked Nazi Enigma secret - 20/07/09
Russia acts against 'false' history - 24/07/09
A dark chapter of war remembered - 10/10/09 70 years ago the battleship Royal Oak was torpedoed by a German U-boat at its base at Scapa Flow
Codebreaker's sleep-talk worries - 24/10/09
Secrets hope as Hitler aide dies - 30/10/09
'Hitler's Mercedes' tracked down for Russia billionaire - 23/11/09
Nightmarish memories of Nazis' Sobibor death camp - 27/11/09
The man who smuggled himself into Auschwitz - 29/11/09
John Demjanjuk Nazi crimes trial starts in Munich - 30/11/09
Official: KGB chief ordered Hitler's remains destroyed - 11/12/09
Auschwitz death camp sign stolen - 18/12/09
Auschwitz's sign of death and defiance - 18/12/09
Poland police question men over stolen Auschwitz sign - 21/12/09
Historian claims to have finally identified wartime 'Man Who Never Was' - 03/01/10
Recording of Nazi officers who found Hitler's body released - 12/01/10
Long march to freedom - 25/01/10
Obit: Horace Greasley - 12/02/10
Lost Nazi nuke-project uranium found in Dutch scrapyard - 19/02/10
The mystery of Hitler's 'spyclists' - 08/03/10
Britons who saved Holocaust victims during World War II honoured by Gordon Brown - 10/03/10
Hitler sought 'cordial relations' with UK - 23/03/10
First blue plaque for British spy as WWII secret agent who survived Gestapo is honoured - 31/03/10
Last days of Hitler's favourite little girl - 08/04/10 Helga Goebbels
The secret war mission that inspired Goldfinger scene - 17/04/10
Plans for Austria's Nazi-era towers spark controversy - 18/04/10
Russia publishes Katyn massacre archives - 28/04/10
The Germans who took up arms against Hitler - 30/04/10
In pictures: Hitler's autobahn dream - 19/05/10
Dunkirk evacuation in maps - 26/05/10
Bletchley Park WWII archive to go online - 05/06/10
First pictures of French Resistance killed by Nazi firing squad - 20/06/10
Service marks 70th anniversary of Battle of Britain - 11/07/10
World War II horrors faced by 'forgotten army' in Asia - 14/08/10
Blonde Nazi ballerina 'caused war setback' - 26/08/10
Battle of Britain veterans take to the skies again - 28/08/10
Rare colour footage of the Blitz has been discovered - 06/09/10
Building a bomber plane in just a day - 13/09/10
German report reveals war-time diplomats' 'Nazi role' - 25/10/10
Winning Southampton Spitfire memorial design revealed - 07/11/10
Operation Mincemeat: How a dead tramp fooled Hitler - 03/12/10
FDR and the Massacre at Katyn - 07/12/10 FR Comments
The Millionaires who flew to war - 13/12/10 601 Squadron
Picture of Heinrich Himmler moments after suicide on sale - 16/02/11
Obit: Mario Traverso a leading officer in the last successful battlefield cavalry charge, on the Russian front at Isbuschenskij on August 24 1942 - 18/02/11
The bizarre Nazi book craze - 17/03/11
Luftwaffe Dornier 17 at Goodwin Sands 'still intact' - 07/04/11
Holocaust survivor preserves Treblinka in art - 01/05/11
Operation Crossbow: How 3D glasses helped defeat Hitler - 12/05/11
Landmark Hitler letter on Jews unveiled in New York - 08/06/11
Spitfire down: The WWII camp where Allies and Germans mixed - 27/06/11
Australia WWII heroine Nancy 'White Mouse' Wake dies - 08/08/11
Coco Chanel 'was a Nazi agent during Second World War' - 16/08/11
Biography claims Coco Chanel was a Nazi spy - 17/08/11 Sleeping with the Enemy: Coco Chanel's Secret War
Hans Litten: The man who annoyed Adolf Hitler - 19/08/11
Coco Chanel: Nazi agent? - 20/08/11
Hitler's Atlantic Wall: Should France preserve it? - 12/0911
A rare Spitfire Mark I takes to the skies once more - 17/09/11
SAS war diary: The SAS secret hidden since World War II - 22/09/11
Dambusters hero 'killed by friendly fire' - 10/10/11
Spitfire redux: The WWII guns firing after 70 years buried in peat - 09/11/11
Submarine escape: A WWII survival tale from Kefalonia - 01/12/11
How Germany's feared Scharnhorst ship was sunk in WWII - 25/12/11
Images of Adolf Hitler celebrating Christmas emerge - 27/12/11
Treblinka: Revealing the hidden graves of the Holocaust - 22/01/12
Stolen World War II rescue fishing boat to be returned - 25/01/12
Raymond Aubrac: How I tricked the Gestapo - 27/01/12
Hitler's secret photos reveal Nazi leader's vanity - 09/02/12
Hitlerís Ukrainian bunker revealed - 12/03/12
Licence to Kill: When governments choose to assassinate - 16/03/12
The British general who planned to arm Vichy France - 19/03/12
Colditz escape: Tale of first British 'home run' revealed - 26/03/12
WWII Adolf Hitler profile suggests 'messiah complex' - 04/05/12
Viewpoint: Let Germans read Mein Kampf - 09/05/12
World War II fighter found in Egyptian desert - 11/05/12
Nazi legacy: The troubled descendants - 22/05/12
Czech pride in Jan Kubis, killer of Reinhard Heydrich - 26/05/12
Alan Turing: Inquest's suicide verdict 'not supportable' - 23/06/12
Every RAF Bomber Command base in England mapped - 28/06/12
Mussolini's bunker: Il Duce's futile search for safety - 14/07/12
US 'hushed up' Soviet guilt over Katyn - 10/09/12
Wreckage Of Two Spitfires Found On Salisbury Plain - 03/10/12
Why Churchill thought attacking Italy could win him World War Two - 14/10/12
Weighty memento: war veteran's secret revealed after his death - 18/10/12
Revealed: The forgotten secrets of Stalingrad - 05/11/12 It was the bloodiest battle of World War Two Ė so brutal the Soviet Union suppressed the truth. Now it has been revealed
Edgar Feuchtwanger: A Jewish childhood on Hitler's street - 08/11/12
Hitler's dark charisma - 11/11/12
London Blitz: Bomb Sight interactive map created - 07/12/12
Rare photo of atom bomb split cloud found in Hiroshima - 09/01/13
White Rose: The Germans who tried to topple Hitler - 21/02/13
John Wilpers, WWII veteran and Tojo captor, dies at 93 - 04/03/13
Ian Fleming's secret memo - 05/03/13
When Ian Fleming picked my grandfather to steal Nazi secrets - 06/03/13
Vienna Philharmonic to publish details of Nazi past - 09/03/13
Australia WWII agent Nancy Wake's ashes scattered - 10/03/13
Japan and Russia agree to resolve island dispute - 29/04/13
German Dornier 17 bomber English Channel salvage starts - 04/05/13
Hour by hour: how the Dambusters raid unfolded - 16/05/13
Sir Barnes Wallis and the Dambusters' bouncing bomb - 16/05/13
Allies discussed killing Rommel in run-up to D-Day landings - 22/05/13
Churchill and Stalin made 'merry' until early hours - 22/05/13 Wartime talks between Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin were proving awkward until a drinking session lasting until 3am
How aerial photographs tracked down Hitler's flying bombs - 14/07/13
Night Bombers
The scientists who escaped the Nazis - 16/07/13
How French secretly filmed prison camp life in WWII - 31/07/13
Great Escape: Secret film documents WWII prison camp breakout - 31/07/13
12,000 lb Tallboy Earthquake Bomb
22,000 lb Grand Slam Bomb
Avro Lancaster Bomber - Rare WWII Colour Film of the Lancaster
Avro Lancaster start up
Warsaw uprising: Historical footage remastered - 20/08/13
16 Spitfires Flying Together The Sound of Victory " Goosebumps "
Pure Merlin Engine Sounds "Without Music".
Pearl Witherington: British spy who fought the Nazis - 28/08/13
Fighter Command is airborne again at Bentley Priory - 28/08/13
Last Hitler bodyguard Rochus Misch dies - 06/09/13
Was Neville Chamberlain really a weak and terrible leader? - 30/09/13 Chamberlain presented the Munich agreement as a diplomatic triumph, saying it guaranteed "peace for our time" (widely misquoted ever since as "peace in our time")
"Guilty men" - Cato
The mass escape of Jews from Nazi-occupied Denmark - 07/10/13
In pictures: Memories of life and work in the New Forest during WW2 - 05/11/13
Churchill's 'secret army' against Nazi invasion - 09/11/13
My dad the local greengrocer was SAS hero: Son discovered secrets after being handed his father's war diary on deathbed - 13/11/13
A year in hiding in wartime Florence - 25/12/13
WWII veteran William Overstreet Jr. celebrated for flight in France (under Eiffel Tower in dogfight) - 02/01/14
Germany arrests three suspected Auschwitz guards - 20/02/14
MI5 spy controlled UK Nazi group, files reveal - 27/02/14
Spitfire: The soaring beauty of a design classic - 07/03/14
Auschwitz metal stamps used by Nazis for tattooing discovered in Poland - 12/03/14
The British teenage girl who spied on the Nazis - 21/03/14
The English cricket team that toured Nazi Germany - 25/04/14
SS St Louis: The ship of Jewish refugees nobody wanted - 12/05/14
Goering was a 'charismatic rogue' - 01/06/14
D-Day in pictures: the largest seaborne invasion in history - 04/06/14
D-Day: In the words of the BBC journalists - 05/06/14
The German soldier 'liberated' by D-Day - 06/06/14
Duchess of Cambridge learns grandmother's wartime past - 18/06/14
In pictures: World War II fighter aircraft rot in abandoned plane graveyard - 30/06/14
Royal Oak sinking survivor Bert Pocock of Reading dies aged 92 - 04/08/14
Historic Lancasters' tandem flight takes place in Lincolnshire - 13/08/14
How Britain and Poland came to be intertwined - 31/08/14
Patrick Leigh Fermor: Crossing Europe and kidnapping a German general - 09/10/14
Patricia Davies - obituary - 16/10/14 another of Ian Fleming's staff
WW2 U-boat found with ship it sank off North Carolina - 22/10/14
MI5 spy who cracked 'Nazií ring revealed as Surrey bank clerk Eric Roberts - 24/10/14
Sir Nicholas Winton: Britain's Schindler honoured by Czech Republic - 28/10/14
Engineer secretly saved London from World War Two floods - 30/10/14
The incredible stories of Britain's Special Ops heroes - 03/11/14
WW2: Survivors tales of covered up disaster - 09/01/15
Churchill's London then and now: How London was rebuilt after WWII
New Forest: Buried WW2 bombing target examined - 23/01/15
Mrs Miniver: The film that Goebbels feared - 09/02/15 The Hollywood business behaved shabbily and in a cowardly way. Hollywood was caught in a very nasty situation Ė it did not want war for the simple reason that war would interfere with its European sales. And they played a very two-faced game, until it was clear that war was inevitable
Inside the Lodz Ghetto: photos by Henryk Ross - 23/03/15
The Austrian castle where Nazis lost to German-US force - 07/05/15
Animated Data Visualization Of World War II Fatalities
Why is the US still using a Nazi tall ship? - 29/07/15
New evidence of Japan's effort to build atom bomb at the end of WWII - 05/08/15
In pictures: 75 years since the Blitz - 07/09/15
How a Texas collector ended up with millions worth of World War II fighter planes - 16/09/15
5ft 3in soldier who captured Germany's tallest Nazi awarded highest French honour - 30/09/15
SAS vs SS: The untold story of how a tiny band of our elite troops parachuted into Occupied France to wage bloody guerilla war against some of the Nazis' most depraved torturers - 09/10/15
NY Times book review: Antony Beevorís ĎArdennes 1944í - 09/12/15
France opens archives of WW2 pro-Nazi Vichy regime - 28/12/15
Amazing animation shows how the Allies bombed Hitler and Nazis into submission
The Devil's Diary: how an FBI agent uncovered the secrets of Hitler's 'philosopher' - 23/03/16
The Japanese were trying to make an atomic bomb, too - 28/05/16

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