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HMS Foudroyant (1798)
Timewatch - Myths of Nelson's Navy (BBC 2000)
Were they one of Nelson's men? - 21/06/05 If every man said to have served in the Battle of Trafalgar actually did, the ships would have sunk
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Trafalgar and Waterloo
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HMS Victory
HMS Victory
The Battle of Trafalgar
Admiral Horatio Nelson
Letters and Dispatches of Lord Horation Nelson
Trafalgar Roll - text files containing names of the seamen who fought at Trafalgar
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Broadsides: The Age of Fighting Sail, 1775-1815, by Nathan Miller, at Amazon UK or Amazon USA
Naval Warfare in the Age of the Sail, at Amazon UK for £23.99 or Amazon USA
The Illustrated Companion to Nelson's Navy, at Amazon UK for £20.80 or Amazon USA
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Nelson curios turns up after 170 years - 02/07/02 including the bloodstained silk purse that was in his pocket at the Battle of Trafalgar
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