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Oldest alphabet found in Egypt - 15/11/99
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The 2,700-year-old bike rack - 04/02/00
Ancient sarcophagus discovered - 17/02/00
Runaway donkey stumbles into [Egyptian] treasure - 08/03/00
Dr Hawass, Director of the Pyramids at Giza
Ancient Egypt
Egypt's treasures in danger - 28/03/00
Queen's pyramid discovered near Cairo - 03/04/00
Divers find Pharaohs' lost city - 03/06/00
Body of 'Exodus pharaoh' found (in Niagara Falls!) - 16/07/00 More than 3,000 years after it was stolen from a tomb in Egypt, scientists believe they have found the body of Ramses I
How it all went pear-shaped for Tutankhamen - 03/08/00
Babylonian and Egyptian mathematics
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook - Near East & Egypt
Egypt opens up marine treasures - 24/09/00
Writing discovered in Berlin museum believed to be that of Cleopatra - 26/10/00
Egyptologists discover 'oldest boat' - 01/11/00
Tutankhamun to undergo DNA tests - 12/11/00
Pyramids lined up with the stars - 15/11/00
Czechs find ancient Egyptian tomb - 22/11/00
Virtual mummy tour - 29/11/00
King Tutankhamen's mummy to undergo DNA testing - 05/12/00
Tutankhamun: Who was the rightful heir of the pharoahs? - 12/12/00 RealVideo
Egypt's hidden city - 16/12/00
Ancient Egyptian animal cemetery found - 02/01/01
Egypt seeks money for mummies - 01/04/01
Gilded mummies uncovered - 10/04/01 Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered some of the most realistic mummies ever found in the Bahariya oasis, some 400km west of Cairo
10 new views give clue to Cleopatra's enigmatic allure - 12/04/01
Disaster that struck the ancients - 26/07/01
Egypt reclaims stolen antiquities - 08/07/02
Egypt rebuilds ancient tomb of Seti - 26/07/02
Robotic Indiana Jones to penetrate pyramid - 13/09/02
Wooden coffin yields ancient mummy - 31/03/03
'Mummy's organ' removed from jar - 30/04/03
Nefertiti mummy 'found in Egypt' - 10/06/03
Mummified lion unearthed in Egypt - 14/01/04
Secrets of Egyptian mummy unravelled - 29/06/04
Pet mummies given VIP treatment - 15/09/04
Tests may end Tutankhamen mystery - 13/11/04
Ancient necropolis found in Egypt - 21/04/05
In pictures: Egypt's loveliest mummy - 03/05/05
2,300-year-old mummy unveiled in Egypt - 04/05/05
Face of Tutankhamun reconstructed - 10/05/05
Glassmakers key to Egypt's status - 17/06/05
King Tut's tipple 'was red wine' - 26/10/05
Ancient Egypt 'respected dwarfs' - 27/12/05
Pharaonic tomb find stuns Egypt - 10/02/06
Egypt Pharaoh find 'not a tomb' - 15/03/06
Egyptologists launching online encyclopedia - 28/04/06 The UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology will go online in 2008
In pictures: Egypt's sunken treasures - 11/05/06
Ancient garland in Egyptian tomb - 29/06/06
Tut's gem hints at space impact - 19/07/06
Giant Ramses statue gets new home - 25/08/06
Cairo moves 3,200-year-old Pharaoh - 25/08/06
Thieves find pharaohs' dentists - 23/10/06
Egypt to dig up pharaonic tombs - 02/12/06
New finds at Egypt's city of dead - 20/02/07
A glowing legacy - 13/03/07 Tutankhamun is returning to London
Mystery of Great Pyramid 'solved' - 31/03/07
Row over Nefertiti bust continues - 07/05/07
'Find of century' for Egyptology - 27/06/07 Hatshepsut
Cairo toe earliest fake body bit - 27/07/07
King Tut's face unveiled to world - 04/11/07
Egypt 'to copyright antiquities' - 25/12/07 Zahi Hawass gets tough
Czech Egyptologists uncover intact 4,500 year-old tomb - 07/01/08
Grim secrets of Pharaoh's city - 25/01/08
Egypt's Earliest Agricultural Settlement Unearthed - 15/02/08
Big statue of Amenhotep III discovered in Luxor - 22/03/08
Statue of Pharaonic queen discovered in south Egypt - 22/03/08 Queen Tiy was the wife of 18th dynasty Pharaoh Amenhotep III
Study shows life was tough for ancient Egyptians - 28/03/08
Archaeologists find silos and administration center from early Egyptian city - 01/07/08 The archaeological work at Tell Edfu was initiated with the permission of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, headed by Zahi Hawass
Archaeologists find silos and administration center from early Egyptian city - 01/07/08
Cairo paternity test for King Tut - 06/08/08 Zahi Hawass is hoping to identify the family of the boy king
Egyptologists use high-tech software to analyze construction of Great Pyramid - 21/10/08 Bob Brier of the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University has unearthed a new room
Egypt unveils discovery of 4,300-year-old pyramid - 11/11/08 It most likely belonged to the queen mother of the founder of Egypt's 6th Dynasty, and was built several hundred years after the famed Great Pyramids of Giza, antiquities chief Zahi Hawass
King Tutís father identified - 17/12/08 Inscribed limestone block suggests boy pharaoh was the child of Akhenaten
Tombs discovered after 4,000 years - 22/12/08
Pair of tombs discovered in Egypt - 23/12/08
Mummy of female pharaoh uncovered - 08/01/09
Chamber of mummies found in Egypt - 09/02/09 The mummies, 22 of which were found in niches along a wall, were in a tomb dating to 640BC, Mr Hawass said
Egypt's top archaeologist unveils ancient mummy - 11/02/09 Zahi Hawass of course
German guile won Queen Nefertiti - 11/02/09
Ancient golden jewelry found in Egyptian tomb - 10/03/09
Egypt to open inner chambers of 'bent' pyramid - 16/03/09
What Perfumes Did Ancient Egyptians Use? Researchers Aim To Recreate 3,500-year-old Scent - 18/03/09
Nubia: Lost civilisation of Egypt - 25/03/09
Dig 'may reveal' Cleopatra's tomb - 15/04/09 Zahi Hawass, Egypt's chief archaeologist, said the coins found at the temple refuted "what some scholars have said about Cleopatra being very ugly"
Mummies unveiled in Egypt - 27/04/09
Ancient Lost Army Found? - 09/11/09
Egypt lifts huge 'Cleopatra temple' block from sea - 18/12/09
Egypt archaeologists discover huge tomb near Cairo - 04/01/10 in the ancient necropolis of Sakkara
Tombs to lift lid on Egypt's ancient middle class - 05/01/10
'Malaria and weak bones' may have killed Tutankhamun - 16/02/10
Ancient Egypt Rises Again as Water Recedes - 23/02/10
Huge head of pharaoh unearthed in Egypt - 01/03/10 Amenhotep III ruled Egypt from about 1387 to 1348 BC
Egypt hosts meeting on recovery of 'stolen treasures' - 07/04/10
Egypt dig uncovers coins more than 2,250 years old - 22/04/10
Egypt: Lost ancient Memphis tomb rediscovered - 31/05/10
Radiocarbon dating verifies ancient Egypt's history - 17/06/10
Ancient Egyptian city located in Nile Delta by radar - 21/06/10
Egypt: Colourful ancient tombs unearthed - 07/07/10
King Tut's chariots marvels of engineering - 03/08/10
The night train to Luxor - 19/10/10
Scientists unearth protective walls around Sphinx - 03/11/10
New York museum to return King Tut artefacts to Egypt - Nov 10, 2010
King Tut statue looted from Egypt museum - 13/02/11
Egypt's Antiquities Minister Zahi Hawass Says Some Objects Looted from Museum Found - 14/02/11
150 Archaeology Graduates Protest Against Egypt's Antiquities Chief Zahi Hawass - 14/02/11
Egypt antiquities chief becomes minister - Mar 30, 2011
Recreating the sound of Tutankhamun's trumpets - 17/04/11
Egyptian pyramids found by infra-red satellite images - 25/05/11
Buried city revealed by satellite - 25/05/11
Ashmolean: Ancient Egypt in all its glory - 28/11/11
Egyptian tomb holds singer Nehmes Bastet's remains - 16/01/12
Discovery of a new tomb in the Valley of the Kings, KV 64 - 16/01/12
Reign of Thutmose II Suggests Crisis - Mar 2012
Ancient tombs unearthed in Egyptian city of Luxor - 10/01/13 It's not the same without Zahi
Lost city of Heracleion gives up its secrets - 28/04/13 New timeline for origin of ancient Egypt - 03/09/13
The mystery of Tutankhamun's tomb takes another twist - 03/11/13
Egypt recovers ancient stolen statue of Tutankhamun's sister - 08/12/13
Queen Khentakawess III's tomb found in Egypt - 05/01/15
King Tut's beard 'hastily glued back on with epoxy' - 22/01/15
Another Tomb Discovered at Al-Qurna - 10/03/15
Nefertiti 'was buried inside King Tut's tomb' - 11/08/15
Radar reveals two new rooms in Tutankhamun tomb - 01/10/15

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