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Seahenge dated to spring 2050 BC - 01/12/99
PC BC: Old computer threat to records - 23/02/00
Council for British Archaeology - courses
Skeleton found of man who died with his boots on - 22/05/00
China claims invention of toilet - 26/07/00 The ancient latrine, which dates back to the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC to 24 AD), was discovered in a tomb in Shangqiu county, Henan province
Search for ancient secrets - 21/08/00 India
Iron Age temple unearthed in Scandinavia - 23/08/00
Ancient temple ruins found under Lake Titicaca - 23/08/00
Archaeology buffs pay U.S. Forest Service to study ancient sites - 04/09/00
Pot gives up cannibalism secret - 06/09/00
Lost Mayan palace found in Guatemala - 09/09/00 Can Cuen
Canadians uncover 'Queen of Sheba' temple - 12/09/00
'Home of Noah' is found 300 ft below Black Sea - 14/09/00
Telegraph was behind first Flood finds - 14/09/00
Mayan mystery: Discovery reveals traders not warriors - 15/09/00 RealVideo
Terracotta army battles new enemy - 18/09/00 China's famed terracotta army is being eaten away by 40 kinds of mould after surviving 2,200 years underground
Italy's iceman to be defrosted - 25/09/00
Scientists 'find lost Mayan king' - 26/09/00
Row over mystery mummy - 29/10/00
Japan archaeologist exposed as fraud - 05/11/00
Ancient fish farm revealed [in Bolivia] - 08/11/00
Seahenge may be buried - 04/01/01
No sequel to Seahenge - 11/01/01
Inside the city of the black tiger - 25/01/01 Ek Balam, which means black tiger or jaguar in Mayan
Treasure tombs unearthed in Peru - 17/02/01
China's Great Wall 'even longer' - 22/02/01
Seahenge could disintegrate if returned to the sands - 23/03/01
Ship 'sailed to Continent in 2000BC' - 29/03/01
Secrets of world's oldest boat are discovered in Kuwait sands - 04/01/04
Spadework that's truly rewarding - 14/04/01 An archaeological dig is one of the few ways left of getting fresh air and exercise
Oldest civilisation in the Americas - 26/04/01
Ancient cities face dangers of development - 26/04/01 Laos
History of Mayans lost to looters - 28/04/01
Waldheim was blackmailed over his Nazi past, says CIA - 28/04/01
Exhibit provides new glimpse of ancient Troy - 01/05/01
Ancient relics at foot-and-mouth site - 03/05/01
Ancient writing found in Turkmenistan - 15/05/01
Secrets of Stone Age hill to be revealed - 18/05/01 Silbury Hill
Sun's 200-year cycle may have doomed Mayans - 18/05/01
Drought due to solar cycle may have doomed Maya - 18/05/01
Thor searches for Odin - 26/05/01
New light cast on wonder of world - 31/08/01 lighthouse of Alexandria
DNA sheds light on 'Luke's tooth' - 16/10/01
DNA test pinpoints St Luke the apostle's remains to Padua - 21/10/01
Archaeologists unearth ancient Jewish bath - 25/10/01
'Lost city' found beneath Cuban waters - 07/12/01
Relics reveal first Britons' early arrival - 22/12/01 Digs in East Anglia and the West Country suggest that the first people took up residence up to 700,000 years ago
Lost city 'could rewrite history' - 19/01/02 archaeological remains discovered 36 metres (120 feet) underwater in the Gulf of Cambay off the western coast of India could be over 9,000 years old
'Prehistoric Venice' near Vesuvius - 23/03/02
Jerusalem body 'has links to the Crucifixion' - 29/03/02
Charging tanks help save history of Salisbury Plain - 29/03/02 miles of ancient landscape features in a unique state of preservation, including 1,500 previously unrecorded archaeological monuments
Etruscan 'Pompeii' uncovered in Tuscany - 04/04/02 Accesa
Ring from legend of King Minos 'is genuine' - 05/04/02
Bronze Age gold cup uncovered by metal detector - 05/04/02
Divers find remains of six 'lost temples' - 11/04/02
Buddhist statues lost for 1,000 years go on display - 24/04/02
Imperial archive holds clues to Chinese calligraphy - 01/08/02
Chess piece found from 5th century - 06/08/02
Metal detector finds on show at British Museum - 15/08/02
Bronze Age had brain surgeons - 21/08/02
Unearthed, the prince of Stonehenge - 21/08/02 A prehistoric prince with gold ear-rings has been found near Stonehenge a few yards away from the richest early Bronze Age burial in Britain
Research puts key British battle over the county line - 22/08/02 Richard III may have lost his crown to Henry Tudor near Atherstone, Warwickshire
'Prehistoric Venice' near Vesuvius - 23/08/02
Human skulls are 'oldest Americans' - 03/12/02 Tests on skulls found in Mexico suggest they are almost 13,000 years old
Tribute to martyr ended in disaster - 13/12/02 The church of St Phocas the gardener, overlooking the Black Sea, has suffered more than its fair share of misfortune, including two earthquakes, at least one landslide and a flood
Evidence of earliest human burial - 26/03/03
Israeli caves yield ancient coins - 18/04/03 Rebellious Jews led by Shimon Bar Kochba in 132 AD overlaid their own stamps on top of the Roman emperor
Gilgamesh tomb believed found - 29/04/03
Ancient Nicaraguan society found - 19/05/03 El Cascal de Flor de Pino, near the town of Kukra Hill
Writing a river's history - 27/06/03 Trent Valley GeoArchaeology project
Heathrow reveals historic legacy - 17/07/03
Ancient boat found buried in mud - 04/09/03
Dark Age boat recovered - 10/09/03
Scientists back Biblical tunnel - 10/09/03 According to the Bible, the Siloam Tunnel was excavated in c700BC by King Hezekiah to carry water from the Gihon spring into Jerusalem
Divers find Stone Age site in North Sea - 12/09/03
Ancient carved 'faces' found - 20/10/03
Hunt for Lost City of Atlantis - 30/10/03
Iceman mystery solved - 31/10/03 "Oetzi" probably spent his childhood in what is now the Italian South Tyrol village of Feldthurns
Stone warrior delights experts - 04/12/03
Bid to find lost Persian armada - 19/01/04
Uzbekistan's best kept secret - 18/04/04
Rock art hints at whaling origins - 20/04/04
Physicists probe ancient pyramid - 13/05/04
Library of Alexandria discovered - 12/05/04
Satellite images 'show Atlantis' - 06/06/04
'Best' medieval track found in bog - 08/06/04
Farming origins gain 10,000 years - 23/06/04
Isotopes could improve forensics - 06/09/04
Medieval surgeons were advanced - 05/10/04
New claim on location of Atlantis - 15/11/04
Historic ship remains recovered - 17/11/04
First Andes civilisation explored - 22/12/04
Tsunami throws up India relics - 11/02/05
India finds more 'tsunami gifts' - 27/02/05
Bronze Age perfume 'discovered' - 19/03/05
History lost in dust of war-torn Iraq - 25/04/05
Ancient tombs found near obelisk - 26/04/05
Somaliland's missing identity - 03/05/05
Bulgaria unearths Thracian riches - 25/07/05
The medical world of medieval monks - 06/08/05
Tsunami clue to 'Atlantis' found - 15/08/05
Strange fossil defies grouping - 17/08/05
Archaeologists Find Ancient Treasure - 18/08/05 Bulgarian archaeologists have unearthed about 15,000 tiny golden pieces that date back to the end of the third millennium BC
Oldest noodles unearthed in China - 12/10/05
Royal Chinese treasure discovered - 20/10/05
Gaza's ancient history uncovered - 22/10/05
Ancient church found on jail site - 06/11/05
Tools unlock secrets of early man - 14/12/05 early humans were living in Britain around 700,000 years ago, substantially earlier than previously thought
Iron Age 'bog bodies' unveiled - 07/01/06
'Pompeii of the East' discovered - 28/02/06 More than 100,000 people died when Mount Tambora erupted on the Indonesian island of Sumbawa in 1815
Ancient pyramid found in Mexico - 05/04/06 the 54-foot pyramid was carved out on a hillside around 500 AD, and was abandoned in about 800 AD, when the Teotihuacan culture collapsed
Dig for ancient pyramid in Bosnia - 15/04/06
Treasure dig threatens Bosphorus rail link - 02/05/06
'Brazilian Stonehenge' discovered - 13/05/06
'Fang' dentures link to skeleton - 14/06/06
Medieval book of psalms unearthed in Irish bog - 25/07/06
Archaeologists dig royal grounds - 25/08/06
Towers point to ancient Sun cult - 01/03/07
King Herod's ancient tomb 'found' - 08/05/07
Chinese writing '8,000 years old' - 18/05/07
Iceman 'bled to death on glacier' - 06/06/07
Archaeologist sparks hunt for Holy Grail - 21/06/07
New software lights up archaeology - 10/07/07
Treasure trove 'found by octopus' - 25/07/07
Map reveals ancient urban sprawl - 14/08/07
In pictures: Angkor Wat - 14/08/07
Second Temple palace uncovered - 05/12/07
Ancient secrets emerge from grave - 18/12/07
Ancient ship raised from S China Sea - 21/12/07
Archaeologist 'strikes gold' with finds of ancient Nasca iron ore mine in Peru - 29/01/08
Tunisia: Major Archeological Discovery of Necropolis in Sousse Sheds Light on Punic Life in The 4th century BC - 30/01/08
Remote Ontario Lake Reveals Mysterious Ancient Structure - 05/03/08
Ancient weapons dug up in India - 28/03/08
Treasures returned to Iraq museum - 27/04/08
5,000-Year-Old Anthropomorphic Figures Found In Huaura, Lima - 15/06/08
400-year-old ships found under Oslo mud - 29/08/08
Jerusalem ancient walls unveiled - 03/09/08
Plateau could be ancient gateway to Pyla - 05/09/08
Uncovering Namibia's sunken treasure - 26/09/08
King Solomon's (copper) mines? Deep dig finds confluence of science and the Bible - 27/10/08
'Oldest Hebrew script' is found - 30/10/08
The real Robinson Crusoe: Archaeological island dig unearths fresh evidence of historical castaway - 30/10/08
First Temple-Era Water Tunnel Revealed in Jerusalem - 10/30/08
12,000-Year-Old Shaman Unearthed in Israel - 11/11/08
6,500-year-old village found in Greece - 20/11/08
Dig unearths Stone Age sculptures - 01/12/08
Sudan statues show ancient script - 16/12/08 Meroitic script is the oldest written sub-Saharan language and dates from the Meroe period of 300BC to AD450
'Ancient city unearthed' in Peru - 17/12/08 The site, near the Pacific coastal city of Chiclayo, probably dates to the Wari culture which ruled the Andes of modern Peru between the 7th and 12th Century
Istanbul's ancient past unearthed - 10/01/09
Ancient Shipwreck's Stone Cargo Linked to Apollo Temple - 23/02/09
In pictures: Sights of Butrint - 02/04/09
First Minoan Shipwreck - Jan 2010 An unprecedented find off the coast of Crete
Queen's helps produce archaeological 'time machine' - 11/02/10
Megalithic site found in South Sumatra - 17/02/10
Britain's oldest shipwreck discovered off Devonshire coast - 18/02/10 It went down around 900 BC carrying a precious cargo of tin and copper ingots from the continent
Unearthing the riches of Ur in war-ravaged Iraq - 19/02/10
China Discovers Old Bricks Made 7,000 Years Ago - 23/02/10
Australian archaeologists uncover 40,000-year-old site - 10/03/10
Mapping Ancient Civilization, in a Matter of Days - 10/05/10 using "lidar"
Face of Stirling Castle warrior reconstructed - 17/05/10
Building found during Rochester Cathedral excavation - 03/06/10
'Oldest leather shoe' discovered - 10/06/10
Strange Carvings Discovered In Amazon Jungle Using Google Earth - 16/06/10
Archaeologists uncover theater box at Herod's palace - 22/09/10
New Bronze Age civilization discovered in Russia - 11/10/10
An amazing find of an Elizabethan ‘visard mask - 06/12/10
Archaeologists Discover Two More Human Skeletons Accompanied by a Rich Offering at Chiapa de Corzo - 07/12/10
Gazelles caught in ancient Syrian 'killing zones' - 19/04/11
Buried city revealed by satellite - 25/05/11
Cambodia completes Angkor temple renovation 'puzzle' - 03/07/11
In Pictures: Celebrating Machu Picchu's rediscovery - 07/07/11
Submerged prehistory off Scotland: a development-led perspective - 17/07/11
Mideast riddle: Strange stone structures caught on camera - 15/09/11 FR Comments
Israeli cave: World’s first factory? - 11/10/11
Scientists glimpse inside a Peruvian mummy - 28/10/11
Ancient sites spotted from space, say archaeologists - 20/03/12
Ecuador seeks answer to riddle of Inca emperor's tomb - 11/05/12
Unknown Ancient Language Found on Clay Tablet - May 11, 2012
Hunting lost cities from space - 17/07/12
Archeologists unearth extraordinary human sculpture in Turkey - 30/07/12
Lidar archaeology shines a light on hidden sites - 28/08/12
Breakthrough in world's oldest undeciphered writing - 22/10/12 proto-Elamite
Searching for lost kingdoms - 11/01/13
'Black Death pit' unearthed by Crossrail project - 14/03/13
Footage shows 'Black Death' pit unearthed by Crossrail - 15/03/13
Richard III site in Leicester throws up more discoveries - 29/07/13
800-year-old monk found poking out of cliff face - 10/03/14
Black Death skeletons unearthed by Crossrail project - 29/03/14
11 ancient burial boxes recovered in Israel - 31/03/14
Beyond Angkor: How lasers revealed a lost city - 22/09/14
Stone age axe found with wood handle - 25/11/14
Ancient 'lost city' home to a vanished civilisation found deep in jungles of Honduras - 03/03/15
The men who uncovered Assyria - 21/03/15
'Ancient Hebrew inscriptions' baffle Israeli archaeologists - 05/08/15
Intricate millennium-old tomb discovered under a high school in China - 05/08/15
Digitising Yorkshire's savannah past - 10/10/15
Impression of biblical king's seal found in Jerusalem - 02/12/15
The ancient Peruvian mystery solved from space - 14/04/16
Photos of a wrenching moment in history - 15/04/16 Photographer Joseph Eid captures photos of Palmyra – one of the world’s most intact ancient ruins – before and after IS occupation
World War Zero brought down mystery civilisation of ‘sea people’ - 12/05/16
Petra, Jordan: Huge monument found 'hiding in plain sight' - 10/06/16

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