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Windows 2000 Homepage
Step-by-Step Guide to a Windows 2000 Server Deployment Part 1: Installing a Windows 2000 Server as a Domain Controller
Step-by-Step Guide to Windows 2000 Server Deployment Part 2: Installing a Windows 2000 Professional Workstation and Connecting it to a Domain
Windows 2000 Step by Step Guides
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Resource Kit at Amazon UK for £38.39 or Amazon USA for $55.99
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer for Windows 2000 - 7 courses for £4775
Windows 2000: The Top 10 Things to Think About Before You Upgrade
Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit
Experts Exchange
Windows 2000 Pro documentation
Exam 70-215 Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft© Windows© 2000 Server
Inside Windows 2000 Server: William Boswell (
Using The Windows 2000 Control Panel
Administering Shared Folders in Windows 2000
Windows 2000 Professional - Deploy
Deploying Windows 2000 Professional
Windows 2000 Server - Deploy
Deploying Windows 2000 Server
Microsoft's New SysPrep Tool
Windows 2000 System Preparation Tool, Version 1.1
Windows 2000 System Preparation Tool and Answer File Usage
Best Practices for Using Sysprep with NTFS Volumes
Automating Windows 2000 Deployments with Sysprep
PowerQuest Drive Image Pro Provides a simple interface for creating, editing and testing Microsoft SysPrep answer files and for creating an image for deployment
Ghosting the Machine: Using the System Preparation tool
Deploying Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional and Microsoft Office 2000 Using Sysprep inc. case study
application compatibility with Windows 2000
Download the Windows 2000 Readiness Analyzer tool
Windows 2000 Planning & Deployment Guide
User State Migration Tool
Automated Deployment Options: An Overview
About Win2000
About Windows 2000: Tip of the Day
Service Pack 1 for Windows 2000
WinSite Windows 9x/2000 Software: Network Utilities inc. a simple FreeWare tool that does reverse DNS lookups
WinSite Windows 9x/2000 Software: System Utilities
Microsoft Knowledge Base Directories
Microsoft: Preparation Guide for Exam 70-215 Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
MCSE Windows 2000 Core Four Boxed Set (Syngress) at Amazon UK for £104.99 or Amazon USA
MCSE Installing, Configuring and Administering Windows 2000 Server Study Guide (Exam 70-215) (Syngress) at Amazon UK for £36.99 or Amazon USA
MCSE Exam 70-215 Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Readiness Review (With CD-ROM) (Microsoft) at Amazon UK for £13.59 or Amazon USA
MCSE Windows 2000 Core Exams (70-210, 70-215, 70-216, 70-217) (New Riders) at Amazon UK for £105.99 or Amazon USA
Restorer 2000 can undelete files from NTFS partitions
FAZAM This third-party GUI tool extends the Group Policy management functionality of Windows 2000
Windows 2000 Groups Part 1: Introduction to Groups
"List Loaded Drivers" tool command line
"Close All Files Opened By Network Clients" tool handy way to force close all files on a machine from a command prompt or through a batch file
"Dump Event Log" tool local or remote
"Show Hidden Files" tip
"Encrypting File System Information" tool to display information about files and folders encrypted with EFS
Using HyperTerminal for Telnet
Microsoft HotFix Validation Tool
Service Pack 2 for Windows 2000
Windows Scripting
Admin911: Windows 2000 Group Policies, at Amazon UK
Managing File Extensions from the Command Line
FTYPE: Display or change the link between a FileType and an executable program

On NTFS volumes, whenever a directory is accessed, the file system keeps track of the last access date/time.
Although it's a small overhead, it can make a difference when accessing a large number of directories (for example, using the dir /s command on a volume with thousands of directories).
To prevent this timestamping on NTFS volumes, make add the following to the Registry:
Key: System\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem
Name: NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate
Data Type: REG_DWORD
Value: 1
A value of 1 disables the access time stamping, a value of 0 enables it. Remember to use caution and frequent backups when editing the Registry.

Startup Control Panel download
Make Your Own Windows 2000 Registry File
Windows NT/2000 Tips, Tricks, Registry Hacks and more...
getting the DIR command to show System and Hidden files
"NTLDR Is Missing" Error Message When You Upgrade or Install Over Windows 95 or Windows 98
Registry Size Estimator Tool & command line utility for string search in registry
Restorer2000 can restore files that were deleted in NTFS partitions and even reconstruct formatted and corrupted drives
Built-in and Predefined Groups
Maintaining Peak Performance Using the Disk Defragmenter
Troubleshooting Group Policy in Windows 2000
Introduction to Windows 2000 Groups
extract files from cabinet files from the command line - tool
Server commands syntax
Clearing the Search history
How to let a machine be a member of two domains not simultaneously of course
Hot to modify the Open With... List in the Registry
Installation Monitor Tool to help track changes made to your system by setup.exe programs
Custom Icon When Bookmarking Favorites favicon.ico
File-In-Use Replace Utility to replace files that are currently in use by the operating system (when rebooting)
Skip The Recycle Bin
Easy way of opening Control Panel Applets from the Command Prompt
Permissions Tool free Resource Kit download to display a user's access permissions for specified files
Process and Thread Status Tool
Enable Automatic Logon With a handful of Registry changes, you can set your computer to log in automatically as the user of your choosing
Calculating Share and File Permissions
How To: Install and Configure Windows 2000 File and Print Server
How To: Build an Internet Data Center
Historical Timeline for Windows 2000/NT
Disabling CD Autoplay
Windows 2000 Service Pack 2
Download Windows 2000 Service Pack 2
About: Windows 2000 Service Pack 2
Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 Problems
Configure Windows Explorer to show File Extensions by Default
Dump FSMO Roles Tool free Resource Kit download to dump the FSMO roles for a domain
Show System Files
Registry Size Estimator
Step-by-Step Guide to Using Secondary Logon in Windows 2000
Group Policy Verification Tool
To spool or not to spool print spooling
Open Handles Tool free Resource Kit download to help with file sharing problems
Default Rights for Built-in Groups table showing which groups have which rights
OLE/COM Object Viewer Tool to test or configure local or system-wide COM settings
Net Time Command and the Time Zone
Process List Tool free Resource Kit download to display running processes and their PID and associated username on local or remote computers
Native or Mixed Mode? How you can tell which mode - native or mixed - a Windows 2000 domain is currently configured as
CPU Usage by Process Tool free Resource Kit download to graphically display the percentage of total CPU usage for each process in the system
Control Panel Shortcut run control panel applets from the command prompt
Disable Audio CD Autoplay
Moving Users Between Organizational Units
Windows 2000 Server Command Reference
Windows 2000 Professional Command Reference
Display Battery Meter Icon in System Tray
CHKDSK Settings
Using a Script File with FTP
Set Environment Variables Tool
Quickly Map Drives
Access Control List Tool
Change Drive Letters
Defrag Commander Version 1.20 from Winternals
Changing the Domain from Mixed Mode to Native Mode If you no longer have NT 4 Domain Controllers in your domain, you can take advantage of Native mode. Here's how to make the switch
Disabling NetBIOS relieve your network of some overhead
Prompt for Variable When Using the SET Command for more effective and useful batch files
Clearing Search History in Windows 2000
Disable Audio CD Autoplay
How the Remote Installation Boot Disk Works
Microsoft Management Console (MMC)
Second service pack for Win 2000 released
Step-by-Step Guide to Usability Improvements in Windows 2000 Professional
Automated Deployment
How to Configure Windows Terminal Services for Remote Administration Mode
Disk Utilities for Windows 2000
Windows 2000 Emergency Repair Disk
Clean up the Registry with RegClean
About: "How to" list
RPC Dump Tool free Resource Kit download to troubleshoot network troubles involving RPCs
RPC Connectivity Verification Tool
Using DiskPerf in Windows 2000 Physical & Logical Disk Counters
Windows 2000 DiskPerf Syntax
SOS Switch in the Boot.ini view the names of each driver during the boot-up sequence
Make Dos Boot Diskette from Win2K CD
Mouse Problems with KVM Switch? how to solve them
Control CHKDSK Timeout Period when Booting
UltraTech Knowledgebase
Disk & Partition Software & Utilities
VPN Deployment Using Windows 2000 Virtual Private Networks
Windows 2000 Web Server Rapid Deployment Guide
How to Deploy Software to a Specific Group By Using a Group Policy
Windows 2000 User Management
Getting a new IP address IPCONFIG
Windows 2000 TCP/IP protocol
Windows 2000 Network Access / Mapping
Windows 2000 "Deep Mapping"
Networking between Windows 2000 and Windows95/98
Windows2000: USB Cable Networking : Installation
Backing up Windows 2000 Part 4: Advanced Backup Options About
Windows 2000 Recovery Console
How to Add Support for Multiple Processors in Windows 2000
How to Use Driver Verifier to Troubleshoot Device Drivers in Windows 2000
Description of the Windows 2000 Cabinet File
How to Create Setup Boot Disks for Windows 2000
How to Create a Network Installation Boot Disk
Requirements for Using the "WINNT32 /SYSPART" Command for copying all the necessary boot files and temporary Setup files to a drive and mark the partition as active, so as to install the drive in another computer and continue with Setup there...
How to Perform an Unattended Installation of Windows 2000 from a CD-ROM
Requirements for Imaging Clients with Riprep.exe
Description of PXE Interaction Among PXE Client, DHCP, and RIS Server
Best Practices for Using Sysprep with NTFS Volumes
How to Use Cmdlines.txt File During Sysprep.exe Setup Wizard
Windows 2000 System Preparation Tool and Answer File Usage
How change a dynamic disk back to a basic disk
Introduction to Desktop Management
forcedos command to tell windows to run an app as a DOS program
Windows Explorer Switches
Safe Mode Services in the Registry
Safe Mode Environment Variable
Windows 2000 Professional Help
Download SP2
Tips, Tricks and Secrets for Win2000
Dual Boot with Windows 2000/NT
Differences Between Regedit.exe & Regedt32.exe
Favorites Folder in Regedit
tracert handy tool for solving TCP/IP connection problems
More ping options
Networking Windows 2000 and NT
List of Win 2000 DOS Commands/Programs rd has new switch /s for subdirectories; see also del, dir, findstr etc...
Troubleshooting Routing in RIP Environments
New tools to check for security patches
Glossary of Windows 2000 Services
"Now" Command line utility from Win2000 Resource Kit
Enable Printer Pooling add a second printer to the same machine and enable printer pooling, so that both printers will be pulling jobs from the same queue
Debug Version of NTDETECT.COM for hardware problems
Managing Printer Settings by Copying Drivers save different copies of the same printer driver to help you manage different settings for the same printer
About: File and Folder Articles and Information
Networking Windows 2000 and NT
Prevent Icon Placement on the Desktop
Remote-Admin Terminal Services for Non-Adminstrators
IIS Lockdown Tool from Microsoft
Command Prompt: how to switch between full screen and windowed
View or Change File Associations from the Command Line ASSOC
The DOSKEY Command
Description of Svchost.exe
Default Processes in Windows 2000
New IIS Tool to help protect your server from malicious attacks
Terminal Services guide picks
Storage Products and Information for backups
Driver Information
How to make Ctrl-Alt-Delete mandatory for login
One way to create Local Users
Another way to create Local Users
Slipstreaming SuperSite
Slipstreaming Service Pack 1 for Win2000 About
Slipstreaming Service Packs
Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 Installation and Deployment Guide
Update.exe Command-Line Switches for Windows 2000 Service Pack 1
How to Integrate Service Pack 1 into a Windows 2000 Installation
Compressing files from the command line using compact.exe
Changing the Administrator Password
Prevent Users from Creating Accounts
Chain Hotfixes Together tool from Microsoft to apply multiple hotfixes, and reboot only after they are all applied
Verify the Installation of Hotfixes with QFECheck new Microsoft tool
See Which Hotfixes are Installed Registry location
Terminal Services About
DataCenter Server About
Disable "Most Recently Used" List
Deploying VPNs
Default access control settings
Designing organisation-wide group policies
Advanced Server Limited Edition for Itanium machines
Secure your PC with one click Microsoft tool
IIS Lockdown Tool Microsoft download. Or from here
Microsoft Technet Security page
Creating/Updating your Win2K ERD
Open Multiple Start Menu Items
Group Policy Editor
Automatic Reboot After Stop Error for Win2K BSOD
Find Knowledge Base Articles Easily Type mskb Q****** straight into browser
Put Comments in a Registry File
Best Practices for Applying Service Packs, Hotfixes and Security Patches
Virtual Private Networking with Windows 2000: Deploying Remote Access VPNs
About: Tips, Tricks and Secrets for Win2000 by topic
About: Windows 2000/NT Tip of the Day sorted chronologically
Get CD Key Information from the Registry essential when reinstalling
Drive Letters Knowledgebase
Partitions Knowledgebase
Security Hotfix Checker from Microsoft
Use MSConfig from WinXP in Win2K
Change Internet Explorer Title
Use scripting to delete registry keys Rob van der Woude
How to Remove Windows 95/98 Registry Entries Automatically
Add IE Autoscan Entries IE will automatically scan for domains (.com, .org, .edu, etc.) if you leave off that part of the URL. You can add more domains (.gov, .UK, etc.) using this simple Registry hack
Microsoft's Online Windows 2000 Search Wizard
Delete Entries with Registry File
Start Menu and Favorites Menu Are Not Listed in Alphabetical Order sorting favourites
System Tips, Tweaks and Secrets
Windows 2000 Terminal Services
Access to a user's registry
Another way to find Device Manager
Create Your Own Shortcut to Device Manager
Drag Icons to the Start Menu
DFS Best Practices and Troubleshooting Guide Distributed File System
Batch and Scripting Tips, Help and Ideas
Small Icons in the Start Menu
Number of Programs on Start Menu
Start Menu Pinning, Unpinning, and Removing
Snap Mouse Cursor to Default Button
Windows 2000 Magazine
Overview of Performance Monitoring
To add a new user to the computer in Windows 2000
How to Install the Windows Recovery Console (Q216417)
Windows Installer Benefits for System Administrators
View Folder Contents As Thumbnails
CNET CatchUp
About: Archive of Articles from 2001
Dual Booting
Sams Teach Yourself Windows Scripting Host in 21 Days, at Amazon UK for £21.59
Microsoft's Super Hidden Files
Windows Update Corporate Edition
Windows 2000 Security Rollup Package 1 Now Available
How to Disable the Local Administrator Account in Windows
Windows Time Service Settings command-line utility to keep your clocks in tune on the network
Deployment Planning Guide downloadable docs
Start Explorer in Current Context from Command Prompt easy way to start Windows Explorer from the Command Prompt, viewing the folder current folder - very useful
Get CD Key Information from the Registry
Troubleshooting the BSOD
10 Tips to a Faster Startup
Uninstall Info in the Registry
Clean Terminal Services Profiles
Network and Dial-Up Connections in Windows
the Print Screen key prt scr (or SysRq)
Free Tool Downloads Windows 2000 Resource Kit
Windows Resource Kits
Windows 2000 Server: Planning and Migration
Domain and account naming
ServerWatch tutorials
Learn AD in 15 Minutes a Week: Microsoft DNS
ServerWatch tutorials archives
Guide to Computer Naming Schemes and Conventions
Windows 2000 Command Line Tools
HOW TO: Change Computer and Domain Names in Windows 2000
Using Domains
Creating a Domain Hierarchy
DNS and Windows 2000 Domain Names
loadqm.exe get rid of it!
How to stop loadqm.exe loading on startup
Query Terminal Server Sessions display information about the sessions that are running
Query Terminal Servers display a list of all of the Terminal Servers on the network
Microsoft polishes Windows 2000 fixes - 16/07/02 Service Pack 3 on the way
Corrupted Administrator Profile
ForensiT User Profile Wizard allows different users to share the same profile (!?)
Enable / Disable Encryption on Right Click Menu
Changing the default folder of Windows Explorer
Windows Explorer default folder
Change the default folder in Windows Explorer
Windows 2000 Security Hardening Guide
Script Center
Advanced Toolware Powerful domain tools
Create Your Own HotKey
Find Your Windows Product Key


Windows 2000 Different Versions
Windows 2000 Emergency Repair Disk
Backing up Windows 2000 Part 1: Introduction to Backup
Backing up Windows 2000 Part 2: Windows 2000 Backup Utility
Storage products for use with Windows 2000 ...see also: SearchStorage
Labmice Windows 2000 Installation Guides


The four "flavors" of Windows 2000
Labmice Windows 2000 Installation Guides
Windows 2000 Different Versions

Active Directory

Introduction to Active Directory
Active Directory Resources
Verifying Active Directory Installation
Customers Rapidly Move to Active Directory in Windows 2000
Benefits of Active Directory
About: Part 3: Active Directory Objects
Active Directory Schema
Active Directory Naming Paths
Managing Active Directory for Windows 2000 Server, at Amazon UK for £30.94 or Amazon USA
Step-by-Step Guide to Managing Active Directory - 09/02/00
Best Practice Active Directory Design for Managing Windows Networks - 17/06/01

Blue Screen

Troubleshooting The Blue Screen of Death
Q165863 - Troubleshooting Stop Messages in NT
Q130802 - General Information on STOP 0x0000000A
Q192463 - Gathering Blue Screen Info. After Memory Dump
Q129845 - Blue Screen Preparation Before Calling Microsoft
Q183169 - Possible Resolutions to STOP 0x0A, 0x01E, and 0x50 Errors
Troubleshooting the Blue Screen of Death


About: DHCP
DHCP for Windows 2000
DHCP Logging Event IDs table of Event IDs and Descriptions
Configuring DHCP Logging Disk Checking the DHCP server now checks for adequate disk space on the disk that holds the logs
A Guide to Designing a DHCP Infrastructure
DHCP for Windows 2000: Managing the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol


About: DNS & WINS
DNS and WINS Information and Articles
DNS and Active Directory
WinSite Windows 9x/2000 Software: Network Utilities inc. a simple FreeWare tool that does reverse DNS lookups
Windows 2000 DNS Server by William Wong, at Amazon UK for £29.99 or Amazon USA or McGraw Hill

Dual Booting

Dual booting Linux and Windows 2000
Dual booting Linux and Windows 2000 on large hard disks
Why Multiboot?
Multi-OS Boot Managers many more links from here
BootPart 2.20


How to keep RAS connections when logging off


About: DNS & WINS
Windows Internet Naming Service

EU investigates Windows 2000 - 09/02/00
Windows 2000: Special report - 16/02/00
Doors open on Windows 2000 - 17/02/00
Microsoft touts low-cost streaming media in Windows 2000 - 21/02/00
Boot Camp Week 126: The Windows Registry part 1 - 01/06/00
Microsoft releases 64-bit Windows 2000 - 12/07/00
Microsoft releases Windows 2000 bug fixes - 31/07/00
Microsoft ships final high-end Windows 2000 - 11/08/00
Microsoft releases test version of new Windows "Whistler" - 01/11/00
Microsoft enhances directory technology - 18/07/02
Scripting Guide
Active Directory Operations Guide
Windows 2000 fixes released - 26/06/03
Windows 2000 Service Pack 4
Microsoft opts against SP5 for Windows 2000 - 29/11/04

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