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Going to Harvard from your own bedroom - 20/03/11
iTunes U a powerful distribution system for everything from lectures to language lessons, films to labs, audiobooks to tours — is an innovative way to get educational content into the hands of students
Ivy league education for free on the net - 16/05/12 see www.udacity.com
Top US universities put their reputations online - 20/06/12 Harvard and MIT have formed a $60m alliance to launch edX, a platform to deliver courses online. See also Coursera, Harvard, MIT, Stanford
Distance learning: University of London signs up to US-based 'massive open online course' pioneer Coursera - 19/09/12
Exeter University and Pearson plan online postgraduate degrees - 01/10/15

Blueprint for new online university - 13/10/00
Cyber-graduation: Earning a degree online - 24/05/01 at Jones International University


Top 10 European university alternatives for UK students - 09/09/11

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Oxbridge edges up world rankings - 05/10/06 1st: Harvard; 2nd: Cambridge; 3rd: Oxford
UK universities rise up rankings - 08/11/07 1st: Harvard; joint 2nd: Cambridge, Oxford, Yale
University marks its 800th year - 17/01/09 Cambridge
Majority of young women in university - 31/03/10
Welsh universities agree to cut numbers to six by 2013 - 02/07/11
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Top 10 Things Professors Never Want to Hear - 21/08/08
Harvard reclaims top spot in US News college rankings; new lists highlight other schools - 22/08/08
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Look out for Certificate in Irish Studies at Regis University
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The Value Of Your MBA Is Collapsing - 25/03/09
On the Net: College too expensive? Try YouTube - 09/04/09

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UCLA Extension History of California, Journalism, Screenwriting, Project Management (see under Engineering & Technical Management) etc
De Anza $120 per credit for non-res distance learning. e.g. Web Graphics/Animation Software (Flash CS4), Foreclosure Technology Tools, Database Tuning

The Washington Monthly College Guide Top 30 Colleges - Sept 2005
How to Get Into Harvard - 30/11/07 which schools to go to first
Harvard should recruit more "hillbilly" undergrads from the country’s “backwaters” - 06/12/07
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In the Basement of the Ivory Tower - 2008/06 The idea that a university education is for everyone is a destructive myth. An instructor at a “college of last resort” explains why. FR Comments
Top 20 best value colleges - 12/01/10 The Princeton Review
Book says many U.S. universities are waste of money - 30/07/10 "Students have not become smarter with more education- rather education has become dumber to allow more students"
College-Bound: Turning Your Child Over to the Campus Liberals - 24/08/10
Why does PPE rule Britain? - 31/08/10 "One of the hallmarks of PPE graduates is that they are quite independently minded. But when I went on to study at post-graduate level at Harvard, everybody was a liberal."
OEDb's Online College Rankings 2009: The Best Online Universities
Cambridge knocks Harvard off top of university table - 08/09/10
University rankings dominated by US, with Harvard top - 15/09/10
The College Degrees With The Biggest Salaries - Aug 11, 2010 Petroleum Engineering $75k, rising 18% to 2018. Computer Science $61k, rising 24% to 2018.
Does it pay to be a student in the US? - 24/11/10
Why free online lectures will destroy universities – unless they get their act together fast - 25/11/10
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Top 50 Physical Sciences Universities 2010 RHC = 40th
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Foreign Credential Evaluation

Foreign Credential Evaluation in the United States
Lisano International Foreign Educational Credential Evaluation
info.com Credential Evaluation
International Admission Requirements at University of Victoria
A/AS Level Recognition Handbook mentions University of Arkansas
University of Michigan Admission Requirements for British-Patterned Education freshman admission requires at least five 'O' level passes from one sitting... Students who are pursuing or who have completed A-level exams will generally be awarded advanced standing ranging between 6 and 10 credit hours for certain advanced or principal level examinations completed with a grade of D or better
Fatima College see paragraph beginning: "The passing grades..."
University of Indianapolis International Student Admission
Degrees Considered Equivalent to the U.S. Bachelor's Degree UK: An Honours bachelors degree
Mutual Recognition of Qualifications between Europe and the USA including: Holders of degrees from European countries requiring a minimum of three years of full-time studies should be considered for admission to graduate studies in the United States
educationUSA: Transferring From Outside the U.S. Education System
No. 1: Cambridge - Top UK universities in world rankings - 16/01/12
US Grading - Study USA | US-UK Fulbright Commission This page will explain how to calculate a GPA, how the US class ranking works and will provide you with a scale in which you can roughly translate your UK marks into a GPA
US Degree Classifications versus UK Degree Classifications
Honor (UK system) vs 4.0 (US system)
British undergraduate degree classification
What is the equivalent GPA for a First Class Honors degree in the UK?
US to UK College GPA conversion?
King's College London - Postgraduate Students 1st = 3.8 GPA
What Grade Point Average (GPA) will I need to achieve to be eligible for admission for the graduate course I want to apply for? Oxford. First = 3.7

Queens College, CUNY
MEIJI University Japan
Rhodes University, Grahamstown
Hillsdale costs
University of the Witwatersrand
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Beautiful universities around the world see No 11
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Top 10 UK universities in the world rankings - 15/09/15 35: LSE, 21: Edinburgh, 16: King's London, 8: Imperial, 7: UCL, 6: Oxford, 3: Cambridge
University rankings: UK 'a stand-out performer' - 30/09/15 2: Oxford, 4: Cambridge
Harvard university debate team loses to New York prison inmates - 07/10/15
Public and private investments in Ph.D. research programs pay economic development dividends - 10/12/15
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