The Moon: A Propaganda Hoax: An Expose by The Mad Revisionist
Bognor Birdman
Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright
Spitfire flypast

Tomcat halts steeplejack - 07/12/83
Gaddafi invents 'rocket car' - 06/09/99
Russian TV news offers the naked truth - 17/02/00
Man in a flap over post-boxes - 27/02/00
Einstein the rat refuses all pleas to leave home - 27/06/00 Rascally rodent returns to torment keen gardener after navigating two miles of forest to reach his house
Dating agencies to get hitched over the Internet - 27/06/00 Online marriage between three of Britain's biggest matchmaking services
Littlewoods to sell Pools - 27/06/00
Will Cybersex Be Better Than Real Sex? - 28/06/00
Estonia's clean sweep at wife-carrying - 02/07/00
Petrol-powered boot lifts off - 05/07/00
ussians step on the gas with motorised boots - 07/07/00 Aircraft engineers come up with new toy for busy man or woman-about-town
Giant leap from science fiction to realm of the gods - 07/07/00 It has taken more than couple of millennia for Roman Kunikov to ape mythical winged messengers
Jumping all the way to arthritis - 07/07/00 Two words leap to mind when looking at picture of seven-league boots: Heath Robinson, says Nigel Hawkes
Petrol boots help you run at 25mph - 07/07/00 RealVideo
Racing pigeon rides QE2 to America - 11/07/00 Bird reunited with fancier after ditching race for trip across the world aboard luxury cruise liner
Unaided human flight becomes a reality - 12/07/00 RealVideo
Small is beautiful - 12/07/00 An entire online furniture store and a tiny art museum have become winners of a competition to create webpages only five kilobytes in size
Duck patrol advances on China's locusts - 12/07/00
Thatcher handbags the opposition again - 14/07/00 Most feared female accessory since Boadicea's spear sold at charity auction for £100,000
'Tis the season to be silly - 14/07/00
Recycling crisis over green glass mountain - 17/07/00 Surplus of coloured bottles may have to be exported to Argentina
It's raining fish! - 07/08/00
'Flirting' grocer's arrest triggers riots - 31/07/00
Tap water is 'tastier' than expensive bottled rivals - 08/08/00
Magnetic 'solution' to crop circle puzzle - 09/08/00
Wobbly bridge firm tackles design for bra - 13/08/00
Paris to turn the tide for Mont St Michel - 13/08/00
'White van' ban at singles club - 15/08/00
'Personal service' stations for autobahns - 17/08/00
Umlaut explains why Germans look so sauer - 25/08/00
'Vowels to blame' for German grumpiness - 25/08/00
Silly season top 10 - 25/08/00
Wall Street decimalisation makes cents - 28/08/00
Tatarstan writes off Cyrillic script - 01/09/00
Claim of 'Most Downloaded Woman' heats up - 01/09/00
The misheard song lines that are hit and myth - 04/09/00
Guinness Records revises 'Most Downloaded Woman' title - 08/09/00
Lesbos threatens to ban British lesbians - 12/09/00
Argentina's website of deceit - 14/09/00
Ape pickers scheme bears fruit - 19/09/00
Equatorial Guinea last to embrace Eric the Eel - 20/09/00
Glorious failure puts swimmer in the fast lane - 21/09/00
For 24-hour cover, try the new bikinis - 22/09/00
Wedding belle: Ex-Playboy model in bust-up over husband's will - 22/09/00 RealVideo
Python's lost play gets world premiere - 22/09/00
Snub to islanders from millionaire ex-headmistress - 25/09/00
Darker Mr. Potato Head draws complaints of racism - 29/09/00
In praise of floating frogs - 06/10/00
Shuffling the evidence - 10/10/00 A professor of maths at the University of Oxford has worked out how much shuffling is needed to make a pack of playing cards random
South Africa: Biter bit - 12/10/00
At last: a bra with real va-va-voom - 18/10/00

Selsey & Bognor attract tornadoes:

Selsey picks up the pieces after tornado - 09/01/98 Victims relive tornado terror [at Bognor] - 29/10/00 Two injured in tornado [at Selsey] - 30/10/00

Navy probes penguin puzzle - 02/11/00
Monopoly invests in dot.coms - 02/11/00
Taj Mahal disappears under magic spell - 10/11/00
Big Brother goes underwater - 23/11/00
Tiddywinks Patent, 1888 - also here
Rodent Romeo causes baby boom - 30/11/00
Swastika gets the chop - 04/12/00
Website swamped by 'chad' fanatics - 05/12/00 St Chad's, Lichfield
Chad's church nets election hits - 05/12/00
Alicia leaves us Clueless - 06/12/00
Lewd e-mail pair go into hiding - 15/12/00 Claire Swire!
Obscene e-mail lands lawyers in trouble - 15/12/00
E-mail woman in hiding - 16/12/00
Amazing tales from Planet Tabloid - 22/12/00
Racehorse is cheered on to record failure - 31/12/00 now on course to become the first thoroughbred to lose 100 consecutive races
Sheep revenge: A sacrificial sheep butts its Egyptian owner to death before he can kill it - 02/01/01
Mysterious monolith marks 2001 - 03/01/01 Space Oddity
Never Smile at a Crocodile
'Darwin Awards' author dedicated to documenting macabre mishaps - 03/01/01
Amazing tales from Planet Tabloid - 05/01/01
Snakebite South African style - 10/01/01
Eclipse triggers Nigeria riot - 10/01/01 Maiduguri's Moslem youths blamed the eclipse on sinful activities in the city
Amazing tales from Planet Tabloid - 12/01/01 A man sat at his desk for five days before fellow office workers noticed he was dead... etc.
Daniel's 'full Monty' pledge - 31/01/01 Irish music's Mr Clean, Daniel O'Donnell, has promised to bare all for charity
Grisly end for unlucky burglar - 25/01/01 "There is no suspicion of foul play"
Return of sound mirrors that trapped Zeppelins - 29/01/01
Curse of the open mic - 29/01/01
Penguins wobble but they don't fall down - 02/02/01
Amazing tales from Planet Tabloid - 02/02/01
Frozen fido: A novel way to preserve your much-loved pet - 03/02/01
Jamaica's outrage at naked nuptials - 03/02/01
Amazing tales from Planet Tabloid - 09/02/01
Phallic cup runneth over with bawdy Stuart humour - 14/02/01
Ugly People
Amazing tales from Planet Tabloid - 16/02/01
Tree-killers stalk Sydney suburbs - 18/02/01
Amazing tales from Planet Tabloid - 24/02/01
New Age crystal power is all in the mind - 29/03/01 When given cheap, fake crystals, people reported exactly the same mysterious sensations as when they handle the genuine articles
Stalin World opens to visitors - 01/04/01
World's media plays the April Fool - 01/04/01
Jurors misstate payment in suit - 09/04/01
Beat up Bill Gates
Mystery of Jerusalem's Holy Fire comes to light - 16/04/01
Plenty of tea but not so many trains after the Bomb - 20/04/01
Grass roots racing - 24/04/01
Could reigning Miss France be a monsieur? - 25/04/01 In France the inquiry into Mlle Gossuin's sex has been taken as an affront to French womanhood
Tuning in for naked news - 26/04/01
Amazing tales from Planet Tabloid - 04/05/01
The net takes to the air - 09/05/01 RFC 1149, a standard for transferring packets of net data using carrier pigeons
Man, 100, arrested for attack on girlfriend - 11/05/01
Amazing tales from Planet Tabloid - 11/05/01
Wristwatch found embedded in log - 17/05/01
Amazing tales from Planet Tabloid - 18/05/01
Thai envoy 'sold' embassy - 23/05/01
Amazing tales from Planet Tabloid - 15/06/01
Scientist finds fungus that eats through compact discs - 18/06/01
Heroic prisoners freed as reward - 19/06/01 The Royal Prerogative of Mercy dates back to the Norman conquest, but is now reserved to reward prisoners for exceptionally good conduct
Chinese husband runs into mynah trouble - 20/06/01
Curse of the profane parrot - 22/06/01
Expert shakes up Nessie legend - 27/06/01
Amazing tales from Planet Tabloid - 29/06/01
Vicar breaks preaching record - 30/06/01
Amazing tales from Planet Tabloid - 06/07/01
Fun Facts
Good Looks Online Sites Help Rate Who's a "10" in Cyberspace
Amazing tales from planet tabloid - 13/07/01
Bar raid goes wrong when false arm falls off - 24/07/01
Wreck hunters find remains of Mary Celeste - 08/08/01
US gets one in the eye from Swiss pit-spitters - 12/08/01
Disease brings poor crop of circles - 17/08/01
Impostor returns in Headingley hoax - 17/08/01
Little Rock Woman Dies in Premature Rapture - 20/08/01
Proof that lightning does strike twice - 28/08/01
Graveyard terror as shot man rises from tomb - 30/08/01
Why being a success is as easy as ABC - 31/08/01
Police moustaches pay off - 31/08/01 Assam
Scientists take serious look at funny jokes - 06/09/01
Birdy tries to hatch hoard of golf balls - 08/09/01
Fan has not missed a match for 81 years - 08/09/01
Oi! You! Read this! - 05/10/01 courtesy
Ousefleet on the map as dullest location - 15/10/01 OS map shows a square Km with no features
Classmate website angers teachers - 11/11/01 website reunites old school mates amid claims that it is being used to make allegations of alcoholism and paedophilia against teachers
'Godzilla' the ostrich takes flight - 16/11/01
Intrepid explorer defeated by rail trip to Liverpool - 29/11/01
Mystery of Ginger ends - 03/12/01 Segway
Telegraph test drives the new lean machine - 05/12/01 Segway
Silencing mobile phones - 05/12/01
2001: The silly stories - 24/12/01
Amazing tales from Planet Tabloid - 18/01/02
Amazing tales from Planet Tabloid - 08/02/02
Irish claim Ali as their own - 09/02/02
Amazing Tales from Planet Tabloid - 15/02/02
Pocket-pooch is Britain's smallest pup - 08/03/02
Amazing tales from Planet Tabloid - 08/03/02
Bug sets windows shaking - 18/03/02
Email heralds the last post for India's 800 carrier pigeons - 07/04/02
Bering Strait expedition claims victory - 08/04/02
City girl seeks man: must have fat wallet - 09/05/02 The on-line A-Z of 3-wheeled cars
Reliant Robin BN-1/BN-2
Midges' bloodsucking days are numbered - 13/05/02
'Super soap' in the pipeline - 21/05/02
Ironing starch the secret of perfect custard - 24/05/02
Has thieving chimp made a monkey of the law? - 11/06/02
Secret passage used to strip French abbey of rare books - 16/06/02
Italy's worst driver set out to bump into women - 16/06/02
Tooth which has a word in your ear - 20/06/02
Seal swims to rescue of drowning dog - 20/06/02
Singer catches fire at Royal Opera - 01/07/02
Amateurs Only - 08/07/02
£7,000 for the Gretna Green book of cads - 10/07/02
In pictures: Supersonic jet crash - 14/07/02
Strip threat by women halts oil terminal - 15/07/02
Gored American faces second charge - 16/07/02 A visitor from Minnesota, faces prosecution for harrassing wildlife, after he allegedly came too near a bison at Yellowstone and was gored by it
Rocket-science scooter heads for the streets - 21/07/02
Funny stories from Wales - 1999
Funny stories from Wales - 2000
Funny stories from Wales - 2001
Funny stories from Wales - 2001 part 2
Funny stories from Wales - 2002
G'day possums, and welcome to Nova Scotia - 06/08/02
Texan faces trial for castrating alcoholic mayor in row over beer - 08/08/02
How Betty the crow is bending the rules of animal behaviour - 09/08/02
Mayor banned from primary - 09/08/02 The mayor of Washington has been barred from his own party's primary after officials found thousands of bogus signatures on his nomination papers, including Tony Blair, Kofi Annan and Dudley Moore
A date with destiny for Turkmen leader - 09/08/02 Saparmurat Niyazov wants to rename the month of January after himself
Sheepdog video strikes it rich - 09/08/02
Sure-fire loser - 17/08/02 jockey Ollie Pears has gone 157 races without riding a winner
Carjacker picks a vanload of trouble - 21/08/02
Pensioner markets device to split Viagra pill - 13/09/02
Japan goes barking mad for dog toy - 27/09/02
Birds, barking, beer and bellies - 04/10/02
Father's surprise: call-girl daughter - 11/10/02
AOL CDs returned to sender - 21/10/02
A patently absurd invention? - 25/10/02
Cuba remembers Churchill legacy - 30/11/02 An exhibition is taking place in Havana commemorating his links with Cuba - he visited twice and smoked 9 Cuban cigars a day
The A-Z of postal snobbery - 14/01/03
Owl mistakes wig for lunch - 04/02/03
Odd ball letter starts maths puzzle mania - 08/02/03
Mexican student arrives in Britain to study tequila - 08/02/03
Yugo nostalgic declares his own state - 08/02/03
Drunk ferret found in bin - 18/03/03
God on the Brain - 20/03/03 religious visions may be caused by a strange brain disorder
Coming soon (maybe)... non-stick chewing gum - 25/03/03
Easter Eggs Hidden in Popular Web Sites
Discover Hidden Easter Eggs in Your Favorite Software
Human Transporter sales move slowly - 31/03/03 Segway
Software secrets revealed - 20/04/03 Not all Easter eggs are made out of chocolate and covered in coloured foil
Tea helps fight off infections - 21/04/03 filed under "odditeas"
Bridging the language divide - 24/04/03
'Chewing gum could lose its stick' - 07/05/03
Fleeing Democrats thwart Texan vote - 13/05/03
Runaway Texans liven up town - 15/05/03
Saving Private Lynch story 'flawed' - 15/05/03 Rambo strikes again... As the ambulance, with Private Lynch inside, approached a checkpoint American troops opened fire, forcing it to flee back to the hospital. The Americans had almost killed their prize catch!
Runaway politicians return to Texas - 16/05/03
Hungry ferret causes rail scare - 19/05/03
How does Dyson make water go uphill? - 21/05/03
British Steam Car Challenge
Lifeline for London's other tube - 27/05/03
'My years working on Mail Rail' - 29/05/03
Two-headed tortoise born in SA - 30/05/03
Ghana trumps mighty Microsoft - 03/06/03
Homer eyes 'best American' prize - 12/06/03
What are the 78 differences between women and men? - 19/06/03
Slivers of silver solve the problem of smelly socks - 25/06/03
Britain lays claim to lasagne - 15/07/03
Banzai sparks US protests - 18/07/03
Birdman's flight across the Channel - 01/08/03
Walkers warned of killer insect - 03/08/03 the sheep tick!
'Move over Segway, I'm planning the C6' - 05/08/03 Sir Clive Sinclair
Five second pint-puller launched - 16/08/03
Doctor slang is a dying art - 18/08/03
For £150,000, a car with cruise control - 04/09/03 The Aquada is designed to reach speeds of 100mph on land and more than 30mph on water
Problem solved - Daisy's quacked it - 08/09/03 Daisy the duck has helped a professor of acoustics solve the puzzle of whether quacks echo
Sound science is quackers - 08/09/03
Fifty things to do before you die - 10/09/03
Caravan damaged after cow fall - 11/09/03
Jurassic pot plants on sale soon - 25/09/03
Serbia wedding guests 'down plane' - 12/10/03
Irish nuns launch website - 12/10/03
Odd mishaps cause computer grief - 16/10/03 "man shoots laptop" etc
Barclay chief's gaffe recalls Ratner howler - 17/10/03
Short workers lose small fortune - 17/10/03
Luxury refit for Dhaka's old bangers - 22/10/03
Dutch solar car wins famous race - 22/10/03
Jesus actor struck by lightning - 24/10/03
How does a hedge spark so much hatred? - 24/10/03
Flushed with shame - 26/10/03
Decision time at beard Olympics - 02/11/03
World Beard and Moustache Championships
The Handlebar Club
Deliverance banjo boy reappears for new film - 11/11/03
Fossil fools: Return to Piltdown - 13/11/03
Guinness good for you - official - 13/11/03
Spoof brand names snapped up for real - 17/11/03
Beer mat flipping 'perfected' - 03/11/03
Guinness good for you - official - 13/11/03
Christmas lights appeal nets just £5 - 19/11/03
Michael Jackson's friend, the psychic Uri Geller, described the singer as "extremely gullible and very naive" - 19/11/03 he would have to be to have Uri Geller as a friend
Tourists dream of hunting haggis - 26/11/03 A third of US tourists who were quizzed about their trip to Scotland said they believed the haggis was a creature
Ten most embarrassing political moments - 27/11/03
Builder is tribal chief - 27/11/03
Thai MPs protest mistress ban - 02/12/03
Tornado alert pilot tells of relief - 05/12/03 landed his jet fighter without wheels
Scientists create cholesterol-free mice for fat cats - 19/12/03
Australian animal lovers condemn cat and wild boar cull - 19/12/03 the Christmas "pig and pussy hunt" at Pine Creek
Romance health alert splits sexes - 22/12/03 Getting married may be bad for men's health but good for women
Antibubbles made in Belgian beer - 22/12/03
Aussie is 'heir to English crown' - 05/01/04
Winston's obscene parrot lives on - 19/01/04
Russian army rescues kegs of beer - 20/01/04
Bringing the Bloody Bastard back to historic orchards - 22/01/04
Bigmouth strikes again - 22/01/04
Runaway elephant halts NZ traffic - 23/01/04
Mauritania's 'wife-fattening' farm - 26/01/04
Shouting men of Finland perform ice breaker - 03/02/04
Terror task for screaming champ - 06/02/04
Missing Russian politician found - 10/02/04 Ivan Rybkin resurfaced in Ukraine having decided not to listen to the radio or TV for a few days
Thieves steal bridge in Ukraine - 23/02/04
Interactive Hamster Dance
'Most inept' bank robber jailed - 27/02/04
Soft drink is purified tap water - 01/03/04
Queen to meet foul-mouthed parrot - 03/03/04
Mozart to soothe baby in the womb - 08/03/04
Four of a kind cause a sensation - 15/03/04
Origin of the flag of Hawaii
Singing dingo wins trivia award - 23/03/04
Elvis roots 'lead to Scotland' - 23/03/04
Unearthing Hungary husband murders - 29/03/04
Future travel: How will we get around? - 30/03/04
Google search engine - 01/04/04
Pig War 1859
NZ's famous sheep gets TV haircut - 28/04/04
Modern Britain's instant icon - 28/04/04
Einstein's Brain
Celebrity sheep meets NZ leader - 03/05/04
Blackpool to ditch deckchairs? - 17/05/04
Rare cello escapes CD rack fate - 19/05/04
Swedish moose steals bicycle - 24/05/04
The dubious pedigree of the Baskerville Hound - 01/06/04
Ducks 'quack in regional accents' - 04/06/04
History made as man beats horse - 12/06/04
Inventor plans 'invisible walls' - 14/06/04
Happy birthday, Boris Johnson - 18/06/04
Monster raindrops delight experts - 16/07/04
Water good way to cool down - 16/07/04
Panic at Nigerian 'killer calls' - 19/07/04
'Reverse air-rage' on Russian jet - 20/07/04
Malawi clerics caught canoodling - 29/07/04
Spoof website will stay online - 29/07/04
Interesting Laws from Around the World
Hunting Germany's linguistic gems - 01/08/04
Owzat! Rabbit sets cricket club on fire - 13/08/04
Bluetooth flying bot creates buzz - 19/08/04
Pensioners jump to it on big day - 29/08/04
Italian pensioner seeks adoption - 30/08/04
Frustrated chimp takes up smoking - 31/08/04
Berlin bear's break-out bid fails - 31/08/04
10 unusual places to live - 06/09/04
French cinephiles going underground - 09/09/04
Flower power turns up the volume - 14/09/04
In pictures: World Gurning Championship - 19/09/04
Tar Barrels Devon
Magazine Monitor
Flying cars swoop to the rescue - 22/09/04
Protest over 'sexist' ball girls - 20/10/04
How to smash a home computer - 14/11/04
Bill Gates Gets 4 Million E-Mails a Day - 18/11/04
Experts to reveal Holy Grail code - 25/11/04
The never-ending search - 26/11/04 for the Holy Grail
'World's smelliest cheese' named - 26/11/04
Come again? - 06/12/04
How the brain recognises a face - 13/12/04
Fast lifts rise into record books - 16/12/04
'Jigsaw plan' reveals personality - 30/12/04
Chav Scum
Chav Towns
Elephant dash saved tsunami girl - 11/01/05
Please Bishop, can I have my uncle's ball back? - 15/01/05
Sun-starved Alpine villagers 'see the light' with the help of solar mirrors - 16/01/05
Readers' guide to fine art of killing a wasp - 18/01/05
Rank and bile - 18/01/05
Confessions of a US Mini driver - 18/02/05
The Oops List
Robotic ball that chases burglars - 14/02/05
Dog's false lead in murder case - 10/03/05
Petrol station mobile risk 'myth' - 20/03/05
English bullfighter set to retire - 29/03/05
Owls help clean up train stations - 11/04/05
US police force to recruit capuchin monkey for 'intelligence' work - 21/04/05
Gaelic signs all Greek to Ireland tourists - 03/05/05
All Around the World
Why Americans should never be allowed to travel
Record-breaking start to holiday - 27/05/05
Cheese rollers prepare for chase - 30/05/05
Monkey on the run after a fight with father - 31/05/05
Dalek theft sparks a Who-dunnit - 07/06/05
Dalek 'kidnappers' demand Doctor - 09/06/05
Missing Dr Who Dalek found on Tor - 14/06/05
Car loo trippers plan US journey - 24/07/05
Watch my hands deceive you - 29/07/05
Simply Fired
King of Hay-on-Wye hangs up his crown - 17/08/05
Inspection halts Big Ben's chimes - 29/10/05
Tweety the bird rescued by robot - 04/11/05
Tribute to end Dutch sparrow fury - 18/11/05
In pictures: Spoof signs - 28/11/05
Youths reveal racy Bible calendar - 03/12/05
Blast can't topple state's tallest building - 04/12/05
Pakistan deletes 'pro-Bush' poem - 05/12/05
100 things we didn't know this time last year - 30/12/05
Nessie law paved way to saving Swedish cousin - 09/01/06
Elvis lives 50 times over in a hotel bar at Blackpool - 09/01/06
Saying thank you in style - 05/01/06
Sam's Mailbox Picture Collection
Museum of Norwegian Manhole Covers
World's Largest Collection of World's Smallest Versions of World's Largest Things
Parrot squawks on woman's affair - 17/01/06
Man lives in tree after domestic spat - 25/01/06
Reach for the sky from the garage - 26/01/06
Ski holiday ride 'cures' deaf man - 31/01/06
Design may be homeowners' choice - 14/02/06
A Taser shotgun for long-range electrifying - 14/02/06
Flying car ready for takeoff? - 15/02/06
On the menu today: horse penis and testicles with a chilli dip - 17/02/06 members only restaurant
Trust your gut instinct when those shopping decisions get tough, say scientists - 17/02/06 the best way to make a decision is to collect the information you need, forget about it, and then trust your instincts to get it right
U.S. Peculiar Postings
World Peculiar Postings
Sudan man forced to 'marry' goat - 24/02/06
Downing Street cat Humphrey dies - 20/03/06
Tom Jones collects his knighthood - 29/03/06 it's not unusual
Plane lands at airbase by mistake - 29/03/06
Drivers on edge over cliff route - 05/04/06
India's shortest actor makes waves - 03/04/06
Woman to build house out of 747 - 20/04/06
'Double-You' Bush delights media - 30/04/06
Woman, 104, takes man, 33, as husband No. 21 - 02/05/06
Dozens hurt in cheese roll race - 29/05/06
Tabby cat terror for black bear - 10/06/06
In Pictures: Royal Ascot Ladies' Day - 22/06/06
Gruff justice as Billy is demoted - 24/06/06
China soccer bias forces apology - 28/06/06
Japan's Koizumi tours Graceland - 30/06/06
Smashing time for cricket pundits - 11/07/06
Boss of Hooters restaurants dies - 17/07/06
Surgery for blanket-eating python - 20/07/06
'Huge injustice' in murder case - 26/07/06 man spent three years in jail for a murder that never happened
Dog goes berserk, destroys Elvis' teddy bear - 02/08/06
US man survives chocolate ordeal - 18/08/06
'Wrong Guy' could inspire movie - 23/08/06
People flip for pancakes footage - 25/08/06
Canada university in campaign row - 29/08/06
Brewing up profits in Cumbria - 29/08/06
Canada pilot in toilet trip drama - 31/08/06
'Airfix made me the man I am' - 01/09/06
Clan at war as a new chief takes over - 14/09/06
Awful author addicted to alliteration achieves acclaim again - 18/09/06 Amanda McKittrick Ros
New recruit joins Terracotta Army - 18/09/06
Film-maker knocks out his critics - 24/09/06
Dog starts car after eating chip - 26/09/06
Equine surprise for new landlady - 03/10/06
Outback driver caught in reverse - 06/10/06
Irish town name change row goes to vote - 18/10/06
Pelican swallows pigeon in park - 25/10/06
Stripping is art, Norway decides - 06/12/06
'Wacky warnings' rewarded in US - 06/01/07
Dietrich earring unearthed - 10/01/07
Funny Cats
Swedish 'pirates' eye up tiny North Sea country - 14/01/07 Sealand
'Table-sized flat' for £170,000 - 22/01/07
How does a sideways bike work? - 19/02/07
Israeli minister in vision gaffe - 23/02/07
US couples seek separate bedrooms - 12/03/07
London icon or 'bashed-up relic'? - 20/03/07
Thousands to watch cheese check - 28/03/07
World's tallest man gets married - 28/03/07
President Bush Makes Fun of Himself - 29/03/07
Firm has egg on face over Easter - 04/04/07
Cockatoo guarding chocolate eggs - 10/04/07
Piano crash was 'worst nightmare' - 11/04/07
False fax allows US prison escape - 23/04/07
Gott in Himmel! - 27/04/07 Commando has made it to issue 4,000
US prison sees keys sold online - 04/05/07
Cheese-rolling race winners' joy - 28/05/07
Bush laps up UK jigsaw puzzles - 04/06/07
President’s disappearing watch - 13/06/07
Australian drivers hit below belt - 26/06/07
Friends restore Lotus in secret - 12/07/07
Librarians 'suffer most stress' - 12/07/07
Tower demolition defies gravity - 02/08/07
Rancher aims high to escape crocs - 14/08/07
Why kissing means more to women - 03/09/07
In pictures: Silly signs - 13/09/07
Carvings riddle stumps villagers - 01/10/07
US man seeks change for $1m note - 09/10/07
Murmansk garages
UK chooses 'most ludicrous laws' - 06/11/07 It is legal to murder a Scotsman within the ancient city walls of York, but only if he is carrying a bow and arrow
Cat's daily routine baffles owner - 13/11/07
Man marries bitch to beat curse - 13/11/07
Split imperils Mexican language - 16/11/07
Chimps beat humans in memory test - 03/12/07
Photographer captures trout's great escape - 11/12/07
Are driverless pods the future? - 18/12/07
Festive greetings 'from Heaven' - 25/12/07
2007 Darwin Awards
Darwin Awards 2007
Bad Day at the office!
If I ruled the world, by Jeremy Clarkson - 03/01/08
The Most Amazing Jet Picture - new details emerge on how it was taken - 18/01/08
'Fight with spouse & live longer' - 24/01/08
Indiana Boys Left With Bleeding Tongues After Licking Flagpole - Jan 26, 2008
I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue - on George W. Bush
Tribute To Humphrey Lyttleton Part 1 2 3 4 5 6
I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue - Paul Merton, 06/14/1997 Part 1
I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue (ISIHAC) Live!
I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue - London Coliseum
I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue do Doctor Who
Stout call for St Pat's holiday in US (Guinness co. pushes for official holiday status) - 15/02/08
Rocketman flies in the skies - 14/05/08
John Cleese and Rowan Atkinson - Beekeeping
Alexei Sayles' Stuff opening sequence
Alexei Sayle's Stuff. Opening titles
Peugeot 206 commercial - India
Fast flying fish glides by ferry - 20/05/08
Designing the Tata Nano - 05/06/08
Idiot of the Year
El camino del Rey hold your breath another geezer tries it
Incredible Fluid Motion Experiment
Revealed after 50 years: The secret of the greatest-ever student prank - 27/06/08
Great Rose Bowl Hoax
Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear in 1989!
Top Gear (1991) - Frontera
Jeremy Clarkson on F-Word with Gordon Ramsay
F-Word - James May vs Gordon Ramsay
Paul Merton warning Gordon Ramsay
Top Gear 8x02 - Gordon Ramsay Interview
50 office-speak phrases you love to hate - 16/06/08
Jesse Jackson sorry for Obama TV quip - 09/07/08
Parkinson: Peter Kay on Witnessing a Robbery
Peter Kay on Parkinson
Michael Caine On Parkinson 16 Dec 2007
Peter Kay - The Last Parkinson
Chiefs admit Brum skyline mix-up - 14/08/08
Snail hides from march of history - 21/08/08
Tower fails to fall in explosion - 24/08/08
Charlie bit me
World's smallest man meets woman with world's longest legs - 16/09/08
Monkeys work in Japanese restaurant - 06/10/08
The secrets of elephant polo - 29/11/08

From Time Magazine "Soap Facts"...

Per capita annual consumption: 
U. S. 25 Ib.; The Netherlands 24 Ib.; United Kingdom 20 Ib.; Japan 7 Ib.; Brazil 6.8 Ib.; 
world average 6.6 Ib.; Russia 5.7 Ib. (compared to less than 2 Ib. 20 years ago); 
France 4.7 lb.; India 4 oz.; China 2 oz.

Pudding throwers battle for prize - 14/09/08
South African MP falls off chair on live TV - 23/10/08
Model railway defies gravity - 27/10/08
Monks brawl at Jerusalem shrine - 09/11/08
Congresswoman hangs up on Obama - 04/12/08
The brilliance of creative chaos - 05/12/08
Nasa ducks dive under Greenland ice - 21/12/08

50 Best Websites 2008

GasBuddy See also MapQuest's Gas Prices and Gas Price Watch

Howcast See also Expert Village, eHow and WonderHowTo Social shopping. See also Things I've Bought That I Love

Omiru helps you figure out what actually looks good on you. See also and Style

PsychCentral 5th most popular website in the US, according to Time, which is slightly alarming. See also and National Institute of Mental Health

TripKick Tells you which are the best hotel rooms. See also SeatGuru for airline seats

Wikitravel A concise, current directory of nearly 20,000 destinations. See also Thorn Tree Tracel Forum and TripAdvisor

Yahoo! Answers Questions are arranged both by topic and what's most popular. See also Ask Metafilter and Try This

Zeer displays the nutritional labels for every kind of packaged food you can buy. See also USDA's National Nutrient Database, a site dedicated to simple, sustainable inventions in Africa. See also African Uptimist and Timbuktu Chronicles, Cosmopolitan for men. See also Men's Health and FHM for celebrity-gossip. See also TMZ, PerezHilton, Bossip and Nah Right tackles even the most serious matters, like heart disease and depression, with a more sympathetic tone than WebMD or Revolution Health. See also Health News at the new York Times

PopSugar is like totally for bimbos. See also YumSugar, FitSugar and GeekSugar

ProFootballTalk See also Yahoo! Sports, ESPN, NFL Network, Football Outsiders and HoopsHype

Rate My Professors See also RateMDs

Serious Eats for gastronomes. See also Savory Cities and BooRah

The Nest for shallow yuppie couples. See also The Knot

Geni has the basic tools for diagramming your ancestry. See also, Family Search and USGenWeb Project

MapJack See also Google Street View, Live Search Maps, Earthmine and EveryScape

Mint, a personal financial planner. See also Geezeo and

NexTag, a comparative-shopping site with speedy, comprehensive search results and integrated product reviews. See also BizRate, Shopzilla and Yahoo! Shopping

Nymbler for choosing a baby name. See also NameVoyager

Picnik Simple online picture editing. See also FotoFlexer, Photobucket and Photoshop Express

Pixelgirl Presents Jazzy wallpaper etc. See also Customize, Social Wallpapering and WinCustomize

SearchMe is a search engine that displays results as a slick image gallery of actual Web pages you can flip through and filter results by topic. See also kartOO and Viewzi See also SnipURL and QurlyQ

Mobaganda handles party invitations

Urban Dictionary Stay hip, or even better, don't. See also Internet Slang Dictionary & Translator

Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project A compilation of about 8,000 songs from the early 1900s

Hulu TV on the web. See also Modern Feed

Imeem Internet radio station with thousands of channels. See also Pandora, Last FM and Slacker

Kongregate fabulous arcade of free Flash games (most of which tend toward the testosterone-laden shooter and action genres). See also Addicting Games, Armor Games, Nonoba and OneMoreLevel picture showcase. See also Odd Wall and Your Shot

Lookybook inspect childrens' books before you buy them

Someecards greeting Cards. See also Married to the Sea and Toothpaste for Dinner


Penny Arcade Comics. See also Achewood and PvP

Gaia Online combines chat, games, discussion forums and a virtual world to make it the most popular teen hangout on the Web. See also the Korean-based Cyworld and the European Habbo

CarbonRally For greens. See also Zwaggle

COLOURlovers Browse through the various swatches, palettes and patterns to help inspire your next creative project — or your next clothes-shopping trip

Apartment Therapy A site for anyone who appreciates distinctive decor. See also Ohdeedoh (for kid-friendly home ideas), The Kitchn (for recipes and tips on entertaining) and Design*Sponge (sneak peeks of unique interiors)

Digital Vaults The Federal Government's historical records

FreeRice Donates to the U.N. World Food Programme. See also Hunger Site

HypeBeast for urban style hounds. See also Sneaker Freaker and Kicksclusive

Kiva peer-to-peer lending. See also Prosper, Lending Club and Virgin Money US

Net-a-Porter sells everything from dresses and handbags to shoes, jewelry and sunglasses. See also Vivre and Yoox

Open Source Food Recipes. See also All Recipes, Epicurious and Food TV

PetFinder Advertise your pet.

WikiSky Gorgeous images of comets, galaxies and nebula. See also Astrophysics Data System, Sloan Digital Sky Survey and

Hospital mobile bans can be eased - 06/01/09
Nigeria bikers' vegetable helmets - 06/01/09
By flying car from London to Timbuktu - 12/01/09
British flying car expedition to Timbuktu hits early hitch - 14/01/09

Australia's thrill for the grill - 24/01/09

Study reveals 'shocking' kebabs - 27/01/09 One look at the people selling them tells you all you need to know about kebabs

Road-worthy plane? Or sky-worthy car? - 03/02/09
Missing Mexican island fuels mystery - 11/02/09

St Valentine 'not saint of love' - 13/02/09

A10 extremely low pass

RAF Triple Low Pass

VERY low Harrier ("I won't flinch..")

RAF Harrier low flyby Afghanistan 1

RAF Harrier low flyby Afghanistan 2

Extreme Low Flying Harrier!

Councils get banned jargon list - 18/03/09

LGA banned words: full list - 18/03/09 silly jargon

Model railway's global uber-view - 24/03/09

Pilot jailed for Sicily air crash - 24/03/09 he was praying instead of flying the plane

Mecca mosques 'wrongly aligned' - 05/04/09

Dead mayor re-elected by US town - 09/04/09

Ming Dynasty replica junk sinks - 27/04/09

Man lives century in same house - 27/04/09

Art student's car vanishing act - 02/05/09

Cloud looks like Great Britain - 22/05/09

Global gathering for cheese race - 25/05/09

Stoned wallabies make crop circles - 25/06/09

Samoa provokes fury by switching sides of the road - 03/07/09

Swearing can reduce the feeling of pain - 12/07/09

Minister warned over 'UK Roswell' - 16/08/09

Samoa drivers brace for left turn - 06/09/09

15 most explosive videos on the internet

Apollo 11 Moon landing: conspiracy theories debunked - 15/07/09
Bed sharing 'bad for your health' - 09/09/09
Amazon hijacked: 10 funniest review threads - 15/09/09

British lemonade causes US alcohol row - 28/10/09

Somali man, '112', weds girl, 17 - 29/10/09

Top 100 defining cultural moments of the noughties - 30/10/09

10 stunning fireworks displays and disasters from around the world

Bear kills militants in Kashmir - 03/11/09

Feeling grumpy 'is good for you' - 03/11/09

Two kite surfers jump over pier - 16/11/09

Toilet mystery on Cathay Pacific flights to Hong Kong - 25/11/09

All men watch porn, scientists find - 02/12/09 Scientists at the University of Montreal launched a search for men who had never looked at pornography - but couldn't find any

Octopus snatches coconut and runs - 14/12/09 axes holiday weight gain members - 04/01/10

Robinho move leaves tattooed Manchester City fan blue - 29/01/10

Britain's rudest place names - 18/02/10

Liverpool airport man 'dead for 12 hours' - 09/04/10

Lebanon fires latest salvo in hummus battle with Israel - 08/05/10

Middle class fad for bee keeping sees doubling in number of hives - 07/06/10

BBC Trade Test Films

Are ageing lefties in denial? - 16/07/10

Chemistry professor's office foiled - 29/07/10

Beware of windy days in Scotland - 02/12/10

World is getting more corrupt, says transparency poll - 09/12/10

Could rugby take off in the US? - 07/09/11

Motorway speed limits 'could be raised to 80mph' - 24/09/11

The priest who thought Stalin was a saint - 25/12/11

Redrawing the map of Europe

Irish Olympic Sailing Commentary

Redheads gather in Holland for festival - 03/09/12

Psychic pair fail scientific test - 30/10/12

Psychics fail tests of their abilities in academic setting - 01/11/12

Burning Texas railroad bridge collapses - 23/05/13

Telegram Era ends Stop - 19/06/13

I hate people who start every answer with "So..."

The funniest moment in motorsport

Batteries not Included - a Collection of Vintage Toy Commercials

Car Commercials from the 1950's

'Man flu': the truth that women don't want to hear - 23/12/13

30 Cats And Dogs Losing The Battle Against Human Furniture

30 Great One-Liners - 13/03/14

25 Maps That Will Change The Way You See The World

Mapped: The world's most corrupt officials - 03/12/14

Female 'speed dater' gives male passengers the fright of their lives - 12/02/15

Being overweight 'reduces dementia risk' - 10/04/15 !!!???@@@