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Ace Astronomical, Bristol
Astronomy World UK Ltd,Hants
Astroptx for Celestron and Meade Telescopes
Celestron and Meade Telescopes and Binoculars at The Telescope Store
Meade Instruments, makers of Meade Telescopes
Meade Telescopes at Eagle Optics
Oceanside Photo and Telescope
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Junk Telescopes to Avoid
Weasner's Mighty ETX Site, with an Astrophotography Gallery
New gadgets make waves in Vegas - 04/01/06 Celestron SkyScout


Radio telescope makes space history - 14/03/1960
Dunsink Observatory, Dublin
Gemini Observatory
Laser lights up London sky - 16/12/99
Royal Observatory Greenwich
Klet Observatory
Plans hatched for giant radio telescope - 13/10/99
BBC: Bright hopes for large telescopes
The Jacobus Kapteyn Telescope
Hubble shuts its eyes - 15/11/99
Hubble is 'better than new' - 24/01/00
Huge NASA telescope headed for fiery descent in June - 23/03/00
Subaru Telescope, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ)
SETI group deploys prototype telescope - 21/04/00
Black hole search begins - 08/05/00
Astronomers face loss of Jodrell Bank - 16/07/00 it would be foolish to axe Jodrell Bank when it is leading some of the world's most exciting developments in radio astronomy
Jodrell Bank faces uncertain future - 17/07/00
Irish giant could get new partner - 02/10/00
UK to join European Southern Observatory - 22/11/00
Jodrell Bank faces cash cut threat
Radio observatory's future secure - 05/12/01 Jodrell Bank
Telescopic twins display double vision - 18/01/02
Perfect for washing and astronomy - 07/07/02
Giant telescope project gets boost - 08/07/02
Telescope to be built at South Pole - 05/09/02
Nasa names new space telescope - 11/09/02 The 6-metre James Webb Space Telescope will be placed 1.5 million km from Earth at Lagrange Point 2
Advanced telescope camera astounds - 11/04/03
Lovell Radio Telescope refurbished - 28/04/03
Astronomers take vision to the limit - 15/05/03 the MACAO-VLTI (Multi Application Curvature Adaptive Optics - Very Large Telescope Interferometer) instrument is a frontrunner in making ground-based telescopes as good as those in space
Robot telescope is world's largest - 04/08/03
Astronomers plan giant telescope - 22/10/03
Large camera delights astronomers - 10/11/03 the new 16 Megapixel infrared camera mounted on the University of Hawaii 2.2 metre (88 inch) Telescope on Mauna Kea
In pictures: Telescope pierces space dust - 18/12/03
Giant space mirror's crucial step - 19/02/04
Advanced scope's mirror in place - 29/04/04
Giant UK telescope gets upgrade - 26/05/04 Jodrell Bank will form part of an array called e-Merlin
Big Bang observatory reaches 100 - 17/12/04
Camera scoops amazing Orion snaps - 23/12/04Wide Field Camera (WFCAM)
Swift catches first cosmic blasts - 07/01/05
Swift ready for Universe's worst - 05/04/05
Astronomers expect to be 'Dazled' - 06/04/05
Ground telescopes to 'super-size' - 10/04/05
'Pyramid power' probes universe - 08/07/05
SA telescope reaches for the stars - 10/11/05
UK stargazers enjoy 'Lucky' break - 02/12/05

Telescope Optics

Did the Vikings make a telescope? - 05/04/00
Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes
Blacker is the new black - 06/02/03 British scientists say they have produced the "blackest ever" surface developed so far - for use in telescopes

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