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The Solar Interior
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Transition Region
Physics of the Solar Corona and Transition Region
Coronal Loops
SOHO The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
TRACE Mission Objectives Transition Region and Coronal Explorer
Coronal Mass Ejections
Solar Flare Theory
Nucleosynthesis - intro
CNN - Satellite sheds light on solar storms
CNN - Solar flares produce quakes deep inside the Sun
SOHO The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
The New Double dMe Binary RE0618+75
NASA's High-Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC) team models the Sun
NASA's Computational Technologies Project
Current Solar Data
Stellar Evolution
Stellar evolution
The Evolution of Stars
The Evolution of High-Mass Stars
Life and Birth of Stars
Stars and the Hertzprung-Russell Diagram
Evolution of Solar Type Stars
The Sun
The Sun's energy comes from nuclear reactions in its core
R-process rapid neutron capture
S-process slow neutron capture
The Formation of Stars, at Amazon USA

CNN - New Hubble image shows life cycle of stars - 01/06/99
BBC: Internet reveals solar explosion's target
Hubble Spies a Doomed Star - 10/11/99
Scientists 'create' a neutron star - 11/11/99
An active Sun - 12/11/99 (sunspots)
Stellar Evolution and Nucleosynthesis (Geneva Observatory)
Nucleosynthesis (NASA)
TUNL Nuclear Astrophysics Group (University of North Carolina)
Hubble images unlock Keyhole Nebula mysteries - 03/02/00
Hubble looks through the keyhole - 04/02/00
Major flare erupts on Sun - 07/02/00
Sun-like stars said to emit superflares - 09/01/00
Hubble reveals violent supernova shockwave - 17/02/00
'And here's today's space weather forecast...' - 19/02/00
Date set for desert Earth - 20/02/00 "If we calculated correctly, Earth has been habitable for 4.5 billion years and only has a half billion years left."
Solar storm just a wind up - 22/02/00
Sun aims powerful flares at Earth - 01/03/00
The Sun's show hots up - 03/03/00
Hubble spies ghostly Reflection Nebula - 03/03/00
Hubble snaps dying stars - 09/03/00
Scientists 'look through' the Sun - 09/03/00
Satellite tracks magnetic storms - 26/03/00
Hubble spies a 'glowing eye' in space - 06/04/00
Scientists scan auroral data - 11/04/00
Hubble, Chandra reveal a nova of many colors - 13/04/00
Solar eruption may flood Earth - 02/05/00
Chandra images supernova blast wave - 12/05/00
Solar Storms: Predicting the weather in space - 28/06/00 RealVideo
Satellite squadron to probe space weather - 29/06/00
Chandra maps exploded star - 06/07/00
Dim star [LP 944-20] wakes up - 12/07/00 Astronomers have detected an explosion on the surface of a failed star
Solar eruptions could spark 'northern lights' this week - 12/07/00
A warning to Earth from the far side of the Sun - 13/07/00 Four probes are being launched to study how solar storms penetrate our planet's magnetic shield
Hubble sees star's death throes - 13/07/00 WR 136
Hubble watches star demolish its surroundings - 13/07/00 in NGC 6888
Pulsars 'lie about their ages' - 14/07/00 B1757-24
Another strong solar flare heads toward Earth - 14/07/00
Solar filament takes off - 11/08/00
Sun 'sneeze' will blind satellites - 12/08/00
Movie captures dying star - 15/08/00
Stellar Evolution
Stellar Evolution Database
Astronomy HyperText Book: Stellar Evolution
Astronomy HyperText Book: Fusion Sequences in Stars
Radio astronomers capture preview of sun's apocalypse - 17/08/00
Sun 'sneeze' will blind satellites - 17/08/00
Probes blast into orbit to monitor space storms - 17/08/00
Cosmic census finds universe full of brown dwarves - 23/08/00
Hubble shows mystery object in new light - 31/08/00
Nebulous 'Spirograph' astounds Hubble astronomers - 11/09/00
Young stars belch fiery gas in Hubble time-lapse movies - 21/09/00
Giant sunspot comes into view - 22/09/00
Fire fountains may explain solar puzzle - 27/09/00
Close-up on pulsating star - 27/09/00
Hubble reveals secrets of a celestial 'Blob' - 09/10/00 N81
Hubble images show delicate wisps of starstuff - 11/10/00
Chandra sees 'cosmic traffic pile-up' - 07/11/00 ...jet of super-hot gas shooting from the heart of a quasar
Hubble captures wispy decay of nebulous giant - 06/12/00
Stellar 'baby boom' in early Universe - 02/01/01
'X' marks star-forming spot in Hubble image - 04/01/01
Cat's Eye spy - 10/01/01 Cat's Eye Nebula, also known as NGC 6543, is about a thousand years old and three thousand light-years distant
Gas clouds disappear into 'nothing' - 14/01/01
A star is torn - 08/02/01 the most spectacular image ever taken of a star in its death throes has been captured by the Hubble space telescope: Menzel Three
Sun flips magnetic field - 16/02/01
Dead stars could be 'missing mass' - 22/03/01
Young stars rock their cradle in Hubble pic - 28/03/01
Giant sunspot may explode - 29/03/01
Giant sunspot erupts - 30/03/01
Earth hit by solar storm - 31/03/01
Solar storms spark light show - 01/04/01
Light show set to continue - 02/04/01
Sun unleashes the big one - 04/04/01
To make gold take two stars and mix violently - 12/04/01
Sun shoots another mass of energy at Earth - 12/04/01
Aurora seen from space - 14/04/01
Ring of death - 02/05/01 Astronomers have seen a remarkable, almost perfect circle in space
Star 'eats' a planet - 09/05/01 Astronomers finally have evidence that Sun-like stars with planets are guilty of swallowing the planets in orbit around them
Nest of stars spotted by X-ray telescope - 18/05/01 This Chandra image provides the first complete census of compact binaries in the core of a globular cluster
Sun's 200-year cycle may have doomed Mayans - 18/05/01
Neutron star Scorpius in intergalactic thriller - 06/06/01
Sun heats up Earth in long distance relationship - 05/07/01
Rotten Egg Nebula a shocker in Hubble pic - 27/08/01
Cool star chills stellar theories - 10/09/01 KS 1731-260
Spacecraft's solar polar pass - 14/10/01
First glimpse inside a sunspot - 06/11/01
'Sun catcher' nears destination - 16/11/01
Sun unleashes monster eruption - 04/01/02
Deep secrets of star birth revealed - 09/01/02
Here comes the Sun... again - 23/01/02
New orbiter to make X-ray flicks of sun - 05/02/02
Resurgent sun peaks for second time - 06/02/02
Spacecraft chases solar flares - 06/02/02
Icy insight into star birth - 09/04/02
Strange stars suggest new kind of matter - 10/04/02 two presumed neutron stars, RXJ1856 and 3C58, might actually be "quark stars"
Neutrino experiment confirms Sun theories - 22/04/02
Cosmic catastrophe 'a certainty' - 08/05/02
Hubble's 'Pillars of Creation' are fading - 14/05/02
Distant star makes music - 18/05/02
Storm-like activity found on distant brown dwarfs - 24/05/02
Astronomers find 'winking' star - 20/06/02 being eclipsed in a way never seen before - not by another star or planet, but by dust grains, rocks and maybe even asteroids orbiting in a clumpy circumstellar disc
Sun's spectacular show - 02/07/02
Hubble picks over star's demise - 03/07/02 Cassiopeia A
Sun gives up secrets - 02/09/02 Unravelling its twisted magnetic field
'Oldest' star found in galaxy - 31/10/02 HE0107-5240 is a rarity because unlike younger stars it is virtually metal-free
New Photos of Sun are Most Detailed Ever - 13/11/02
Fifth closest star discovered - 18/02/03
Looking for the first stars - 29/04/03 The Galaxy Evolution Explorer spacecraft (Galex), designed to explore star formation when the Universe was young, has been launched from a Pegasus rocket
Strange star puzzles astronomers - 13/06/03 Achernar, otherwise known as Alpha Eridani, the 9th brightest star in the sky, is one of the most distorted stars ever observed by astronomers. It is shaped like a child's spinning top
First stars had no planets - 21/07/03
Astronomers count the stars - 22/07/03
Black hole hums B flat - 10/09/03
Exploding star hunters make history - 16/09/03
Star devours planets - 17/09/03
Hubble chases exploding stars - 01/10/03
Sandy grains circle young star - 09/10/03
Our Sun's regular mood swings - 28/10/03
Major solar flare in progress - 28/10/03
Hubble observes early starbirth - 30/10/03
New star emerges from dust cocoon - 12/02/04
A Valentine rose from the Cosmos - 13/02/04
Diamond star thrills astronomers - 16/02/04
Sun's massive explosion upgraded - 17/03/04
Hubble telescope snares space bug - 30/04/04
Europe plans lab beneath the Alps - 09/07/04
Nasa rethinks probe to the Sun - 22/07/04
Scientists track incoming probe - 01/09/04
Genesis to return its Sun cargo - 07/09/04
Solar capsule crashes into Earth - 08/09/04
Scientists 'hopeful' for Genesis - 09/09/04
Genesis data 'retrieved intact' - 10/09/04
The hunt for cosmic blasts' secret - 25/10/04
Supernova produces cosmic rays - 04/11/04
Nasa launches cosmic blast hunter - 20/11/04
Three largest stars identified - 11/01/05
Cosmic birth theory gets support - 25/01/05
Huge 'star-quake' rocks Milky Way - 18/02/05
Genesis crash may yield results - 03/03/05
Star 'gnome' is nuclear surprise - 04/03/05
Upper limit placed on star growth - 09/03/05
Telescope sees birth of stars - 06/04/05
Ray burst is extinction suspect - 11/04/05
Relic star poses cosmic puzzles - 14/04/05
Scientists baffled by speed of Sun 'storm' - 31/05/05
Star experiences life after death - 09/06/05 Light echo spreads out from supernova remnant
Hubble finds mass of white dwarf - 14/12/04 Sirius B
Astronomers discover peek-a-boo stars - 15/02/06
Mysterious space explosion - 24/02/06
New kind of space blast seen not far from Earth - 24/02/06
Solar flares may pack a bigger punch - 07/03/06
Merged stars whip up super fields - 03/04/06
'Dead star' erupts for big show - 07/04/06
Mystery of explosive star solved - 20/07/06
Astronomers glimpse exploded star - 23/07/06
Dwarf survives in stellar furnace - 02/08/06
Supernova captured in 'real time' - 30/08/06
Probe to study mighty explosions - 09/09/06
Exploding star 'breaks the rules' - 21/09/06
Japan launches Sun 'microscope' - 22/09/06
Spacecraft to make 3D Sun movies - 25/10/06
In formative years, the sun had sisters - 25/10/06
Sun probe sends back first data - 03/11/06
Telescope catches 'monster flare' - 07/11/06
Telescope captures double blast - 22/11/06
Probe's close-up of Sun eruption - 29/11/06
Cosmic bang baffles boffins - 25/12/06
Star may have four magnetic poles - 09/01/07
New stars offer clue to the past - 10/01/07
Spacecraft return Sun panoramas - 02/03/07
'Pipe organ' plays above the Sun - 20/04/07
Dwarf stars emit powerful pulse - 20/04/07
Spacecraft return 3D Sun pictures - 23/04/07
Star dies in brightest supernova - 08/05/07 SN 2006gy
Secrets of Sun-like star probed - 01/06/07
Cold object delights astronomers - 04/06/07 with a surface temperature of just 600-700 Kelvin, J0034-00 is the coldest solitary brown dwarf ever seen, according to the British team that discovered it
Colossal tail trails dying star - 15/08/07
Rare dead star found near Earth - 20/08/07 Calvera
Speeding Star to Escape from Milky Way - 28/11/07 neutron star RX J0822-4300 is racing out of our Milky Way Galaxy at about 3 million mph
First stars 'may have been dark' - 19/02/08
NASA observatory uncovers youngest ever supernova - 15/05/08 G1.9+0.3 blew up only 140 years ago
Exploding star caught in the act - 21/05/08
Sun Goes Longer Than Normal Without Producing Sunspots - 09/06/08
NASA Plans to Visit the Sun - 10/06/08
The Pole star comes to life again - 21/07/08
Sun Makes History: First Spotless Month in a Century - 01/09/08
Solar wind blows at 50-year low - 24/09/08
Pictures of Solar (In)Activity - 13/10/08
Probe studies solar system's edge - 20/10/08
Astronomers catch binary star explosion inside nebula - 19/11/08
Ancient supernova mystery solved - 04/12/08 The debris from Tycho's supernova of 1572 has expanded over the last 400 years into a cloud of gas and dust with a diameter of more than 20 light years. The new measurements may shed light on important, unsolved questions about how type Ia supernovae arise.
Astrophysicists find the universe's faintest stars - 10/12/08 a pair of twin “brown dwarfs” each just a millionth as bright as the sun, have been spotted by a team led by MIT physicist Adam Burgasser
Cassiopeia A Comes Alive Across Time and Space - 06/01/09
Even stars get fat -- And 'stellar cannibalism' is the reason - 14/01/09
Geriatric pulsar still kicking - 03/03/09 PSR J0108-1431 (or J0108 for short)
After the collapse: Scientists observe the largest exploding star yet seen - 23/03/09
Thieving dwarves cause supernovae - 14/04/09
Rocky clues from dirty dead stars - 20/04/09
'Quiet Sun' baffling astronomers - 21/04/09
New light shed on pulsar puzzle - 21/05/09
Unusual shape of exploded star puzzles scientists - 17/06/09
Dying stars captured with space imaging breakthrough - 08/07/09
Sharp view of 'Orion's shoulder' - 29/07/09
New laser technique may help find supernova - 11/08/09 by identifying an atom of hafnium 182
Particles as tracers for the most massive explosions in the Milky Way - 11/08/09
Making Massive Stars - 15/09/09
Solar Cycle Driven by More than Sunspots - 17/09/09
Oddball stars explained - 17/09/09
Twin Keck telescopes probe dual dust disks - 24/09/09
Rapid star formation spotted in 'stellar nurseries' of infant galaxies - 11//11/09
Two Earth-sized bodies with oxygen rich atmospheres found -- but they're stars not planets - 12/11/09
Ticking stellar time bomb identified (w/ Video) - 17/11/09
Mystery of the Solar Tsunami -- Solved (w/ Video) - 19/11/09
Herschel telescope 'fingerprints' colossal star - 27/11/09
Newly discovered star one of hottest in Galaxy (w/ Video) - 03/12/09
A faint star orbiting the Big Dipper's Alcor discovered - 10/12/09
Herschel space telescope captures birth of stars - 16/12/09
Supernova explosions stay in shape - 17/12/09
Brown dwarf pair mystifies astronomers - 21/12/09
A New Method of Estimating Stellar Distances - 21/12/09
tle Stars from the Early Galaxy: Understanding the Milky Way's Oldest Stellar Population - 22/12/09
Researchers recalculate age of Solar System - 04/01/10
Runaway anti-matter production makes for a spectacular stellar explosion - 04/01/10
Centuries-Old Star Mystery Coming to a Close - 05/01/10
Heavy Elements in the Sun - 06/01/10
Massive white dwarf in our galaxy may go supernova - 07/01/10
Why Won't the Supernova Explode? - 07/01/10
Eclipses Yield First Images of Elusive Iron Line in the Solar Corona - 08/01/10
Giant Magnetic Loop Sweeps Through Space Between Stellar Pair - 13/01/10
Astronomers Discover Coolest Sub-Stellar Body Outside Our Solar System - 01/02/10
The Stars behind the Curtain (w/ Video) - 03/02/10
No Place to Hide: Missing Primitive Stars Outside Milky Way Uncovered - 17/02/10
Astronomers discover secret of the supernova - 18/02/10
Origin of cosmic explosions discovered - 18/02/10
Massive stars' magnetically controlled diets - 18/02/10
Red Dwarf-Red Giant Binary Pair of Stars Found - 19/02/10
A New Class of Variable Stars Revealed - 26/02/10 The Harvard College Observatory maintains a collection of more than 500,000 glass photographic plates of the sky taken over a century. They reveal long-term variations in the luminosities of several stars.
Most extreme white dwarf binary system found with orbit of just 5 minutes - 08/03/10
Simulating the Birth of Massive Stars - 09/03/10
The R136 star cluster hosts several stars whose individual masses greatly exceed the accepted 150 M stellar mass limit - 12/03/10
Measuring a Monstrous Supernova - 25/03/10
Astronomers Capture a Rare Stellar Eclipse in Opening Scene of Year-long Show - 07/04/10
Scientists capture 'terrifying' Tolkien-like eclipse (w/ Video) - 07/04/10
Nasa's Solar Dynamics Observatory returns first images - 21/04/10
Herschel space telescope pierces giant star bubble - 06/05/10
Hubble Catches Heavyweight Runaway Star Speeding from 30 Doradus - 11/05/10
Sun's constant size surprises scientists - 13/05/10
CH Cyg: A Close-up View of Codependent Stellar Living - 09/06/10
Astronomers Witness a Star Being Born - 17/06/10 L1448-IRS2E is located in the Perseus star-forming region, about 800 light years away within our Milky Way galaxy
Supernovae mystery solved - 30/06/10
Astronomers detect 'monster star' - 21/07/10 The 265-320 solar mass star R136a1 is in a dense cluster of stars 165,000 light years away
Sun's 'quiet period' explained - 13/08/10
How Much Mass Makes a Black Hole? - 18/08/10 Using ESO’s Very Large Telescope, European astronomers have for the first time demonstrated that a magnetar — an unusual type of neutron star — was formed from a star with at least 40 solar masses
Black hole mystery solved by magnetic star discovery - 18/08/10 Magnetars are a special type of neutron star with a powerful magnetic field
Old star wallows in 'steam bath' - 01/09/10
Giant star goes supernova -- and is smothered by its own dust - 12/10/10
Neutron star packs two Suns' mass in London-sized space - 28/10/10
'Trillions' of Earths orbit red stars in older galaxies - 01/12/10
Probing the origins of extreme neutron stars - 31/05/11
A supernova that's super different - 03/06/11
Team finds Type Ia supernovae parents - 11/08/11
The star that should not exist - 31/08/11 SDSS J102915+172927 is composed almost entirely of hydrogen and helium
Astrophysics and Extinctions: News About Planet-Threatening Events - 07/10/11
Ancient supernova mystery solved - 25/10/11
Youngest millisecond pulsar shines in gamma rays 04/11/11
In a star's final days, astronomers hunt 'signal of impending doom' - 30/11/11
Space observations of Mercury transits yield precise solar radius - 21/03/12
Hypergiant star turns out to be 'missing link' after 30 years - 05/11/12
North Star is closer than we thought, messing up our cosmic math - 17/12/12
Star Tau Boo's baffling magnetic flips - 04/07/13
Speedy tsunami seen on Sun's surface - 11/07/13
Neutron starbursts can forge gold - 18/07/13
Most powerful magnetic field in universe that is 20 trillion times stronger than a fridge magnet - 15/08/13
How the largest star known is tearing itself apart - 16/10/13
New Supernova: Hubble Catches Stellar Explosions - 09/11/13
Rare magnetar discovered in the vicinity of a supernova remnant - 12/12/13
Nearby supernova dazzles astronomers - 23/01/14
Sloshing Star Goes Supernova - 18/02/14 simulation of a supernova explosion of a massive star that's collapsing in on itself
NASA's NuSTAR Untangles Mystery of How Stars Explode - 19/02/14
NuSTAR telescope takes first peek into core of supernova - 19/02/14
'Death stars' in Orion blast planets before they even form - 10/03/14
Astronomers observe closest milemarker supernova in generation - 25/03/14
Simple, like a neutron star - 25/03/14
Contaminated white dwarfs: Scientists solve riddle of celestial archaeology - 26/03/14
Mystery of dazzling supernova solved - 24/04/14 PS1-10afx was a normal Type Ia supernova magnified by a lens in the form of a massive object
Confirmed: Stellar behemoth self-destructs in a Type IIb supernova - 22/05/14
Dead stars 'can re-ignite' and explode - 28/08/14
Incredible 4K time-lapse of the sun - 21/11/14
Sun's sizzling X-rays photographed from space - 23/12/14
Age of stars is pinned to their spin - 05/01/15
Explosive stellar tussle revealed in 3D - 07/01/15
Alien star system buzzed the Sun - 18/02/15
Star's birth glimpsed 'in real time' - 03/04/15
Explosive ripples suggest the Sun has "seasons" - 12/04/15
Star Explosion is Lopsided, Finds NASA's NuSTAR - 07/05/15
How do atoms alter during a supernova explosion? - 29/09/15
Our Sun is big, but some stars make it look like a dust mote - 10/20/15 Astronomers are not sure just how big a star can get, but given the right circumstances it looks like they can become truly colossal
Astroseismology reveals magnetic fields deep within stars - 24/10/15
The oldest ever stars are hiding at the centre of our galaxy - 13/11/15 At over 13 billion years old, these stars are older than the Milky Way itself
Scientists may have discovered remnants of the first stars - 08/01/16
Colossal star explosion detected - 01/14/16
How do we know what stars like our sun are made of? - 28/01/16
Hubble unveils monster stars - 17/03/16
Telescope spies a supernova shockwave - 22/03/16
Exploding stars left recent, radioactive mark on Earth - 06/04/16 Tiny quantities of 60Fe, which has a half-life of 2.6 million years, first detected in samples from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean in 1999 - show a peak at about two million years ago, consistent with a pair of nearby supernovae

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