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1999 Total Eclipse

UK 1999 Eclipse main page
Solar Eclipses
BBC News UK Prescott welcomes eclipse motorists
BBC News Eclipse99 Bleak outlook for UK eclipse watchers
SDAC Eclipse Information
EclipseChaser Home Page
Photographing the Total Solar Eclipse
CNN - Destination Mars
CNN - NASA releases new images of Martian landscape - March 18, 1999
Bill's Eclipses

Jetting across the world to see an eclipse - 11/08/00 RealVideo
Christmas eclipse to provide rare holiday light show - 12/12/00
Christmas sun's vanishing act - 25/12/00

2001 Total Eclipse

Scientists gear up for Africa's eclipse - 14/06/01
Angolan concern ahead of eclipse - 18/06/01
Africa awaits total eclipse of the sun - 18/06/01
Madagascar awaits total eclipse - 20/06/01
Total solar eclipse awes onlookers in Africa - 22/06/01

2003 Annular Eclipse

Your pictures: Annular eclipse - 31/05/03

2009 Total Eclipse

Asia watches long solar eclipse - 21/07/09
In pictures: Solar eclipse over Asia - 22/07/09

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