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BBC Online - The Planets
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GSA Planetary Geology Division
The Cambridge Photographic Guide to the Planets, at Amazon USA
The Compact NASA Atlas of the Solar System, at Amazon USA
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Solar Systm Jigsaw
Encyclopedia of the Solar System
The Nine Planets: A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System
The Nine Planets - multimedia tour
The Nine Planets Glossary
Welcome to the Planets
How Are Minor Planets Named
Planets put on a show - 06/04/00
Terra begins Earth monitoring - 20/04/00
Cosmic alignment heralds no disaster - 03/05/00
Seventh heaven does not spell end of world - 04/05/00
Solar observatory films planet parade - 08/05/00
Spectacular planet show promised - 19/04/02
The planets descend on the UK - 20/03/04
UK Solar System set for creation - 10/03/05
Proposal would increase planets from 9 to 12 - 16/08/06 A planet is now any round object larger than 800 kilometers. Earth's moon would not qualify because the two bodies' common center of gravity lies below the surface of the Earth
Planets plan boosts tally to 12 - 16/08/06
Q&A New planets proposal - 16/08/06
Pluto loses status as a planet - 24/08/06 The scientists agreed that for a celestial body to qualify as a planet: it must be in orbit around the Sun, it must be large enough that it takes on a nearly round shape, it has cleared its orbit of other objects
Pluto gets the boot - 24/08/06
Pluto vote 'hijacked' in revolt - 25/08/06 Dr Alan Stern: "It's an awful definition; it's sloppy science and it would never pass peer review"
Astronomers name 'world of chaos' - 14/09/06 2003 UB313 'Xena' is now 'Eris' and its moon is 'Dysnomia'
Queen back at museum 70 years on - 23/05/07 she has opened a new planetarium at the Royal Observatory
How Earth Survived Its Birth: New Simulation Reveals Planet Migration Prevents Plunge Into Sun - 08/01/10
Dynamo theory: How small planets can have self-sustaining magnetic fields - 25/03/10
How many planets are in the solar system? - 28/05/13
What makes a planet habitable? - 17/08/15
Striking views of our Solar System - 14/01/16

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