A planet beyond Pluto
'Mini-Pluto' spotted orbiting the Sun - 25/10/00 2000 EB 173
New Solar System object detected - 04/12/00
'Minor planet' found in obscure corner of solar system - 05/12/00 2000 WR106
Astronomers find distant 'double planet' - 18/04/01
Giant world detected in deep space - 03/07/01 2001 KX76
New world found far beyond Pluto - 20/02/04 2004 DW
Astronomers discover 'new planet' - 15/03/04 Found further away than other planets by the recently launched Spitzer Space Telescope, it has been called Sedna after the Inuit goddess of the ocean. Observations show it is about 2,000km across and it may even be larger than Pluto, which is 2,250km across
'New planet' may have a moon - 15/03/04
How do planets get their names? - 16/03/04
'New planet' forces rethink - 17/03/04
Sedna has no moon say astronomers - 14/04/04
Distant object found orbiting Sun - 29/07/05
Astronomers detect '10th planet' - 30/07/05
Planet casts new light on solar system - 31/07/05
'10th planet' has moon companion - 03/10/05
Distant world tops Pluto for size - 01/02/06 2003 UB313 ("Xena") has a diameter of some 3,000km - about 700km more than Pluto
Pluto loses status as a planet - 24/08/06 The scientists agreed that for a celestial body to qualify as a planet: it must be in orbit around the Sun, it must be large enough that it takes on a nearly round shape, it has cleared its orbit of other objects
Astronomers name 'world of chaos' - 14/09/06 2003 UB313 'Xena' is now 'Eris' and its moon is 'Dysnomia'
Nasa finds new neighbours but no Planet X - 07/03/14
A new object at the edge of our Solar System discovered - 26/03/14 2012 VP113
NASA Supported Research Helps Redefine Solar System's Edge - 26/03/14 2012 VP113
Newly discovered dwarf planet is solar systemís most distant object - 12/11/15
Case made for 'ninth planet' - 20/01/16
Planet Nine's profile fleshed out - 08/04/16

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