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Astrophysics wasn't an easy option but nobody told me that at the time. At first there were two of us on the course; after a couple of years there was just me! In the end I specialized in nucleosynthesis in massive stars (about 20 solar masses). This involves the fusion of ionized light atoms into heavier ones and takes place at very high temperatures and pressures.

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Astronomy Books

A-level Physics: Astrophysics and Cosmology A Glance Seven Wonders of the Cosmos A Glance The New Astronomer
Astronomy For Dummies, at Amazon USA
An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics, at Amazon UK
The Oxford Guide to the History of Physics and Astronomy, at Amazon USA
The Amateur Astronomer's Introduction to the Celestial Sphere, at Amazon USA
Observational Astronomy, at Amazon USA
Astrochemistry: from Astronomy to Astrobiology, at Amazon USA
An Introduction to Optical Stellar Interferometry, at Amazon USA
Guidebook for the Scientific Traveler: Visiting Astronomy and Space Exploration Sites Across America
A Practical Guide to Lightcurve Photometry and Analysis
State of the Universe 2008: New Images, Discoveries, and Events
Books on Astrophysics/Nucleosynthesis
Astronomy 101: From the Sun and Moon to Wormholes and Warp Drive, Key Theories, Discoveries, and Facts about the Universe $10

Astronomy News

CNN - Hubble catches cosmic 'butterfly' - June 14, 1999
ASTR 103 Earth-Sky - Cyclic Phenomenon
BBC News Sci-Tech Gold rush in space
Armagh Planetarium
Cyber Astronomy
Hubble's house call - 09/11/99
Police investigate Copernicus theft - 08/02/00
XMM Space X-ray images revealed - 09/02/00
Skywatchers marvel at light show - 07/04/00
Hubble: 10 Years of Cosmic Drama - 17/04/00
Cosmic rays will reveal universal secrets - 19/04/00
Happy Birthday to Hubble - 24/04/00
Hubble telescope marks 10 years of wonder - 24/04/00
Black hole search begins - 08/05/00
Bad places in space - 08/06/00 Stunning images of the hot and violent parts of the cosmos have been revealed at an astronomy conference in the US
Boost for astronomers - 18/06/00
Top honour for Patrick Moore - 30/12/00
The night sky for February 2001
British astronomy faces shake-up - 12/04/01
MathTools Astronomical software, algorithms etc
It's space, but not as we know it - 11/01/02 the 'average' colour of space is between turquoise and aquamarine... Pantone 7472c or 7465c
The colour of the cosmos - 11/01/02
The night sky for March - 01/03/02
Name a Star? The Truth about Buying Your Place in Heaven - 15/09/03
Smart software watches the skies - 15/10/03
Pacemaker for Sir Patrick Moore - 08/03/06
Astronomer Moore is 'doing well' - 09/03/06
Man who discovered Van Allen Belts dies - 09/08/06
Lighting is still in the Dark Age - 17/08/06
The Sky at Night enters 50th year - 07/01/07
Queen star hands in science PhD - 03/08/07 Brian May's thesis is on zodiacal dust clouds
Google Earth given celestial view - 22/08/07
Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge: Astrophysics Course Guide
Virtual telescope opens night sky - 13/05/08
Where mathematics and astrophysics meet - 05/06/08
Scientists say Copernicus' remains, grave found - 20/11/08
Dark Matter May be Easier to Detect than Previously Thought - 10/08/09
Astronomers unveil an amazing, interactive, 360-degree panoramic view of the entire night sky - 14/09/09
Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe exhumed to solve mystery - 15/11/10
Prof Brian Cox visits Chankillo solar calendar in Peru - 06/03/11
2011 Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition winners - 08/09/11
Gravity waves spotted from white-dwarf pair - 29/08/12
Astronomer Tycho Brahe 'not poisoned', says expert - 15/11/12
Sir Patrick Moore, astronomer and broadcaster, dies aged 89 - 09/12/12
Sir Patrick Moore, self-taught stargazer who inspired millions, dies aged 89 - 09/12/12
Obituary: Patrick Moore - 09/12/12
Sir Patrick Moore: Chris Lintott's tribute - 09/12/12
Sir Patrick Moore - 09/12/12
Sir Patrick Moore dies aged 89: Classic moments from 'The Sky At Night' - 09/12/12
Sir Patrick Moore on amateur astronomy - 09/12/12
Moore interviews Neil Armstrong - 09/12/12
Sir Patrick Moore in pictures - 09/12/12
Galileo Matters More Than Ever on His 450th Birthday - 15/02/14
Why do mornings still get darker after the winter solstice? - 20/12/14

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