Milky Way Galaxy dimensions: 100k ly x 2k ly, containing 2 x 1011 stars
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BBC: Hubble snaps stunning spiral galaxy NGC 4414
CNN - Two supermassive star clouds found in Milky Way center - 16/09/99
Dance of the galaxies - 05/11/99
X-rays mark galactic collision - 17/11/99
Sombrero Galaxy stuns astronomers - 29/02/00
Red light for exploding galaxy - 27/03/00
Hubble image sheds light on darkness within galaxies - 11/05/00
Astronomers make the Milky Way vanish - 24/05/00
Sweet secret of life in the stars - 17/06/00 A simple sugar molecule is found in a cloud of dust and gas near the centre of our galaxy, the Milky Way
Chandra celebrates 1st birthday with galactic 'superbubbles' [in Corvus] - 17/08/00
Galaxies older than previously thought - 18/08/00
Scientists look into Milky Way core - 20/09/00 Sagittarius A* is located at the exact point around which our galaxy revolves
Astronomers pinpoint black hole at center of Milky Way - 21/09/00
On-off flashes excite astronomers - 29/09/00
Heart of the Milky Way - 17/10/00
Hubble Solves Cosmic Mystery - 27/10/00
Hubble spies colliding galaxies - 03/11/00 NGC 6745
Galactic mystery: Solving a universal puzzle - 30/11/00
RealVideo Black hole takes 'light snack' - 01/12/00
Huge galaxy grouping spied - 09/01/01
Hubble spots 'pipeline' between rowdy galactic neighbors - 11/01/01
Spiral galaxy stays young at heart - 04/06/01
Astronomers get six-way vision - 30/08/01 gravitational lens
Telescope snaps 'perfect spiral' - 02/10/01 NGC 628 (Messier 74)
Hubble peers at core of globular cluster - 04/10/01 Omega Centauri
Telescopes detect tiny, very distant galaxy - 05/10/01
Goofy galaxy spins in wrong direction - 08/02/02
Cosmic ray mystery 'solved' - 23/04/02
Galaxy 'may cause ice ages' - 31/07/02
Galactic collision leaves glowing scar - 25/10/02
Distant galaxies break record - 13/12/02 Astronomers using a VLT have obtained the deepest near-infrared image of the sky ever
Hubble watches galactic dance - 16/12/02 Seyfert's Sextet
Ring of stars circling the Milky Way - 06/02/03
Hubble's deep view shows cosmic violence - 08/05/03
Universe's smallest galaxies discovered - 28/05/03
Puzzle of empty galaxies - 15/07/03
Astronomers see 'cosmic camp fire' - 01/08/03
Astronomers find nearest galaxy to the Milky Way - 04/11/03 Canis Major is 42,000 light years from the centre of the Milky Way
Nearest Milky Way companion found - 04/11/03
Galactic impact makes black holes - 09/12/03
Secrets of the 'Evil Eye' galaxy - 05/02/04 M64
Telescope probes far off galaxy - 02/03/04
Hubble sees glowing ring of fire - 22/04/04
Big discovery redraws map of the Milky Way - 05/05/04
Milky Way spiral gets an extra arm - 09/05/04
Hubble sights Milky Way's 'twin' - 09/08/04
Stars reveal the Milky Way's age - 17/08/04
Astronomers capture galactic dance - 13/09/04 photo
Hubble spots 'youngest galaxy' - 07/12/04
Astronomers find star-less galaxy - 23/02/05
Galaxy has mystery star clusters - 05/04/05
Galactic pancake mystery solved - 07/04/05
Cosmic particle accelerator seen - 08/04/05
Fossil galaxies 'eat neighbours' - 08/04/05
Cosmic 'traffic pile-ups' probed - 08/04/05
The bar at the center of the galaxy - 16/08/05
Telescope views death of galaxy - 30/08/05
Spiral arm of Milky Way looms closer than thought - 08/12/05 the Perseus arm is just 6400 light years from Earth, calculated using the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) and the parallax method
Missing: One million stars (give or take) - 14/02/06 Messier 12 is located about 23,000 light-years away in the constellation Ophiuchus. It is one of about 200 known globular clusters in the Milky Way. The number of stars in a cluster can range from 10,000 to more than a million
Hubble pictures Pinwheel Galaxy in all its glory - 28/02/06 M101 is 170,000 light years across – nearly twice the size of the Milky Way – and takes up an area of the sky equivalent to one-fifth the size of a full Moon. It lies about 25 million light years from Earth – about 10 times as far as our nearest large neighbour, the Andromeda galaxy
Andromeda's Stellar Halo Shows Galaxy's Origin to Be Similar to That of Milky Way - 28/02/10
Galaxy cluster’s maturity surprises scientists - 08/06/06
Astronomers peer at distant epoch - 14/09/06
Vast halo extends galaxy's size - 08/01/07
Tiny galaxy hosts huge black hole - 09/01/07
Magellanic Clouds 'just passing' - 10/01/07
Light is shed on darkest galaxies - 15/02/07
Scientists seek galaxy hunt help - 11/07/07
Astronomers claim galaxy record - 11/07/07 They have pictures of what appear to be very faint galaxies that shone more than 13 billion years ago, a mere 500 million years after the Big Bang
Galaxies clash in four-way merger - 06/08/07
Black hole 'bully' blasts galaxy - 17/12/07 The event is occurring in a system called 3C321, which lies 1.4 billion light-years from Earth. It contains two galaxies in orbit around one another which are in the process of merging
Milky Way 'ancestors' discovered - 09/01/08
Spiral galaxy winds backwards - 10/01/08 NGC4622
Perfectly Aligned Galaxies Found For the First Time - 11/01/08
Huge gas cloud will hit Milky Way - 12/01/08
Double bullseye for Einstein - 11/01/08 The gravitational-lens system known as SDSSJ0946+1006 includes a bright foreground galaxy at center, the ringlike image of a middle galaxy 6 billion light-years away, and the dimmer ring of another galaxy 11 billion light-years away
New Milky Way Map Created; Shows Fewer Main Arms - 03/06/08
Spitzer Captures Stellar Coming of Age in Our Galaxy - 03/06/08
How stars get stolen - 05/08/08
Amateur astronomer spots gassy ‘cosmic ghost’ - 05/08/08 A greenish blob of gas known as "Hanny's Voorwerp" is thought to be a light echo from the bright, stormy center of a distant galaxy that has now gone dim
Cosmic Lens Reveals Distant Galactic Violence - 20/10/08
Milky Way — the galaxy — not snack-sized anymore - 05/01/09
Milky Way 'bigger than thought' - 06/01/09
Black holes 'preceded galaxies' - 07/01/09
Galaxy Cores to Crash in a Few Million Years - 16/03/09 NGC 6240
Discovery poses challenge to galaxy formation theories - 10/04/09
Hubble celebrates 19th anniversary with fountain of youth - 21/04/09
'Space blob' baffles astronomers - 22/04/09
Star-Forming Backbone of a Massive Structure in the Early Universe Photographed - 20/05/09
Astronomers reveal a 'blue whale of space' - 07/07/09 Centaurus A
Astrophysicists solve mystery in Milky Way galaxy - 09/07/09
NASA's Spitzer Images Out-of-This-World Galaxy - 23/07/09
Astronomers Find Hyperactive Galaxies in the Early Universe - 05/08/09
Zooming to the centre of the Milky Way -- GigaGalaxy Zoom phase 2 - 21/09/09
New Vista of Milky Way Center Unveiled - 22/09/09
Herschel scans hidden Milky Way - 02/10/09
Glimpses of Solar System's edge - 15/10/09
'Most distant' galaxy group spied - 22/10/09 JKCS041, is 10.2 billion light-years away
NGC 4710 galaxy: Baffling boxy bulge (w/ Video) - 18/11/09
Astronomers release galactic collision game - 25/11/09
Cosmic 'Dig' Reveals Vestiges of the Milky Way's Building Blocks - 25/11/09
Hubble sees most distant galaxies - 08/12/09
Fermi sees brightest-ever blazar flare - 09/12/09
Hubble Reaches the 'Undiscovered Country' of Primeval Galaxies - 05/01/10
Astronomers Detect Cosmic 'Dark Energy' in Galaxies Nearest Earth - 06/01/10
Astronomers unveil images of 12-billion-year-old space nursery - 06/01/10
Scientists reveal Milky Way's magnetic attraction - 06/01/10
Dark Halo Around Our Galaxy Looks Like Squished Beach Ball - 06/01/10
New tidal streams found in Andromeda reveal history of galactic mergers - 07/01/10
How Galaxies Came to Be: Astronomers Explain Hubble Sequence - 13/01/10
New research resolves conflict in theory of how galaxies form (w/ Video) - 13/01/10
Hubble Catches End of Star-Making Party in Nearby Dwarf Galaxy - 14/01/10
Dense Gas in Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies - 15/01/10
Merging galaxies create a binary quasar (w/ Video) - 03/02/10
Why Today's Galaxies Don't Make As Many Stars As They Once Did - 11/02/10
First images from Nasa's Wise infrared sky probe - 18/02/10
Jurassic Space: Ancient Galaxies Come Together After Billions of Years - 18/02/10 these galaxies, members of Hickson Compact Group 31, are relatively nearby, only 166 million light-years away, and are on their way to building a large elliptical galaxy
Alien Star Clusters Fill Our Galaxy - 23/02/10
Old star is 'missing link' in galactic evolution - 03/03/10
Bully galaxy rules the neighborhood (w/ Video) - 04/03/10
Gone With the Galactic Wind: 10 Years of Chandra X-ray Observations Reveal Galaxy Secrets - 08/03/10
Hiding Out Behind the Milky Way - 07/04/10
M81's 'Halo' Sheds Light on Galaxy Formation - 13/04/10
Researchers study galaxy mergers - 19/04/10
Esa's Planck telescope finds value in 'reject' data - 26/04/10
Spiral, barred, elliptical and irregular: Computers automatically classify galaxy shapes - 02/06/10
Astrophysicists discover a quasar that acts as a cosmic lens (w/ Video) - 20/07/10
Dwarf galaxies gobbled by their giant neighbours - 07/09/10
Ghosts of the future: First giant structures of the universe - 13/10/10
Galaxy is most distant object yet - 20/10/10 UDFy-38135539 is of keen interest because it is embedded directly in the "epoch of re-ionisation"
Herschel's hidden talent: digging up magnified galaxies - 04/11/10
Andromeda 'born in a collision' - 25/11/10
Milky Way stars move in mysterious ways - 30/11/10
Hubble Spots Oldest Galaxy Ever Seen - 26/01/11
Raging storms sweep away galactic gas - 09/05/11
A spiral galaxy that resembles our Milky Way - 01/06/11
Strange New "Species" of Ultra-Red Galaxy Discovered - 01/12/11
Hubble snaps stunning barred spiral galaxy image - 03/02/12
The origins of a torus in a galactic nucleus - 13/03/12
Picture captures a billion stars - 29/03/12
First spiral galaxy in early Universe stuns astronomers - 19/07/12
NASA Telescopes Spy Ultra-Distant Galaxy - 19/09/12
Hubble captures extraordinary view of Universe - 26/09/12
New Species of Galaxy Discovered Glowing from Light of Monster Black Holes - 05/12/12
Little telescope spies gigantic galaxy clusters - 06/12/12
Hubble achieves deepest view yet - 12/12/12 UDFj-39546284 is seen when the cosmos was less than 3% of its current age
Galaxy crash sparks large spiral - 11/01/13 NGC 6872 is a galaxy about 212 million light-years away in the constellation Pavo
Shedding light on the power of M 82's superwinds - 19/01/13
Feeding galaxy caught in distant searchlight - 04/07/13
New galaxy 'most distant' yet discovered - 23/10/13
Galaxy growth examined like rings of a tree - 01/11/13
Hubble's first frontier field finds thousands of unseen, faraway galaxies - 07/01/14
Hubble looks at Messier 65 and its history - 27/01/14
Astronomers weigh up Milky Way - 30/07/14
Interactive dark matter could explain Milky Way's missing satellite galaxies - 08/09/14
Background light suggests many stars 'outside galaxies' - 06/11/14
Hubbles spies the beautiful galaxy IC 335 - 24/12/14
The corrugated galaxy: Milky Way may be much larger than previously estimated - 11/03/15
The Milky Way's new companion galaxies - 18/03/15

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