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CNN - Astronomers calculate age of the universe - 25/05/99
BBC: Universe is 12 billion years old
Viper telescope probes Big Bang 'echo' - 05/11/99
Hawking searches for everything - 21/07/99
Measuring the Universe - 13/09/99 at Amazon UK, or Amazon USA
"The Universe, the Eleventh Dimension, and Everything: What We Know and How We Know It" by Richard Morris
"God's Equation: Einstein, Relativity and the Expanding Universe" by Amir D. Aczel
Gamma ray finding may open new window on universe - 25/11/99
X-raying the violent Universe - 30/11/99
Ready to X-ray the Universe - 10/12/99
XMM ready to go - 10/12/99
XMM takes first snap - 13/12/99
Chandra solves cosmic X-ray mystery - 14/01/00
Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
'Little Bang' creates cosmic soup - 10/02/00
New X-ray orbiter finds universe hotter than thought - 10/02/00
Most distant object in Universe found - 19/02/00
New light on dark matter - 08/03/00
Wormholes take on a new dimension - 13/04/00
The Light Cone - An Illuminating Introduction to Relativity
Boffins ready to bombard Earth - 13/04/00
Astronomers see further than ever - 14/04/00
Hubble could smash distance record - 14/04/00
Magnetic 'bubble' in distant galaxy - 17/04/00
Cosmologists believe study in the Antarctic proves universe is flat - 27/04/00
Universe proven flat - 27/04/00
Structure and Evolution of the Universe
NASA's Scientific Balloon Program
Hubble finds hydrogen 'lost' in space - 08/05/00
Deflected light 'sees' dark matter - 11/05/00
Dark energy quickens universe expansion - 02/04/01
Glimpses of the darkness at the heart of the universe - 12/04/01
Scientists hear sound of creation in big-bang echo - 29/04/01
When the Universe was 'spongy' - 22/05/01
Scientists detect an echo of the Big Bang - 31/05/01
Quest for Universe's oldest light - 29/06/01
Space: Our Final Frontier, by John Gribbin, at Amazon UK for £15.99 prone to pet theories
The answer to the universe and everything? - 17/10/01 Prof Stephen Hawking's new book The Universe in a Nutshell
NASA Studying Dawn of the Universe - 19/10/01 Light left over from the Big Bang may give up its secrets
Hubble's dark conundrum - 06/12/01
Computer hitch made universe turn green - 08/03/02
Universe is off colour - 08/03/02
Far away stars light early cosmos - 14/03/02
Recreating the Big Bang - 09/04/02
Dust from dawn of time - 12/04/02
Age of Universe confirmed - 25/04/02
Universe in 'endless cycle' - 25/04/02
Laws of physics 'may change' - 17/05/02 fine structure constant
Universe shows its dark side - 23/05/02
Probing the Universe's first light - 24/05/02
Hawking takes top book prize for The Universe In A Nutshell - 25/06/02
Cosmos could be much older than thought - 10/07/02
Universe is 'doomed to collapse' - 21/10/02
Distant galaxies break record - 13/12/02 Astronomers using a VLT have obtained the deepest near-infrared image of the sky ever
Biggest 'Zoom Lens' in Space Takes Hubble Deeper into the Universe - 07/01/03
Einstein proved right on gravity - 08/01/03
Pictures of galaxies put time in question - 08/02/03
Universe to expand for ever - 14/02/03
Map reveals strange cosmos - 03/03/03 the Universe may not be the same in all directions
Cosmic lens reveals stellar secrets - 08/04/03
Twilight of the universe - 08/08/03
Exploring the hidden Universe - 22/08/03 The Space Infrared Telescope Facility (SIRTF), as it is called, will detect infrared energy (heat) emitted from stars, galaxies and planets
Nasa launches universe probe - 25/08/03
Dark energy tops science class - 18/12/03
Space telescope sends images of hidden cosmos - 19/12/03
Hubble obtains deepest space view - 16/01/04
Hubble sees 'most distant object' - 15/02/04
Hubble's deep view of the cosmos - 09/03/04
Earth on the 'Wimp highway' - 29/03/04
Universe given mid-life booster - 19/05/04
Cosmos 'a billion years older' - 20/05/04
Astronomers size up the Universe - 28/05/04 at least 156 billion light-years wide
'Birth cry' of the cosmos heard - 23/06/04
Mission's path to new astronomy - 24/06/04
Hubble's deepest shot is a puzzle - 23/09/04
Flash, Big Bang, Wallop! What a picture! - 02/10/04
Sky surveys reveal cosmic ripples - 12/01/05
Telescope catches early starlight - 06/04/05
Early Universe was 'liquid-like' - 19/04/05
Wormhole 'no use' for time travel - 23/05/05
Biggest ever cosmos simulation - 01/06/05
Most distant cosmic blast sighted - 12/09/05
Glow from first stars revealed - 03/11/05 by the Infrared Array Camera (Irac) on the US space agency's Spitzer Space Telescope
The science of riding gravity waves - 08/11/05
Hawking's cosmological riff - 11/11/05
Dark matter comes out of the cold - 05/02/06 A team from Cambridge used 23 nights of observing time on the VLT to put some real numbers on the physical characteristics of dark matter
Starry river discovered - 15/03/06
NASA probe peers back to instant after Big Bang - 16/03/06
Universe 'child of previous one' - 05/05/06
Team finds 'proof' of dark matter - 21/08/06
Telescope set to reveal 'Big Bang' - 24/08/06 Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA), currently being built in the Atacama Desert, northern Chile
'Ancient light' takes Nobel Prize - 03/10/06
Astronomers complete mighty map - 05/10/06
Mysterious force's long presence - 16/11/06
Hubble makes 3D dark matter map - 07/01/07
Satellite prepares to go super-cold - 04/02/07 George Smoot has been studying Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB)
248-dimension maths puzzle solved - 19/03/07
Hubble spots ring of dark matter - 15/05/07
Dark matter clues in oldest stars - 14/09/07
Scientist reworks star distances - 28/09/07 Hipparcos
How a Catholic priest gave us the Big Bang Theory - 28/12/07 Fr. Georges Lemaitre
Hubble peers into dark matter web - 15/01/08
Could The Universe Be Tied Up With Cosmic String? - 21/01/08
The end to a mystery? - 31/01/08 Dr HongSheng Zhao, of St. Andrews University’s School of Physics and Astronomy, has shown that the puzzling dark matter and its counterpart dark energy may be more closely linked than was previously thought
Local Group moves at about 600 km per sec relative to primordial radiation - 09/03/08
Cosmic 'treasure trove' revealed - 11/03/08
Cosmic crash unmasks dark matter - 30/08/08
Voiding the Cosmic Void: We're not at Center of the Universe After All - 10/12/08
Zeroing in on Hubble's constant - 05/01/09
NASA Balloon Mission Tunes in to a Cosmic Radio Mystery - 07/01/09
Fermi telescope reveals best-ever view of the gamma-ray sky - 11/03/09
Hubble provides new evidence for dark matter around small galaxies - 12/03/09
Possible Fifth Force Would Make Direct Detection of Dark Matter Unlikely - 26/03/09
Scientist to 'refine' size of Universe with Kepler - 13/04/09
Cosmic blast sets distance mark - 28/04/09
Three times farther away in outer space than previously possible -- a new way to measure cosmic distances - 08/06/09 Ohio State University astronomers are using the Large Binocular Telescope to look for ultra long period cepheid stars in galaxies such as M81
Planck telescope's first glimpses - 17/09/09
Astrophysicists unwind 'Cold Dark Matter Catastrophe' conundrum - 14/01/10
Cosmos has billions more stars than thought - 24/03/10
Hubble confirms cosmic acceleration with weak lensing (w/ Video) - 25/03/10
Studying Matter and Radiation from the Early Universe - 12/04/10
Planck telescope reveals ancient cosmic light - 05/07/10
Revised theory of gravity doesn't predict a Big Bang - 12/07/10 In 1924, Eddington proposed a new “gravitational action” as an alternative to the Einstein-Hilbert action, which could serve as an alternative starting point to general relativity
Rethinking Einstein: The end of space-time - 09/08/10
Cosmos may show echoes of events before Big Bang - 27/11/10
Fermi gamma-ray image updates 'extreme Universe' view - 13/05/11
Survey gets a grip on dark energy - 30/03/12
Space 'textures' nearly ruled out in WMap study - 13/06/12
Dark matter tracks could give earliest view of Universe - 20/06/12
Quasars illustrate dark energy's roller coaster ride - 13/11/12
Supernova 'Mingus' could shed light on dark energy - 10/01/13 It was in a Type 1a, ten billion light-years distant
Fermi telescope may change to dark matter hunting - 18/01/13
Distance to neighbouring galaxy measured - 07/03/13
Planck satellite: Maps detail Universe's ancient light - 21/03/13
New image confirms Big Bang - 22/03/13
International team strengthens Big Bang Theory - 06/06/13
Euclid spacecraft to be built by Thales Alenia Space - 27/06/13
Fermi telescope: 'Violent cosmos' map gets more extreme - 01/07/13
Did Andromeda crash into the Milky Way 10 billion years ago? - 04/07/13
Astronomic news: the universe may not be expanding after all - 14/08/13
Universe measured to 1% accuracy - 09/01/14
Cosmic 'web' seen for first time - 20/01/14
Weirdness in cosmic web of the universe: Faint strings of galaxies in 'empty' space arranged in way never before seen - 10/03/14
Hubble extends stellar tape measure 10 times farther into space - 10/04/14
Visualizing 13 Billion Years of Cosmic Evolution - 07/05/14
New test may provide 'smoking gun' for modified gravity - 20/06/14 galaxy pairwise velocity
Should the Higgs boson have caused our Universe to collapse? - 24/06/14 British cosmologists are puzzled: they predict that the Universe should not have lasted for more than a second
Cosmic inflation: BICEP 'underestimated' dust problem - 22/09/14
Astrophysicists Reveal Amount of Dark Matter is Less Than Previously Thought - 09/10/14
Why is there something rather than nothing? - 07/11/14
Cosmic inflation: New study says BICEP detection was wrong - 30/01/15
Planck telescope puts new datestamp on first stars - 05/02/15
Dark matter map unveils first results - 13/04/15
How will the universe end, and could anything survive? - 11/06/15
New record: Keck Observatory measures most distant galaxy - 06/08/15
Fading cosmos quantified in 21 colours - 10/08/15
Lisa Pathfinder physics probe sent to spaceport - 08/10/15

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