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Public views 'unfinished' works of perfectionist Cezanne - 15/06/00
Turner shortlist unveiled - 14/06/00
Picasso's erotic works on display - 20/02/01


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Artists unveil Tate Britain - 23/03/00
Will Lowry be the saviour of Salford? - 08/04/00
Queen Mother turns Somerset House into home for the arts - 26/05/00
Somerset House
Million-visitor Tate paints a picture of wealth - 28/06/00 South Bank of the Thames braces itself for an economic surge driven by the pulling power of new gallery
National acquires £6.5m Cimabue - 30/06/00 Unloved masterpiece rescued by gallery
French billionaire plans gallery to rival the Tate - 06/09/00
Royal opening for Lowry centre - 12/10/00
The year at the Tate - 27/12/00
Spending spree on Modern may force Tate sell-off - 04/02/01
Blunt sold Canadians looted fake paintings - 04/02/01
New berth for the best maritime art - 26/03/01 Inigo Jones's Queen's House at Greenwich
In Pictures: Tate Britain galleries - 30/10/01
Prince sets Tate Britain party rolling - 31/10/01
London out of the picture as gallery closes - 12/01/02 EU taxes and the rise of New York in the art world have ended Lefevre, a proud old firm
'We don't need visitors,' says arts centre chief - 10/03/02 Sune Nordgren, the director of the £47-million Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead, "has the diplomatic skills of an rhinoceros" and is "in a world of his own."
Spaniard new head of Tate Modern - 30/05/02 replacing Lars Nittve
Duke of Northumberland: 'Gallery tried to shame me into selling Raphael' - 13/01/03
Mayor opens space age pier - 22/05/03
New cronyism allegations over Tate trustees' art - 20/11/05 the gallery now owns art works linked to six of its own trustees
Saatchi 'offered Tate collection' - 28/11/04
Tate and bile as Stuckists round on arts elite - 03/12/05
Metropolitan Museum of Art denies fake painting claim - 07/07/06 Professor Beck believes their Madonna and Child, attributed to medieval artist Duccio, actually dates from the late 19th Century: "As a taxpayer, I regret that $50m was thrown in the toilet"
NGA Tour: Gilbert Stuart Paints the First Five Presidents

Living with Art (8th Ed)
Mr. Green AP Euro Art History Part 1
Matthew Collings :: Impressionism, Revenge of the Nice 1/10
Matthew Collings :: Impressionism, Revenge of the Nice 2/10
Matthew Collings :: Impressionism, Revenge of the Nice 3/10
Matthew Collings :: Impressionism, Revenge of the Nice 4/10
Matthew Collings :: Impressionism, Revenge of the Nice 5/10
"Primitivism" in 20th Century Art: Affinity of the Tribal and the Modern (Volumes I & II) Museum of Modern Art, 1984
Primitivism and Twentieth-Century Art: A Documentary History
Primitivism in Modern Art (1938)
Japonisme: Cultural Crossings Between Japan and the West
Japonisme: The Japanese Influence on Western Art Since 1858
Bauhaus 1919-1933


Baroque art and the Aristocracy
The baroque: the senses, the intellect, the heart and very the soul - 20/03/09


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DESIGNS IN TILE Victorian Foliate Tiles
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George Henry Grundy, PHOTO DECORATED TILES, Victorian, Ceramics, Derby, England.
Gothic Revival Gallery, WWW Tile Image Gallery.
Reception and introduction to the WWW Tile Image Gallery
The William Morris Gallery
Victorian Tiles
WWW Pop Art Peter Blake

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Bomis: The Roaring Twenties Ring
Art deco - more than just a pretty space - 28/04/01


Constable, John
Ovenden, Graham
Rogers, Mary Ann

Books A Glance American Colonial
Art History and Its Methods : A Critical Anthology - Eric Fernie (a set book for OU Course A216: Art and its Histories)
Art and Its Histories: a Reader - Steve Edwards (a set book for OU Course A216: Art and its Histories)


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Caravaggio (1571-1610)
History of Painting Mediums
Renaissance Timeline
Jeremy Paxman gives up! The Turner Prize
Serota at Stuckist Turner Prize demo 2006
How the Tate wastes £1,000,000
Exeter Cathedral Keystones & Carvings
David Roberts at Museum Tours
The Holy Land, Yesterday and Today by David Roberts
The Princes in the Tower
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Bulgarian Icons painted to order by Painter - Ivanka Kortzanova
Andrei Rublev - Icon Painter
The Frick Collection and Frick Art Reference Library
WebMuseum Monet, Claude Rouen Cathedral
Cezanne fetches fruity $60m - 11/05/99
Lost Cezanne under the hammer - 17/11/99
Renaissance chic: Cool of the rebirth - 23/11/99
Footballers' union nets Lowry 01/12/99
The Lowry Museum
Thoroughly modern Tate - 08/02/00
Forgotten masterpiece (by Cimabue)to 'fetch £2m' - 16/02/00
'Looted' art lists 'worth millions' - 29/02/00
School painting [by George Dunlop Leslie RA] worth £200,000 - 31/03/00
Spanish police seize Dali lithograph plates in raid - 01/04/00
Picture [by de Troy] due for dustbin is valued at £600,000 - 06/04/00
When the Tate says hang it all - 19/04/00
Two jailed over stolen Constables - 27/04/00
New Salford home for Lowry works - 28/04/00
Artist's secret up for sale - 28/04/00
Sotheby's put Freud picture into crusher - 28/04/00
Britain shines in the art of diplomacy (Our new embassy in Moscow is a striking showcase for the UK's pre-eminence in visual arts, says Richard Dorment) - 03/05/00
Britain's new Tate Modern museum 'a cathedral of cool' - 08/05/00
Modern times for the Tate - 09/05/00
A bridge not far enough wins royal dedication - 10/05/00
Tate Modern: a giant comes to life and a new era begins - 10/05/00
Family art sale clears £7m death duties in just one day - 10/05/00
Picasso dominates sale as four paintings fetch £28m - 11/05/00
Queen opens Tate Modern - 11/05/00
Norman Lebrecht on the callous misnomer "arts community" - 17/05/00
Even the visitors are entertaining at Tate Modern - 21/05/00
The renovation of the Dulwich Picture Gallery - 23/05/00
Naked Ape author sells 5p Gainsborough - 28/05/00
School scoops a fortune for prized 'part of the furniture' [The Daughters of Eve, a study of three girls picking apples in an orchard, by George Dunlop Leslie (1835-1921)] - 28/05/00
Dancers go-go on display as art - 01/06/00
[Degas] Dancer who shocked Paris to fetch £9m - 07/06/00
200 year old pub sign - 20/06/00
£7.7m for 'ugly' girl by Degas - 28/06/00 Ballet dancer figure had been damned by sculptor's contemporaries
Web auction of rare US print nets millions - 30/06/00 "It's a poster!"
Neglected painting is sold for £2.4m - 05/07/00 Tatty picture kept in stairway cupboard is identified as being commissioned in 1737 by minister to Louis XV
Belsky, royal sculptor with a unique signature, dies aged 79 - 06/07/00 Franta Belsky known for Mountbatten memorial at Horseguards Parade in London
Ashmolean's £2.4m Titian - 07/07/00 Portrait by Venetian master purchased by Oxford museum
Livingstone recruits Tate chief [Sir Nicholas Serota] - 11/07/00 Mr Livingstone wants to make the group as populist and representative of ethnic minorities as possible
Visual art - The vibrant colours of greatness - 11/07/00 A Royal Academy show celebrates the emotive work of the Scottish Colourists
Art on the wild side - 14/07/00 Some claim latest works at London's Lisson Gallery more akin to zoo
£75,000 Guardi cost just £1,000 - 17/07/00 A LEADING London dealer has discovered a previously unknown painting by the 18th-century master Francesco Guardi
Portrait let high society grin and bare its teeth - 19/07/00 Every politician's gleaming weapon was sign of dementia until exhibition of radical painting [by Louise-Elisabeth Vig‚e-Lebrun] in 1787
Steadman goes dotty - 28/08/00
Ralph Steadman - Gonzo Caricaturist
The opulent world of Faberge - 13/09/00
"The Independent" Gallery Shop
$6bn art collection in danger of bankruptcy - 18/09/00 The Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia has more than 2,000 works, including 300 paintings by C‚zanne, Matisse and Renoir
London art scene booming in unexpected places [the East End] - 14/09/00
Duomo skeleton is Giotto's - 20/09/00
Florence skull yields portrait of Giotto - 20/09/00
John Constable (
John Constable (Olga's Gallery)
£6m Michelangelo found in scrapbook - 10/10/00
"The Fallen Angel Two: The Classical Descent"
How a picture attracts the eye - 15/10/00 RealVideo
Roman fresco challenges art history - 28/09/00
Collector gives away masterpieces - 18/10/00
Largest Lowry set to make £1.2m - 20/10/00
Italian town offers walking tour of Giotto's works - 30/10/00
Found painting sells for thousands in England - 30/10/00 "Fording the Stream," by Victorian landscape painter Sidney Richard Percy
William Blake's 100 Jerusalem works go on show for first time - 02/11/00 at "Tate Britain"
Auction record for Picasso - 09/11/00
Klimt paintings [looted by Nazis] to return to owner - 29/11/00
Swedish art thieves net $30m haul - 23/12/00
Five held [in Sweden] over masterpieces theft - 05/01/01 inc. Jeune Parisienne by Renoir & Rembrandt self portrait from 1630
Art lovers prefer to see Christ than Tracey's bed - 09/02/01
Constable's Blue Period goes under hammer - 11/02/01
Canaletto paintings to help save Venice - 15/02/01
Church to sell £10m old masters - 01/04/01/a> Jacob and his Twelve Sons by the Spanish artist Francisco de Zurbaran
Rebirth for Renaissance masterpieces - 12/04/01 by Giotto and Masaccio
Michelangelo's Study of a Mourning Woman may be lost again - 15/05/01 after a campaign to raise £7.5 million to keep it in Britain collapsed
Sack Tate chief Sir Nicholas Serota, says prize portrait artist Stuart Pearson Wright - 20/06/01
Portrait award winner attacks conceptual art - 20/06/01
Monet's £10m haystack - 27/06/01
Michelangelo work fetches £5.9m - 11/07/01
William Morris masterpiece found after 80 years in Outback - 12/08/01
Britain has 8 weeks to save £8m drawing Michelangelo's The Risen Christ
Stone Age masterpieces shed new light on the origins of art - 04/10/01
Flight security fears mean Vermeers stay on display - 14/10/01
Frescoes unearthed under Siena cathedral - 15/12/01
Uffizi unveils some of its long-hidden treasures - 17/12/01
Old painting casts light on mystery of iron bridge - 07/01/02
First showing of £3m Monet since 1889 - 12/01/02
Giotto's fresco soon on display - 19/01/02
Blake's lost work found 165 years on - 31/01/02
Portrait painter to the parvenus - 27/02/02 George Romney went from modest beginnings to become a rival to Reynolds
Rare Turner works go online - 01/03/02 Tate
Digital cameras save artworks - 11/03/02
Michelangelo treasure lost to America - 13/03/02 Study of a Mourning Woman lay unrecognised at Castle Howard for more than 250 years
'Fake' Van Gogh ruled genuine - 27/03/02
Industrialist art collector Baron von Thyssen dies - 28/04/02
X-ray reveals secret of Leonardo's Magi - 23/04/02 only part of it was painted by Leonardo
Da Vinci work 'boosted' by other artists - 23/04/02
The cleaning power of Pisa - 14/05/02
Matisse and Picasso families united at the Tate - 08/05/02
The magnificent rivals - 08/05/02
Mother of art thief destroys £1bn hoard - 16/05/02
Art hoard worth $1.4bn destroyed - 16/05/02
Picassos could fetch £15m - 22/06/02
Monet's forgotten Waterlilies are sold for £13.5m - 25/06/02
American woman banker is the RA's new secretary - 06/07/02
Rubens painting sells for £49.5m - 10/07/02
'Unloved' Rubens fetches record £50m - 11/07/02
Rivals in legal battle for £1m Blake sketches - 14/07/02
Museum in fight to save bawdy humour on a plate - 23/07/02 by the 16th-century artist Francesco Urbini
Portrait of Arthur Balfour is saved for the nation - 23/07/02
1066 picture back in Battle Abbey after 140 years - 09/08/02 27ft by 17ft painting of the Battle of Hastings by Frank W Wilkin, 1820
£5m painting found in plastic bag - 23/08/02 Titian's Rest On The Flight Into Egypt had been pinched from Longleat in 1995
Portrait missing 70 years is found - 10/09/02 Margaret Morris by Sir Joshua Reynolds
Michelangelo's David to lose 130 years of grime - 14/09/02
Tate galleries 'are too hard-up to add to their collections' - 25/09/02
Expert finds Constable's lost drawings of HMS Victory - 16/12/02 from 1803
Cleaning reveals £2m Canaletto at gallery - 16/12/02
Renoir gem found in diamond office safe - 13/01/03
Art 'too good' for Northerners - 14/01/03
Mona Lisa smile secrets revealed - 18/02/03
Dali picture sprung from jail - 02/03/03
Siena unveils hidden fresco masterpieces missing for 700 years - 08/06/03
Tate unearths 500 Turner pictures - 11/06/03
In pictures: Turner's treasures - 11/06/03
Rembrandt victim of 'botched ear piercing' - 12/06/03
Display of art saved from export - 19/06/03
'Looted' painting fetches £11.3m - 23/06/03 by Austrian artist Egon Schiele
Gallery wins grant for Raphael - 23/07/03
Florence and Rome do battle over who owns statue of David - 02/08/03
Turner paintings wrongly labelled - 22/09/03
In Pictures: Sir Peter Blake's sculptures
Review: El Greco - 30/01/04
In pictures: Dali at 100 - 05/02/04
Gallery to keep Raphael's Madonna - 13/02/04
A Brotherhood Of Realism And Romance - The Pre-Raphaelites - 24 Hour Museum
Ageing Mona Lisa worries Louvre - 26/04/04
Raphael sketch 'found in drawer' - 20/05/04
New theory on Russian art riddle - 22/05/04
Michelangelo statue clean-up ends - 24/05/04
Pigeons find hidden Spain fresco - 25/06/04
Art restoration's hi-tech front line - 27/08/04
In pictures: Matisse's artistic heritage - 03/11/04
Technology rescues Italy's art - 07/01/05
Smart search lets art fans browse - 28/01/05
National Gallery goes interactive - 02/02/05
Canaletto Venice view to be sold - 06/07/05
In pictures: Stubbs the anatomist - 07/07/05
Rubens daughter to star in new National blockbuster - 12/07/05
New look at Nazi looted art law - 29/07/05
Turner wins 'great painting' vote - 05/09/05
Stolen Rembrandt work recovered - 16/09/05
Unseen Da Vinci work goes on show - 15/10/05 Virgin on the Rocks
In pictures: Lost German art - 21/10/05 Thousands of colour photographs of art treasures, commissioned by Hitler at the height of World War II, have been published on the internet
How the Tate found its Turners - 08/11/05
First president disappoints at auction - 01/12/05
'Garage Titian' fails at auction - 08/12/05
Facelift brings back rare fresco - 15/12/05 The Separation of Night and Day, painted by Guido Reni in 1599, will go on display at the National Trust's Kingston Lacy mansion, in Dorset
The Art History Imagebase: AH111: Early Renaissance Art in Europe
Police find stolen £36m figurine - 22/01/06
By George, that's a pricey painting! - 22/01/06
Delight at Caravaggio discovery - 25/01/06
Race to save Donne's portrait - 28/01/06
Munch collection fetches £16.9m - 08/02/06
In pictures: Munch artworks - 08/02/06
100 years after his death, Cezanne is loved at last - 15/02/06
Sale will split up unique set of Blake illustrations - 17/02/06
In pictures: Michelangelo exhibition - 20/03/06
Turner painting sets sale record - 06/04/05
Reporter returns looted portrait - 01/06/06
Turner breaks record at auction - 05/06/06
Two killed as artwork 'lifts off' - 23/07/06
In pictures: Inflatable artwork - 23/07/06
Auction for recovered Klimt works - 08/08/06
Stolen Munch paintings found safe - 31/08/06
In pictures: Da Vinci at the V&A - 12/09/06
Turner painting under export ban - 22/09/06
The Mona Lisa in 3D - 26/09/06
Mona Lisa pregnancy theory mooted - 27/09/06
V&A brings family together after 400 years apart - 05/10/06
Tycoon holes dream Picasso deal - 18/10/06
Art world painting mystery solved - 14/11/06
Dickens, with a paintbrush - 05/12/06 Frith
You're never too old - 08/12/06 Quentin Blake brightens up old folks' home
New record for Churchill painting - 11/12/06
The best 25 paintings in private hands in UK - 24/01/07
In Pictures: The best 25 paintings in private hands in UK - 24/01/07
Campaign to save nation's £1bn paintings - 24/01/07
Caravaggio was actually Merisi of Milan - 11/03/07
Cezanne's melon is sold for $25m - 09/05/07
Cromwell image sells for £532,000 - 06/06/07
Missing Magritte painting handed to police - 22/06/07
Last Supper gets 16bn pixel boost - 27/10/07 see it at
Elizabeth portrait fetches £2.6m - 23/11/07
Michelangelo 'hid secret code in Sistine Chapel' - 20/06/08
Record price for Koons' sculpture - 30/06/08
Rediscovering treasures of Bamiyan - 17/07/08 A tour of Afghan caves housing the world's oldest oil paintings
Brazil police find stolen Picasso - 20/07/08
Vienna celebrates Venus centenary - 07/08/08
The young master painting for Pisa - 26/08/08
X-rays reveal Van Gogh portrait - 31/08/08
Titian: art's first superstar - 08/09/08
Renaissance art: face values - 06/10/08
In pictures: Saatchi Gallery - 07/10/08
In pictures: Nigeria's 'lost wax' caster - 08/10/08
The Last Two Priests at Hagia Sophia - Nov 08, 2008
£10m boost for Titian masterpiece - 19/11/08
European online library crashes - 21/11/08
Rock painting reveals unknown bat - 04/12/08
The invisible man rescuing art - 13/12/08
In pictures: William Blake - 17/12/08
Winnie the Pooh sale sets record - 18/12/08
Unknown 'da Vinci drawings' found - 19/12/08
Art gallery fooled into showing work of a two-year-old - 08/01/09
nline gallery zooms in on Prado's masterpieces (even the smutty bits) - 14/01/09
Funds secured for Titian painting - 02/02/09 Diana and Actaeon
'Early Da Vinci portrait' found - 28/02/09
Adolf Hitler's first self-portrait up for auction - 25/03/09
Piecing together Guernica - 07/04/09
Thomas Becket paintings unveiled in Spain - 15/05/09
Controversy over 'Michelangelo' sculpture - 25/05/09
Artist creates pictures by folding paper - 25/05/09
Magritte celebrated in home city - 02/06/09
Pre-Raphaelite art: the paintings that obsessed the Victorians - 18/06/09
Pyrotechnics: Firework drawings by Rosemarie Fiore - 30/06/09
Michelangelo signed fresco with self-portrait - 02/07/09
Stock still and stark naked - 10/07/09
Largest Van Gogh exhibition since 1968 to be staged at Royal Academy of Arts - 10/07/09
Wikipedia painting row escalates - 17/07/09
Car boot wood 'could be Crusades tabernacle' - 03/08/09
Frida Kahlo 'fakes' investigated - 23/09/09
Painting features 'oldest watch' - 19/10/09 the picture, painted by renaissance master Maso da San Friano around 1560, "may well be the oldest to show a true watch"
Mystery of Golden Ratio Explained - 21/12/09
Computer Algorithm Identifies Authentic Van Gogh - 21/12/09
Picasso toy guitar found in Italy - 30/12/09
You think you know van Gogh? - 08/01/10
How to Draw a Nude Model
Adolf Hitler painting may have hung in Sigmund Freud's surgery - 12/02/10
Rediscovered Van Gogh exhibited - 25/02/10
Lasers lift dirt of ages from artworks - 26/02/10
Mysterious snake appears in painting of Queen Elizabeth I - 04/03/10
New Jersey snow sculpture gets frosty reception - 05/03/10
Last supper 'has been super-sized', say obesity experts - 23/03/10
Hitler sketches that failed to secure his place at art academy to be auctioned - 24/03/10
Adolf Hitler art to be auctioned - 24/03/10
Leonardo: An early Dr Strangelove? - 31/03/10
Matisse Bastille Day work to be auctioned - 01/04/10
Rare sketch showing Adolf Hitler 'playing chess' with Lenin - 15/04/10
'Extraordinary' art collection to go on sale - 23/04/10
Picasso painting fetches record $106m at auction - 05/05/10
Researcher decodes Rembrandt's 'magic' - 28/05/10 A University of British Columbia researcher has uncovered what makes Rembrandt's masterful portraits so appealing
US sculptor Louise Bourgeois dies aged 98 - 31/05/10 the one who did those big spiders
Church bones 'belong to Caravaggio', researchers say - 16/06/10
'Oldest' images of Christ's apostles found in Rome - 22/06/10 The faces of Apostles Andrew, John, Peter and Paul were uncovered using new laser technology in a catacomb. The paintings date from the second half of the 4th Century or the early 5th Century.
Manet self portrait fetches record £22m at London sale - 23/06/10
Turner's painting of Flint Castle sells for £541,250 - 06/07/10
Turner masterpiece sold for £30m record at auction - 07/07/10
Mona Lisa painting gives up more secrets to science - 15/07/10
Row over Egon Schiele work costs Austrian museum $19m - 21/07/10
Vatican paper dismisses own Caravaggio claims - 27/07/10
Salvador Dali rarities go on display in Atlanta - 05/08/10
Van Gogh recovered after being stolen from Egyptian museum for second time - 21/08/10 Vase with Flowers valued at £32 million, was seized at Cairo airport hours after being stolen from a museum
Aqueous II: photographs of paint dropped into water by Mark Mawson - 06/09/10
Mark Mawson
New clues point to portrait painter's identity - 12/09/10
Henri Matisse bronze could fetch $35m - 05/10/10
$300m 'Michelangelo painting' found behind sofa - 11/10/10
Long-stolen Degas painting turns up at US auction - 04/11/10
Six-foot Henri Matisse bronze nude sells for record auction price of $48.8m - 04/11/10
Giotto's Ognissanti Crucifix brought back to life - 05/11/10
Sculptures confiscated by Nazis to be displayed - 09/11/10
Roy Lichtenstein painting fetches $42.6m at auction - 11/11/10
Unseen Rossetti to go on display in Birmingham - 15/11/10 Mnemosyne, from 1876, depicts Jane Morris, wife of designer William Morris and Rossetti's main muse during the last decade of his life
Louvre makes 1m euro painting appeal - 17/11/10
Picasso's electrician reveals artist's 'treasure trove' - 29/11/10
Government Art Collection to go on public display - 03/12/10
Picasso sale off after cache revealed - 10/12/10
Titian Madonna and Child sells for record $16.9m - 28/01/11
Picasso painting La Lecture fetches £25m at auction - 08/02/11
Van Gogh paintings 'degraded by UV-driven reaction' - 14/02/11
Caravaggio's crimes exposed in Rome's police files - 18/02/11
In pictures: Mexico's Carlos Slim opens new art gallery - 02/03/11
Caravaggio exhibition gives fresh insight into painter's technique - 11/03/11
Capturing Picasso in Virginia - 05/05/11
Of course Paris clings on to Manet - it has to - 10/06/11
Anthony van Dyck painting to be auctioned at Sotheby's - 13/06/11
Stanley Spencer painting sells for £5.4m - 16/06/11
Vincent van Gogh self-portrait revealed as his brother - 22/06/11
Monet artwork bequeathed by reclusive heiress - 24/06/11
Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam closing for refit - 27/06/11
Guardi work sets Venice auction benchmark - 07/07/11
Nazi-looted Klimt to be auctioned following return - 15/07/11
Painter Lucian Freud dies aged 88 - 22/07/11
Pop art pioneer Richard Hamilton dies at the age of 89 - 13/09/11
X-ray reveals hidden Goya painting - 22/09/11
'New' Velazquez portrait unveiled - 27/10/11
Islamic art as cultural diplomacy - 30/10/11
Klimt painting fetches $40.4m - 03/11/11
Cleaner removes 'stain' from acclaimed artwork - 04/11/11
Smirking face of the Devil discovered in Giotto fresco - 06/11/11
'Lost' Rembrandt self-portrait revealed - 02/12/11
The man who saved The Resurrection - 24/12/11
St Trinian's cartoonist Ronald Searle dies - 03/01/12
Obituary: Ronald Searle - 03/01/12
Art historians find copy of the Mona Lisa - 01/02/12
Gustav Klimt painting on show after more than a century - 01/02/12 Lakeshore with Birches
Qatar Royals paid £158.4m for Paul Cezanne painting - 03/02/12 The Card Players
Edvard Munch masterpiece The Scream to be auctioned - 21/02/12
Ashmolean Museum heads campaign to save Manet painting - 24/02/12 Portrait of Mademoiselle Claus, painted in 1868, has been owned by the family of the artist John Singer Sargent since 1884 and has only been exhibited once
Titian masterpiece Diana and Callisto saved for nation - 02/03/12
Italian police recover 37 stolen masterpieces - 09/03/12
Edvard Munch murals in Oslo canteen face sell-off - 01/05/12
Edvard Munch's iconic artwork The Scream sold for $120m - 03/05/12
Stolen Dali drawing posted back to New York from Europe - 29/06/12
Constable painting The Lock sells for £22.4m - 03/07/12
Stolen Matisse 'recovered in US' - 19/07/12
Florence to return art treasure to public view - 21/08/12
William Blake: Lost watercolour to exhibit at Frieze week - 14/09/12
Van Gogh's Flowers In A Blue Vase damage seen in X-rays - 15/09/12
Edvard Munch's The Scream to go on show in New York - 18/09/12
Manet portraits head for London's Royal Academy - 27/09/12
Photos: The Sistine Chapel's 500th Anniversary - 31/10/12
Mini guide to art in Florence - 12/11/12
Your paintings: the UK's oil paintings - 14/12/12
Did Manet have a secret son? - 18/01/13
Going Dutch in San Francisco - 18/02/13
Van Dyck painting 'found online' - 08/03/13
Abbey painting 'is Rembrandt self portrait' - 18/03/13
Oxford's Ashmolean museum acquires Millais John Ruskin portrait - 20/05/13
£23 million Constable painting saved for UK galleries - 23/05/13 Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows, which he claimed was his best work
Florence’s Medici Chapel, a triumph of art over politics - 24/05/13
What makes British art ‘British’? - 24/05/13
Bauhaus, Modernism & Other Design Movements Explained by New Animated Video Series - 05/06/13
Tintoretto painting uncovered at London V&A museum - 07/06/13
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Stolen Gauguin painting 'hung on factory worker's wall' - 02/04/14
Rare Botticelli drawing to be sold - 28/05/14
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Water Lilies painting Nympheas by Monet sells for £32m - 24/06/14
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